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Messenger: Diego B. Sent: 3/21/2008 4:56:08 AM

Ityopyawinnet means "Ethiopianism".

Some itations on Ethiopian religious Culture, for the new brethrens ans sistren of the site.

Religious ethiopianism is sometimes seen as dangerous by many "rastafarian" community. In fact the term "orthodoxy" is often cause of debates and discussion filled of misinterpretation, and , due to theological mistakes of one of the Rastafari Mansions, it is always related to the denial of the Divinity of His Majesty Qadamawi Haile Selassie. This caused as reaction, the refusal of many brethrens and sistrens around the world to the refusal of the ethiopian holy Tradition, as thought by Haile Selassy worldwide.

It is of vital importance how the first rastafarians and afroamericans in general related themselves to Ethioipia: they saw the Only Black King of the Only thousandyears indipendent Country on the Soil of Africa, Who, infront of the western "civilized" nations showed their immorality, while those were the samen nations who pretended to export their "sacred" principles in the submitted colony. King Selassie I was protecting a Christian Country who fought for 3000 years against paganism, from another "christian" country (as the Negus -King- Himself will tell to the Archibishop of Canterboury), the most powerful dominion of satan's rule, the heart of aposthasy and ancient colonialism, the higher banner of western corrupted spirituality: Italy, better identified with the Caesarian Seven Hills Rome. Who can deny that this strenghtened all the africans in acknowledging their Israelites spiritual superior towars their masters? All black people had to recognize the enslavement of the false religion, and that, instead, a Black King in person was the Ruler of the Most Christian Country, most ancient and pure! "Medina could never be my home, Jerusalem could never be my home, Rome could never be my home: Ethiopia, that's were i belong!", thus the africans worldwide knew that the Only indipendent African Nation, was the Holiest of Holy, inspite of what the european masters were preaching; they finally knew that their heart belonged to Ethiopia, and that His Majesty was showing us all the highest example of pure and incorrupted spirituality, as found in the treasures of the Church of Kush (Ethiopia).

The need to approach this unknown spiritual livity was to be satisfied by the study of the Orthodox Tradition, as a form of education, an Exodus, from the Catholic mental trips offered to us since our early age. Catohlicism and all we had seen before hasd nothing to do with that.. We ourselves were the true owners of the ancient original faith of Abrehan, Yesehaq, and Ya'qob, up till the Prophets and the Apostles. In this way, His Majesty was integrant part of Education. In fact, no one could forget that He was to offer us Ityiopiawinnet, as well as the first gentiles could not forget that Iyasus Krestos was He to had called the lost sheep of Jah Shepherd. Without His Majesty, the modern man wasis lost. Without Ityiopiawinnet, ethiopian ortohodxy, the Ministry of His Majesty is not so much easy to understand. Because, yes, His Majesty is not the "mean" of Christ, as many love to utter, but Christ Himself, in His Kingly Character.

Orthodoxy means "true way", so , when we refer to orthodoxy we cannot separate spiritual and physical, pragmatical and intellectual. Orthopraxis, the orthodox living, is an everyday prayer and sacrifice; no one in orthodoxy could ever forget Tradition (of course, God sanctifie Tradition, not Tradition sanctifie God), while instead europe is always ready to denie Abreham's Covenant with Jah, and to look at the Scriptures ans ridicoulous myths, and tales.

the Ethiopian Scriptural Canon was confirmed by King Haile Selassie I, and it contains many of the so called "Apocriphal" of the Old Testament (the Beluy Kidane), to form a number of 81 Books (46 of the Beluy Kidane, 35 of the Addis -new- Kidane), against the 73 of catholicism.

The improvement of ethiopianism as religious concern was given in the hands of Abune Yesehaq, the Bishop of the Western Emisphere appointed by Our Lord Krstos Qadamawi Haile Selassie to welcome all the Jamaican rastafarians into the Ethiopian Church, inthe sense that Abune Yesehaq had the mission not to conver the Rastafarians , as many today teach, bt, rather, to show them the theological history and basis, thus enforcing them in their Rastafari faith. This is very well explained by the works of the Abune, and also in his book (The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church: an integrally african Church"). Check Evenntually Abune Yesehaq denied His Majesty, and became a traitor of the Holy Mission, soon after the hidding of His Majesty from the world's eyes, in 1975 (that which many refer to as "Haile Selassie's death"). As the Abune, the people of Ethiopia now hardly accept His Majesty as God, but in the times of His Government, thay hailed Him and exlicity confessed His Divinity, like in the Hymns for the Emperor's birthday, the celebrations of Masses when He was always named (during the next , communist regime, an Archibishop refused to omitt His Majesty's Name in the Mass, and so was killed - a martyr).

Ethiopian CHhristianity confess the Nicean credo and believe in the Holy Trinity (Qeddest Selassie). In fact, the Emperor's Name, Haile Selassie, means "Power of the TRINITY", a mysterious dogma. This fulfills Revelation 19, 12 : He bears a Name that He alone understand". The Teaching of the Ortohox Church explains us how to look at Ras Tafari Makonnen: Christ is perfect God and Perfect Man, but His Human Nature doens't take away the breath of the Dinine One, and the Divinity and Humanity, in Him, are One: "Tewahedo" means "unity", in this sense. Also, in catholicism we will never see the hope for the political and earthly Kingdom of Krestos, as instead is Haile Selassie's Reign, a concrete Monarch on the Throne of David, from the Tribe of Juda: Iyasus Krestos came back triumphant with a New Name. The reign of Christ on earth is caled "Millenarism"m (see Revelation 20) and is officially preached by ethiopian orthodoxy, and officially rejected by the Roman Church -which , more than a christian church, is a platonic, dualist and spiritualist (not spiritual) philosophical school.

Although Ethiopian Christianity is the Key for Life, InI Rastafarians know that we are the fulfillment of the ancient Godly Covenant: as the Christians were the fulfillment of Judaism, so Rastafarians are the fulfillment of Christianity. Therefore, a true Rastafari is much concerned in spiritual affairs, and much powerfull, than any other.

Messenger: Diego B. Sent: 3/21/2008 5:27:18 AM

The most illuminating aspect of Ityipiawinnet is that Ethiopia, if you are a blak or not, still remains THE Holy Land.
Ethioia is considered -and it is- the New Jerusalem - as foretold by the Prophets-, Mount Sion (Tsyon); Ethiopia has always been considered the Throne of God by the Tradition, since in this Sacred Land came the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark represented -and actually is- the immanence of God amongst His people; over the Ark was an altar over which were two cherubs, and from the altar God would speak unto Moses, and Moses Alone. The Ark in the Temple was behind a veil, and no one could enter but the High Priest one a year. From bewteen the Cherubs God spoke , and soon it became to be considered in Israel as the Throne of God, sourrounded by cerubs, angels. It as also called the Holiest of Holy, bacause of His Holyness incomparable. The Ark was sitting in the place toward all israelite would do a pilgrimage, because it was the Dwelling of the Lord, the House of the Lord: where was the Ark, there God was. So, when It came to Ethiopia, it was the sign of the election of the chosen Country of ethiopia, that made it Holy. These are the reasons why Ethiopia is the Holy land, the Throne of God, the Land of pilgrimage.
Now, just think how do the blacks felt facing such reality! The african heritage so much disregarded by the colonialist was instead the "divine heritage" of all mankind (quoted from the Ethiopian World Federation's Constitution), and it was not just the Land of the African Fathers, so that for the white there could be another land to venerate, no! It was only Ethiopia!, for ALL MANKIND to be redeemed. And thus the blacks were honoured again: they were renewed by the land whose kING was God Himself! How could they stope to shout out the Name of "JAH! RAS TAFARI!" ?.
They were seeking repatriation less they died, and they found it in the true Tradition and holiness hidden from europe's eyes for centuries, the same latin culture pretendetd to own, and then control spiritually and phisically.
No one could wait for other signs, to understand the time of the Slaves' supremacy had come...

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