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SOmewhat of an Essay

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Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 2/27/2008 5:19:52 PM

Blessed love
Did the I knew that according to this grate Euro philosophia it's just them, it's just Europeans that have philosophy, they say Asian philosophy, but what is funny is that Asia has much more philosophers and different philosophical schools. Asian philosophy is discredited as being not logical but mythical as I said about the two parts of I brain, that is denial of half of the capabilities that the I can get from the power of tought. And there is no other philosophy no other just the "big big light coming from white" and "somewhat of a philosophy, a little bit underdeveloped" There is no Ithiopian philosophy that's what dem say. I say burn that and burn battyculture, because when the I look to Greek culture it reminds I of the "Gay culture" the batty erotical sculptures, activities. They took wrestling from Nubians, but Nubians where righteous peoples they didn't wrestle naked. They took science from KMT, but KMT never built big war mashines, they took the Ible from Ithiopians, but Ithiopians didn't enslave people with it.

Praise HIM
Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I JAH Ras Tafar I

Messenger: Elijah Sent: 2/27/2008 7:50:50 PM

Blessed Love

Seen... I just put few simple word and I heard echos and thunders of the I brother and sister. Good, good, good. The I see, I started with simple definition and reasoning about 2 words Love and Wisdom, and the I come down with river of history. I know about all the things the I wrote, its ain't no secret for I.

Sis Ten, I don't need to justify anything and any one, as I don't try to judge no one. What can I say about Socrates, Plato, Aristoteles, Mighty Jah, gave them live, as He gave it to I. Have I question why creation let beings like the ones above to be and let them think what they think?

Learn is to accept and understand success and mistakes, our own and others, thats why people study on universities all over the world.
I don't accept so many things, but I try to understand to know why they fail, but I will not ignore the wisdom, even if it seems to come from permanent sinner and blasphemer, as I don't know what is standing behind someones acts, as only Almighty knows.

Why the I put measures of race etc. on people who in the world of them lives try to understand the rules and trues of the world? Any one who has anything to do with philosophy understand the need of an isolation from the personal conditions and prejudice. The mistakes and falsifications are only prove for that, how many times there were mistakes in someones great theories, just because of EGO involvement and limitation to somebody's now and then. I wouldn't refuse Aristoteles, just because he said that slave is just talking tool, in many other cases his observations and reasoning was genius and incomparable to anything before and after, so I have to blame him and many others for similar mistakes, from any point of view it is unreasonable. Going back to Des Cartes, did the I know that his mechanical conception brought him to deep depression and he suffered for his own wrong believe. I don't believe he wanted to make people unhappy. Other thing, yes, for sure, ancient Greek philosophers didn't followed Moses law, as they didn't know it, but logic system analyzed by Aristoteles is the logic we use in our communication as well as his conception of science and its divisions, can we find the way to avoid it? If I say 'physics', the I know straight a way what I mean. This is what I meant by logical oder and it was created by those mans of ancient Greece and whatever we may think about them it was and is very useful.

I am not happy with the world propaganda and trickery, but I will never say that it is a fault of European philosophy, because it is not true, there are only people who wants power and in any place of the world they will find some "wise" words and "philosophies" , to use them for manipulation, as they use to do.
It is not philosophies that rules the world, but people who believes in them.

I will still stay firm for the Love of Wisdom and Wisdom of Love, as there is no way that somebody will manipulate InI deep understanding of this words. The words are simple and True. I believe it is nothing wrong with being a philosopher and I think that InI should be a one or just try to be :)

Blessed Love
Love RasTafarI

Humble I

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Haile Selassie I