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Xtian Encounters

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Messenger: Ten Sent: 10/26/2007 6:56:25 AM

Blessed Love I n I
The more I read of Xtian missions in Africa it never fails that I am astounded by the extent to which Europeans spewed out mistruths in order to make God white and say white is right. I'm reading a paper on the Lemba people of Southern Africa (see Africa and the Bible post) and this 'historian' claims the Lembas Jewish ancestry is probably because they have Caucasoid genes in them thus making their links to Israel more genuine. What twisted lies these are! Even if they had Caucasoid genes it doesn't make the Jewish, but mixed, teir Jewishness in fact comes from their Black roots as the original Mosaic people who were scattered all over the Motherland. JAH! How can this knowledge be hidden from the people? And there they are praising a white Jesus and calling Judaic people heathens and them laugh at Rasta yet this is a serious and TRUTHFULL order.
I was having a conversation with an Xtian brother this past Sabbath and I asked him as an Xtian how does he feel abt Jews. He said I am a Gentile and the Jews have their way of worship. So I asked do you believe the Jews in Israel today are the Jews of the Bible. And he laughs and says yes, I've got nothing against them. So I said what if I told you some of them were immigrants and were people fleeing persecution in Russia and Germany as the state of Israel as we know it today was set in 1949. So he stammers well well, I don't know all I know is I've got nothing against them, they are who they are and they live in Israel. So I said no they are not who they say they are and they live in Israel by the grace of others as settlers. And if I told you who the Jews were African what would you say? And he asks what church would that be? I laughed, lol! Oh JAH! Anyway I explained the various Lost Tribes of Israel and this brother was still not overing and asked I where I base my beliefs. I said its no good knowing the Bible as Word if you cannot find its foundation in this world. Of course I know its spiritual value and Ones may read it as a spiritual book, no doubt, but I problem is the Xtian way of reading that just teaches people to think of Biblical times as mythical days that don't exist today. I told him I could tell him of the Falashas, Igbo Jews and Lemba who can trace their ancestry back to Moses. And he says well the point is who God is, history is fact but faith is belief and God is unshakeable faith. So I said yes God is faith, but God is real too, belief is faith but also I faith is what quests within I to go deeper and know just who God is. Its no good just believing if I nah know where I come from and I nah know who God is. So he went on with his Xtian talk of Jesus as Saviour then I said what if I could trace Jesus, David through an African King who sits on the throne of Ethiopia and this is I foundation of I faith. I can't go round just believing because the Bible says so, I must read it, study it as a spiritual book, life book and a book of genealogy in order for I to know I place in this world. And he says why is that so important, isn't belief who you are? So I thought of Marley n Tosh when the sing about the great God in the sky who come to take away everything and make everybody feel high. And that's exactly what the Xtian missionaries did, they numbed the people through religion. Karl Marx says religion is the opium of the people and this is true if you see how Xtianity blinded the people and turned them away from the ways of Israel and their traditional practices. They go on praising the God of a white-influenced order and they refuse to know the truth, they won't even seek it because Jesus is the Lord and Saviour as the good preacher says in Xunday mass. I can't believe how brain-washed and brain dead people are made to be and they are afraid to know more. They say its too much knowledge! How can Ones be afraid to know of their own anciency and royalty? And why deny the obvious truth that His Majesty is God? It doesn't make sense. Sometimes it makes I feel I want no part of this world, no more of Babylon its sickening. Why should I be here fighting to prove who I am and where I hail from. In everything I do this work must be central so the wicked won't continue to lie to I n I. JAH, must life always be this struggle, when will the truth ever be accepted?
Chant Down Babylon

RasTafari Bless

Messenger: kglass1 Sent: 10/26/2007 9:08:55 AM

Greetings Bredren. There will always be some who don't overstand things the same as you. Your work could never be in vain though. Remember, this is Jah's work and I an I simply tools used to apply it. Jah has a plan for everyone. Except for the wicked. This bredren is merely a victim to white power. Still, it is possible for him to live a rightous life. And in reality, he could still have a clean heart and love for humanity. Anything else is between him a Jah. Also, this bredren may not overstand you but maybe ten,twelve,twenty or more that you reason with do. Bless.

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