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Controlling a woman

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Messenger: Jah-Set Sent: 10/16/2007 7:14:51 PM

This has been a heated debate between my friends and I for some time now, it actually got very heated last night. I am usually the loner arguing my points to two or more people, who feel that as a man you need to control your woman, and if you do not she will stray, cheat and so on. Just to give you some background on my friends, they are children of babylon, which is to say they were born and raised in the USA, no religious background. I live in the US now (california) but was raised in the West Indies.
They feel that there is a double standard for men and women. It is OK AND NATURAL for a man to have several women but not the other way around. They use nature as an example "look at lions they have and alpha male who has many females". They also feel that as a man you have to control your woman and they also say it is what they want. Women want to be controlled and I hate to say it but sometimes it seems so dealing with the women i have up here. They say you have to keep your woman on a short leash, when she talks back check her, even physically because if you dont, she will push you as far as she can. She wants you to be the man and to be in charge. I cant help but think it has to do with insecurity on the mans part, why do we need to control them, that seems to wrong to me. I should have enough faith in my woman to let her go out and not feel that she will cheat on me, without breaking her down. They say you have to stomp that desire out of her, stop it at the root. It all seems like a sick game to me and i do not agree with most of what they say. Maybe de I dem can give some insight, especially the women on here. Is it me or is what they say just wrong.

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 10/16/2007 9:02:10 PM

No disraspect Idren... but this question is hardly worth a response.

Hmmm... lemme see... would I prefer to be kept on a short leash, and have any desire or willpower to leave "stomped" out of me...? Or..?

Put it this way, if the bredren are looking to treat women this way, they shall find women who need / want to be treated this way. Pretty simple.

Move in heart, if a womans actions seems to tempt you to demonise yourself... regardless of whether you believe yourself to be acting to prevent an escalation of further worse behaviour... that is a fallacy and a trap. That woman is called Delilah.

If a Queen does not crown you, and be the other half to the whole that makes thee I a King in your fullness, there's nothing there. If you debase yourself, it means you're not worth any more than that in the first place.

And pur-leez do not start me on this alpha male, numerous females, Samson & a hareem vibes. Non sense.

Messenger: Jah-Set Sent: 10/16/2007 9:13:23 PM

No disrespect taken, I agree wit de I, I think alot of what they say is foolishness and babylonian mentality. I have no desire to treat a woman that way nor want a woman who wants to be treated that way. Why is a fool so sure of what he says? they speak so surely of it and I must say on the surface some of their points seem right but I know in my heart it is folly. I just wanted to get some of de I's perspective on this subject. Thank you

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 10/16/2007 9:26:13 PM

Seen Iyah. Folly for true.

I think that the important point is that, yes, the Idren may be right in some ways... cos that is how he HAS to deal with the woman them HE flexes with. That is what he knows he has to do with that type of chick.

Thee I answer is simply that, that's not your type of lady.

There was one time I was watching this movie called Casino. (I do love movies... I know, I'm always going on about them). Anyway, in the movie... Robert DeNiro's wife is gwarning and gwarning... and I thought to myself... bwoy sah... if that was my wife, I would end up thumping her. Cos she deals with her husband a WAY in the movie... and there's a bit where he drags her out of his house, by her hair. And I was like... "good". LOL.

Everybody keep your locs on! I DO NOT, repeat DO NOT rate beating up the Empress them... can thee I them imagine how many box i woulda had to deal with by now... lol... But nah... my point is that when it comes to relationships in this iwah, the balances are all over the place... so it is not as cut and dry as judging the ones who do the slapping, or the ones who get the slaps.

Balance is the key... and InI RasTafari thrive on aspiring to balance. His Majesty said of the Glorious Empress, that she was to him as Sarah was to Abraham. Perfect balance in Iration. Selassie I first.

InI must seek our balance, we know them when they come.

Blessed love family... Ras Tafari

Messenger: Jah-Set Sent: 10/16/2007 9:50:02 PM

Give thanks. De I makes sense to me. I think that there are those type of women out there but i think even the bad ones are made that way by men. As men we hold domain over this earth and have much influence on the opposite sex. So i think women in babylon are that way because the babywrong mentality that for the most part men have created.

I just dont think a man needs to control his women, break her down mentally and physically. the two should rise together in love. Control is not love, it is fear. Sometimes i think my friends are lost. But that is not for me to say really

Give thanks again

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/16/2007 11:17:31 PM

Here are two reasonings I made before in regards to the trod of Man and Woman.

If a man and woman are seeking to please Jah and Live in righteousness then there is no first or last between them and there is no higher or lower. There is just righteousness and wickedness, so both should trod towards righteousness and if there is a difference of opinion between a man and woman, they should reason until they figure out which opinion is the right choice or if the right choice is a combination of both opinions or if both opinions are the wrong choice.

A man and woman will always trod in weakness if they think that one person (whether man or woman) should make the decisions without the others input or even if the other has the choice to agree or disagree. When both people are free to bring forward a reasoning and the reasoning is discussed it will always lead to more strength, provided that they actually reason instead of just debate or argue. This way of trodding will allow both people to use their wisdom and knowledge to the best of their ability and will encourage both to think more and bring forward guidance from Jah. I never refuse the voice of Jah, whether Jah is speaking to I or I empress.

I don't feel that I empress is in control of things and she also doesn't feel that I am in control of things. Both of us propose good and bad decisions and through reasoning we realize the difference between the good and bad.

The trod of I and I empress can be summed up in the vows we made to eachother at our Marriage. I have posted them before, but I will post it again because I see it as the way for a Man and Woman to trod towards Jah.

Our Love will always grow throughout all time
We will always be One, Love without end
I ask God for Guidance to lead us in His Way
So that we Live as we should, bringing strength to each other
I will always think of you when making choices in Life
You are with me in all things. We walk side by side
I Live to raise you higher and I know you do the same
Let us rise in Godís Light, the Creator of all
By the Word of God, we are made One

And I don't accept that a woman has no say, and should just do whatever a man say. Many men out there are not good examples of Jah livity, and all they will do is teach a woman foolishness. And a woman shouldn't go against God, because a man tell her to do it.

And also, I sight that the men who don't consider the instruction and opinion of their wife will be weak. I will never refuse good instruction, or correction, no matter who brings it to I. I don't have any desire to continue in foolishness because I am too stubborn to deal with what a woman say.

A man and woman come together as One, and Jah should be their guide and light. A woman often times will think of things that a man doesn't, and a man will often times think of things that a woman doesn't. So as One, I and I should rise and come closer to Jah, as One mind.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: I Powahs Sent: 10/17/2007 1:05:57 PM

Greetings In The Name Of His Imperial Majesty Jah RastafarI
Bredren Too Many Men are weak minded and weak hearted. They don't know themselves, nor do they want to. In cases like this we woman who choose these men suffer. Any man who believes controlling a women is the key to this thing we call relationship has no control over himself,His Flesh Or His Spirit.If he living right and doing what is expected there should be no reason for her to stray.Just stay firm in RastafarI,and don't waste time with ignorance.Live Up!!!!

Jah Live RastafarI
Bless we All
I Powahs!

Messenger: Ten Sent: 10/18/2007 8:10:37 AM

Give thanks to all the Ites, I feel your meditations especially Empress Yaa and Ark I, good reasonings Ones. Yes, fire blaze on a man or woman who thinks physical or mental control is alright. Fire blaze too on societies that make women feel its acceptable to be beaten or mentally abused and societies that espouse beating as a show of masculine strength. Fire!

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