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wolf devil rapist

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/5/2007 1:40:57 PM

Here are some articles I found about a devil who claims to be Rasta. I have replaced the words Rasta, Rastafarian etc. to devil whenever it refers to this heathen, because he is not RasTafarI, and that name should not be associated with him. There is also some foolishness in the first article saying that Bobo are not true Rastafarian. The reason I point that out is that it has nothing to do with why I posted the articles, and I also don't agree with or support that statement.

devil accused of raping priest's daughter
July 25 2007

A devil man appeared in the Grahamstown High Court on Wednesday, charged with raping the nine-year-old daughter of a Rasta priest.

Voyolethu Dutsa Joe, 18, of Newvale, Queenstown, is accused by the State of dragging the girl off the street in Newvale as she was on her way to a shop, and raping her in a yard of a nearby house on July 17 last year.

The priest, who may not be named to protect his daughter's identity, told the court that Joe knew his daughter well and sometimes fetched her from the local school.

Joe had been "his apprentice in the Rasta cult for three years but had since left to join the Boboshanti cult, which were not true Rastafarians".

Asked by Joe's lawyer, Templeton Solani, whether the priest held it against the accused because he had left to join a rival cult, the priest replied: "I am a true Rastafarian and I love everybody."

Senior advocate Nicky Turner then closed the State's case and Joe took the stand.

Citing the little girl's previous testimony, Turner said: "She picked you as the person who raped her. She knew you well. How could she be mistaken? Would you agree she could not mistake you for someone else?"

Joe, who has denied he was present when the alleged rape happened, said: "I would not agree. She has mistaken me for someone else."

The trial continues, with Judge Jeremy Pickering presiding. - Sapa
devil convicted of child rape
July 27 2007

An Eastern Cape devil was convicted of raping the nine-year-old daughter of a Rastafarian priest on Friday.

Grahamstown High Court Judge Jeremy Pickering described accused Voyolethu Dutsa Joe, 19, of Newvale, Queenstown, as an "extremely poor and evasive witness". He said the witness he called in his defence was also unreliable.

Joe was convicted of raping the little girl at Newvale on July 17, 2006, as she was on her way to the shop to buy bread in the late afternoon.

The court heard that Joe, who visited her father's home daily (Posing) as an "apprentice" Rastafarian, had dragged her to the yard of a half-built house and raped her.

He had also threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

Four days later her mother noticed she was in pain and took her to a doctor, who confirmed she had been sexually assaulted.

The girl was later taken to the Ethembene Crisis Centre in Queenstown.

Charlene Williams, of the centre, testified that the girl was persuaded to write down what had happened to her, as she was too frightened to talk about it.

Pickering read the translation of the girl's ordeal:

"I was on my way to the shop to buy bread at 5pm. I was about to enter the shop when Dutsa called me and said the elder wanted to see me. I knew he was lying because my father was not at home.

"He pulled me by the arm into a nearby yard and tripped me and I fell on my back. He pulled off my jeans and put his hand over my mouth when I cried.

"It was very painful and when he finished he said he would kill me if I told anyone."

The judge said the girl was an outstandingly good witness considering her age. "Her evidence was clear and logical and she was a patently honest and reliable witness."

Sentencing was postponed until September 27, for a probation officer's report. - Sapa
devil convicted of rape
September 27 2007

A devil, convicted of raping a nine-year-old girl, appeared for a pre-sentencing report in the Grahamstown High Court on Thursday.

Voyolethu Joe of Newvale, Queenstown, appeared before Judge Jeremy Pickering and two assessors.

Joe was found guilty on July 27, 2007.

The girl was the daughter of a Rastafarian priest, who, the trial court heard, was Joe's mentor in the religious cult.

The offence occurred on July 17, 2006 in Newvale, near the girl's house.

Fort England Psychiatric Hospital clinical psychologist Pumza Sakasa, told the court that the girl had suffered severe psychological and emotional trauma, as a result of the rape.

"She presented with symptoms of anxiety and depression consistent with the effects of sexual abuse and subsequent trauma. And underneath there are deep feelings of sadness and hurt."

Sakasa said the girl had a low sense of self-esteem and lacked confidence.

Long term psychotherapy and counselling was essential, in order to prevent lasting negative psychological and emotional consequences for the child.

Queenstown probation officer Khutazile Mtambeka said she had interviewed the accused and members of his immediate family, as well as the girl and her parents.

As she read her report into the court record, she was stopped by state advocate Nickie Turner, and questioned about why there had been no mention of the severe physical injuries suffered by the little girl.

Pointing out that the judgment had been faxed to her and the injuries had been noted on page seven, Turner was adamant that this should have been contained in the probation officer's report, and their omission was a serious error.

Turner also said the state would strongly oppose Mtambeka's recommendation that Joe be sentenced to three years correctional supervision, based on the fact that this was a very serious offence.

Sentence is provisionally expected on Friday. - Sapa

Fire Burn the wicked.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Ten Sent: 10/5/2007 5:42:40 PM

Blessed Love
What? I can't believe this and this is in SA. How awful, this is definately not someone worthy to be called by the Father's name. Truly he is a fraud. How can one claim to call upon JAH then do something so evil, fire burn. Burn that wickedness. The article also maligns the Bobo House clearly out of lack of knowledge and overstanding.

Messenger: EMPRESSCRYSTAL Sent: 10/6/2007 12:50:42 AM



Messenger: Mau Mau Sent: 10/6/2007 12:37:45 PM

Indeed very evil. Blaze a fire pon rapist and child molester. Dem bwoy deh shoulda dead. Its just messed up how many people are walking around dirtying Rastafari name. Lots of wolves with no respect or consciousness of the livity and fullness of Rastafari. The upcoming code of conduct will be a good reference of what true Rasta livity is about to those who do not know or those beginning in this trod coz Jah know nuff people a gwaan misrepresenting Rasta right about now.

Fire burn dem carnal mind and evil meditation! Fire!

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 10/7/2007 5:17:42 PM


Didn't want to paste the whole article so here's the link to a Nytimes cover story, today, talking about rape epidemic in the DR Congo, not only that, but also talking about a militia wearing LA lakers Jerseys shiny track suits, donning dreadlocks and calling themselves the "Rastas", I know, it sounds like a gang out of the Warriors movie, but read the article through, it's horrible, and seriously bizarre, Yo Belgium!!! what tha f...and as for the South Africa article posted by Ark I, it's all in the same vein, check SAfrican rape statistics, especially of children and you'll find tons more of the same story.

Check the link:


Messenger: bigginer Sent: 10/9/2007 5:43:21 PM

gash them and light them for the negative vibes thema bring fire bun them plastic people

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