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Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba

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Messenger: 505Rasta Sent: 8/22/2007 10:44:45 PM

The Grand Keys of Ras Tafari by Baba

~ To see Haile Selassie the First as a Guru, an example, a Enlightened being and NOT a Sky God is a Grand Key of Ras Tafari.

~ To know that no Body, His Most August Majesty included can "save" another being, but the Self is the Savior is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.

~ To know that many Masters have and continue to walk this Earth Mother in the vehicles, the bodies of many bodies is a Grand key to Ras tafari.

~ To overstand that "One cannot be save without the Guru, yet the Guru can save not a single one," is a Highly and mystikal paradox is a Grand Key of Ras tafari.

~To know that Haile Selassie the First studied and overstood many occultic writings and teachings, the bless-ed science of Yoga included, is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.

~ To know that His Majesty HIM Self practiced the mystikal science of Yoga in His daily Livity, as did Yahsua, the Buddha et al, is a Grand Key to Ras tafari.

~ To know that the First Trumpet Blower, Guru Howell aka Leonard Gong Howell practiced taught, and studied the occultic mysteries of Yoga, Obeah et al is a Grand Key to Ras tafari.

~ To overstand that our Sister India greatly influenced the First mystics of Ras Tafari in Jamaica, WI is a Grand Key of Ras Tafari.

~ To know the importance of sitting quietly, observing the mind, becoming the Witness (Jah-oviah Witness is the I) is a Grand Key to Ras tafari.

~ To overstand the true and rightful use of Ganjah, Kali, herb is to raise the mystic fiyah, known also as Kundali is a Grand and secret Key to Ras tafari.

~ To open One Self up to all the Paths to the Pathless ie, Yoga, meditation, Voudou (The Mother of Nyabinghi), Buddha, Sadhu Baba, Coptic, Kemetic, Astrology, Numerology etc. etc. is a Grand Key to Ras tafari.

~ To know that the goal of any Path is to find the Self, naked and freed from all doctrine, dogma, ritual, debate, opinion and the rest is a Grand Key to Ras tafari.

~ To know that Absolute Freedom is the crowning glory of all our studies and religious fervor is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.

~ To see the ALL in the One and the One in the ALL, beyond color, class, religion is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.

~ To Raspect the the Bles-ed Mother, the Glorious Womb of man (woman) to the Highest degree; to honor Her as the Goddess, the First Cause, the Mary, the Kalima, the Yemaya, the Yansa, the Eve giver of Life is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.

~ To put the Temple/Body through rigorous training through fasting, meditation, Hatha Yoga, and even, if one chooses to bear the Locks, allowing them grow in natural manner, free from style (Locks are a form of austerity as well.) are verily Grand Keys to Ras Tafari.

~ To overstand that even if one meditates upon a rock, a stick or an image, if the meditation is pure and well focused, the I will be known dwelling therein. To know that such objects are but tools to come to the Realization of the I consciousness with in is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari. One must also know that the worship of another body is also the said tool for one to find the Self, the Formless of Forms.

~ To overstand fully that the notions of Zion or Babylon are but states of the mind, the Higher and Lower mind respectively; To know that one must overcome the Lower mind cravings of Lust, greed, hunger, power, and the rest; to know that the Universal I dwells in the Seventh (7th) region above and transcedent of "this" or "that" are Grand Keys to Ras Tafari. To eventually gain a clearer picture, it is wise and prudent that the eyes study the mystic teachings of Cakra.

~ To truly overstand the concept of Melchezadek is to overs that He represents the God-Man. The One who hath no lineage, and is born from no where. Such a One is a Christ, a being who hath become re-born in the Enlightenment, the Rapture, also known as Nirvan, Samhadi. One whose own family denies Him, and He is not known to even them. He without Father, Mother, yet Father, Mother. To know that such a One is born while still in the flesh is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.

~ To know that all Masters work diligently to unveil the Truth of I; to know that His August Majesty too studied and practiced until the moment of Completion are Grand Keys to Ras Tafari.

~ To know that the Crucifixtion is metaphysical symbolism for one to sacrifice the Material Temple/Body upon the Cross(roads) in order for Ascension to commence is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.

~ To know that you are your own Jah, your own Way, your own Light, your own Guru is of the Grandest Keys to Ras Tafari.

~To know that Repatriation begins first in the mind; to know that when the mind turns inward toward the Self, which is Home, is a Grand Key of Ras Tafari.

~ To know that the I AM is the grandest of Keys to Ras Tafari.

~ To know no thing is the Key to Ras Tafari.

so Be Bless-ed and open up your Self. S/he who has ears let them hear, has eyes let them see the I in the I.

Baba Kali

Messenger: 505Rasta Sent: 8/22/2007 10:45:04 PM

The Rastafari and the Hindu Yogi By Baba

~ The first announcer of Ras tafari to the land of Jamaica was named Leonard Howell who was heavily influenced by his Hindu comrades; so much so he eventually changed his name to Ganguru MahaRaja, which loosely translates to "Kings of Kings" (maha=great, raja=king). He seen HIM HSI as a Divine incarnate just as the hindu sees certain ones as Avatars, incarnations of Krisna shiva etc. in this respect HIM was not originally worshiped as a Sky God, but as a incarnation of the infinite One Divine.

~Ras tafarians were influenced not only from Africa to grow the locks, but also the Sadhu Yogi who lived in Jamaica having been brought there by the British as slaves, or indentured servents as they were called in the 18th cent. The locks are called Jatah to the Yogi and are worn as a symbol of renunciation from wordly concerns and desires. Yes, the Africans worked in the cane fields alongside their Indian brothers and sisters from early times and easily exchanged their ideas and customs due to the similarities in voudou and hindu practice.

~The Ras tafarian smokes "Kali," or "ganjah" which are Hindi names for Cannabis. Kali is the feminine aspect of the Divine and is the dispeller of ego. Ganjah is the name for the sacred river, Ganga in India. Canabis is smoked from the "Cutchie," or "chalawah" (Chala is from Jala meanings water, hence water-pipe). The Ras tafarian will say "Jah!" when smoking whilst the Hindi may say "Jai!" both sound meansing praises to the divine.

~Both the Ras Tafarian and the Yogi seek to renounce the ways of the world (Babylon). The ras tafarian began in the "Bush", in the hills away from shit-ciety. Both schools know the truth of re-incarnation, re-birth, the cycles of Life. Both schools eat Ital, or naturally, many if not most are vegan, or vegetarians.

~ Both schools (at least originally) taught and teach that "god is man, man is god" and here again I remind them that HIM HSI was never orignally seen as some sky god that would jump out and save them. Both teach that heaven and hell are states of the higher and lower mind respectively, and that Zion (Bliss, heaven) is here now on earth. Both shcools see each and every being as a part of the Divinity known by infinite names.

~ In the Yogi mind, word sound power too is the Trinity from which the whole of creation began. A U M is the trinity and is known to be the cosmik vibration that both creates and destroys the phenomenal illusionary world. A U M is the Heart Beat, the first sound ever heard when I was in Her bless-ed Womb. Likewise, the Ras tafarian beats three drums, kette funde, bass, and keeps the heart beat as "time", creating a mystikal, hypnotizing, trance-like atmosphere where the I in the I is seen with the One Eye, the Third Eye. Ras Tafarians call the Third eye the "Far I" and is the focus of meditaion and contemplation.

These are the substratum from which we may easily draw parallels between the two paths to the Self, which is the goal of all paths.



Baba Kali Ma

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 8/22/2007 11:16:46 PM

Jah give i lenghth of days, one day i must visit the upper ganges area in northern india

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 8/23/2007 1:16:50 PM


Who is this Baba?


Messenger: jahbailey Sent: 8/23/2007 6:58:09 PM

blessed love, powerful message brought to the table for ones and ones to really know Iselves. JAH RASTAFARI

Messenger: 505Rasta Sent: 8/23/2007 11:17:43 PM

Baba means father

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 8/24/2007 6:18:24 AM


Yes, but I mean who is this person Baba who introduced these writings?

The only Rasta I know being called by this name is Baba Ras Marcus, one of the Elders from the Rastafari Elders CD. But from reasoning with him I do not think that these teachings come from him.


Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 8/24/2007 9:12:19 AM

I think the "baba" is the guy writing the message, i.e. 505rasta?

Messenger: Baba Eye Sent: 8/24/2007 12:23:40 PM

IAM that IAM.

tis Eye who write this and other Istik word sound fi the Eyes who can see IAM.

Baba doth mean father. but also mean mother in some language.

s/he who have eyes mek dem see. ears let dem hear.

there is but one Eye.

be naked. be free. look not for god in skies, nor devil in ground. look with een.

stop your arguments about race color creed. AS IF YOU NEVER HEARD YOUR FATHER HIM TELL YOU THIS ALREADY??????????????

let go doctrine. dogma. religion. use the tools to build ye temple. thence set the tools aside and move een.

Haile Selassie is not a rastafarian. be Haile Selassie. a Light. an Example. a Master Builder.

be your SELF.

most of "what is rasta" is given unto thee thru 45 record and books writ' by them who cannot see IAM. admit it. then move on and think fi yu SELF.




Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 8/24/2007 12:48:52 PM

Ah... I see...

Words to mystify. Not to enlighten.

definition of "enlighten": to remove the dimness or blindness (usually figurative) from one's eyes or heart

ini reason to reality for this purpose and end. we wish to seek and overstand.

prophecy says that in the last days that which was hidden in the dark shall be brought to light. and there you are still scratching around under a cloak of mystery for a dramatic entrance... "tis eye who write this". Come on now...

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