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Racism I Can't Relate To

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Messenger: tamclutcher Sent: 5/17/2007 6:02:41 AM

greetings in H.I.M. name.

A friend of mine was confronted by skinheads yesterday night. I have just heard the news.

It erupted from something as ridiculous as two cars turning into a small street. He was then called slurs and threatened with violence, but it didn't escalate any further. Regardless, my friend has never encountered racism like that before.

He has come to talk to me about it. The problem is: I cannot relate to that kind of experience--that degree of hate. I don't believe I ever will.

What should I do?

guidance & protection

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 5/17/2007 8:40:45 AM

Racism is a learned lesson. Nobody is born with hatred. Somebone has taken advantage of the situation of poor white people and exploited it for the purpose of keeping the top on top and the bottom down. You see, if poor people of all nationalities, ethnicities and cultures should join together it would cause a revolution. It would cause the have-nots to overpower, rather than just outnumber, those who take from them. How can you maintain an unlivable minimum wage if all workers are a part of a labor union? How can you charge a student more to learn than you pay a teacher to teach? Racism is 1 part hatred and 2 parts ignorance. People hate others based on a perception of them that is skewed by the idea that people are fundementaly different because they have ancestors who are from different continents. Meaning, in order to be a racist you must believe that Africa produces a lower caliber of human being than Europe does. This falacy is usually accompanied by the belief that Africans wish to destroy Europeans. When you combine these two myths you achive a desperation that causes a deep and personal hatred of the Other. It is the falacy that should be attacked, not the person. Racism has never be personal, it is in fact business, big business. Fear is sold to Americans wholesale, it is a comodity just like lack and desire. Capitalism is built on a foundation of fear of lack, fed by the preception that those who have things are more likely to thrive than those who do not have things. It informs the population that they are not smart enough, attractive enough, wealthy enough, etc. to survive Darwin's evolutionary theory. When someone believes that you may evolve without them, or that you may cause them to de-evolve, it triggers their Reptillian brain. You instantly become the object between them and survival.
How does one convince the world to enslave their neighbor? One tells the world that their neighbor wants to enslave them first.

Messenger: inajahlove Sent: 5/18/2007 12:08:48 AM


A division ensues causing one to put another in a place of lesser entitlement, and once the Reptillian (hind) brain is activated, the frontal lobes (altruistic center) is less in operation to perceive the actual truth, but operates in a reactive mode. Thus some of the behaviors witnessed with the friend.

The propaganda spread throughout Istory has continued to fuel the divisive, elitist, survival of the fittest, fear-based mentality. All of the other schisms around finding the judgment for the divisive behavior could fit any scenario (skin color, socioeconomic status, disability, difference of cultural values, religion, etc.)

It is how the particular brand of capitalism functions today.

Many amassed on the 'net in 1991 before www and we were all of the same mindset about revolutionary necessity. Nearly all of us were harassed in some way: followed, watched, etc. it was most uncomfortable.

Until we can find a way to reach a larger audience, stated today in a local rag that 1 in 3 are people of color in the US (Asian, Black or Hispanic), the dictatorship will prevail. This was the intent behind my earlier post about a wider forum. Making it attractive to mainstream to simplify down, get real and vibes life. The gist was just to start a larger segment of the population into a more conscious river vs. the rapids that are approaching.

On a personal note, I can empathize,

My only child is 11, (his father is Jamaican) I watched a hospital personnel nearly kill him in an ER room at 6 days of age through seemingly intentional neglect (dehydration), witnessed slurs made about his name (nontraditional) and had several other issues come up then moved to the midwest after CA my entire life (he was 6) pulled him from 2 schools that were majority 'white' after volunteering with the little time I had starting a business and trying to survive. I stood up to the principals in both schools, one tried to put him in a Title I classroom? After I had been told in CA he was highly gifted? I trusted my gut as I was alone and removed him after being told he could not and they would not remove him until the school year was out. I related that I politely challenged them,this was my blood. I went to the Superintendent and politely talked with him and moved him to the only other school where he was put in the gifted program, then was given 3 day lunch detentions for a slight misbehavior (another friend and he allegedly took a football from another student). I would walk into the school and stick my nose in and learn what was going on, they didn't like it much. I found that the teacher was asking my son to be the engine of the class? And, calling his work garbage! I was completely beside myself but then found that the principal also related the teachers words after telling me my son was one of the brightest Einstein type children he's seen in all his years at the school?

These types of events are really hurtful.

I pulled him out, drove him to a bigger city, but the crime was off the hook so here we are again homeschooling, not so bad but not ideal either.

It's always so nice to read from ya Empress. If you are aware of a great place to raise a child I'd love to hear.

Nuff respect

Messenger: still looking Sent: 5/20/2007 9:34:47 PM

InI would say the one two punch of hatred and ignorance is correct ---however I would place the ignorance as one which then makes for a more fertile ground for hate.

that is why i attack the problem in my school. schools for the longest time and still to this day give a one-sided whitewashed education. it is no wonder that some "whites" and "non-whites" do not think that blacks, hispanics, or asians have ever made a positive contribution to society, when since the day they entered formal education they have only read of white writers, white inventors, white explores, and white war heros.

lauryn hill was not the only one miseducated----everyone was and it has created some serious problems.

i have recently got our school to initiate educational art work around the school which embraces and celebrates all of the different cultures at our school. at our school close to 40 languages are spoken.

schools are a breeding ground for division among the "races" and will continue to do so if we don't demand that they do not teach from such a one-sided perspective.

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