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so why didnt they know?

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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 4/20/2007 5:36:05 PM


Lion of Judah has been seen by ini as second coming of christ, so do the i think that all of his people of Judah in Ethiopia seen him like that? if not, why were they hidden this knowledge of Jah?


Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 4/21/2007 7:56:08 PM

Young Lion, I like the reasoning, and it reminded me of some things...

I was riding a bus to Lalibella and we stopped at a spring so people could get out and collect the Holy Water. anyways, an old priest that resides next to the spring came out and asked me why the Jews didn't see Christ as the savior when they had seen Him with their own eyes. He said that even though he'd never seen Christ, it was obvious who Christ is.... Of course I didn't think of any good answer for the priest, and we parted ways both kind of perplexed.

I don't really want to comment on the Jews around Christ during those times, why they didn't believe doesn't surprise me really, and it's the same reason why most Ethiopians don't see His Majesty as Christ, or as something more than a great King. First let me say that there are Ethiopians that see His Majesty as more than their king, there are Ethiopian Rastafarians, there are Ethiopians that simply feel like He was something more, there are beggars in the street who ask for favor in the name of Mariam, Christ, and Jon Hoy too, you'll fing all kinds of reverence for Him in Ethiopia. Personally I think that as the Jews weren't ready to just give up the old ways for such new school thinking, most Ethiopians are just as comfortable with Orthodox teachings as they stand. Many Jews and Christians alike are still waiting for Great God to come from the sky and make everybody feel high. The whole concept of Jah in Man eludes so many people the world over, even though I feel that His teachings spell it out quite clearly, that is the teaching of both Christ and His Majesty.

Many Kings have been sainted in Ethiopia and I'm very suprised that the Orthodox church hasn't at the very least afforded His Majesty this much courtesy, but there's politics there too. Meles would probably have a fit, as the I knows, Meles has made it clear he's no fan of the True King. Never the less, it's an interesting subject which gets all kinds of reactions from Ethiopians, I look forward to reasoning more with Ethiopians on the subject, because individual perspectives differ a lot.
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Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 4/21/2007 8:02:50 PM

Still thinking about the I's original question..

I don't really think it's about knowledge being hidden, unless we are just referring to the seekers unwillingness to move out of the box. Why do people go to church to get close to God, when of course God is everywhere. If His Majesty had flat out said I AM GOD then it would have created great divisions amongst Ethiopians, He never wanted that, His Majesty was a uniter, but still the knowledge is there. Anyone looking at His Majesty with the intent to find God surely will, but if one does not have the intent to find something then they can just as surely walk right past what appears to I and I an obvious truth.


Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 4/22/2007 12:05:30 PM


Different people have different works to do to fulfill the whole mission. You know there is a comparison but I don't know how to put it in english... like you have a toolbox... and in it you have many different tools for each problem there are some tools. So it's better to have a toolbox with many different tools than to have many tools who all do the same and can only solve one problem... what about all those many different other problems?

You have Rasta People from the Caribbean and the West whose mission was to spread the word through music internationally.
But you also have many eremites and monks in Ithiopia who know of the truth too but kept it to them. There are many things shrouded in mystery... there are Nazarene monasteries kept secret... and many have the knowledge of the Christ. I am not to talk about this... but all who go to Ithiopia with the spirit and not only as tourists will maybe see some of the mystics.
Just for example, the Vision of HIM in the fire everybody talked about some time ago, was nothing unusual to many.


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