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Wha gwan?

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Messenger: Elijah Sent: 4/15/2007 4:46:47 PM

Greetings Brothers and Sisters

Thats corporate news link.

Link found on


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 4/15/2007 7:06:32 PM

That is a sad thing to hear iyah
I used to play football on that same park. Anytime the pressures of city life get to i, that was one place i used to go and just chill out,smoke, chant,reason with the idren
Real sad news although the accusations of drug selling are nothing new to i... i used to hear that from long ago...I can only speak from what i have seen and experienced..and i never saw none of that happening down there
I pray the idren dem will be able to stop them from tearing it down

sad but still, give thanks for the link brethren

Rastafari Is

Messenger: Elijah Sent: 4/16/2007 5:56:59 AM

I was not shure if I should forward that sad news.
It is terible warrning. Babilon continue down pression and the pure people are again in opression, just becouse of the economic circumstances.
This is very sad news to I also.
I talked to a few people there. Seems like the council is promising new place for the Temple, but if its realy gonna happend? One knows.
I am afraid, that there is no chance, to get back the property.
The house is worth lots of money ( news papers says it can be even £10bln).
They just stole it from community. The buildings where maintained for more then 20 year,
only by inhabitians, without any support from the council. They has puted plumbing and electrocity there. Thanks to the Rastafari people, the houses has not been devastated for all this time.
It is greate lost for community in UK.
I fill realy sorry for all residences of EWF centre.
Those people lost place of life and worship
and it is very hard to find accomodation in that cruel country/city.

I pray for Jah Blessings for all Idren and Sisters in this time of tribulation.
I believe that they will not stay alone in this hard time.

Love RastafarI

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 4/16/2007 9:21:04 AM

very good posting the link

idren need know dis


Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 4/16/2007 2:50:34 PM

Haile I

Brethren, you was down there in St Agnes and did not notice anything about drug bizness going on? Man this is gang and dealer area.

A very good brethren of I and personal friend used to be Executive of the EWF and that socalled "temple" down there. He seperated himself from them, for Nyahbinghi needs to seperate I n I selves from wickedness. And when he seperated from St Agnes and I asked him WHY, he told me that he fought against the drug situation for many years down there. But Rasta down there doesn't want to get rid of them, and he told me that many of socalled rastas down there are friends of the dealers and even partake in the bizness.
it is a gang area and Rasta down there doesn't try to improve the situation. This is not only my opinion but the opinion of many who left because of that.
The Ras I am talking about used to run everything down there... but he focused on education, running bible classes... but when serious Rases from allaround told him that they won't go THERE he started to reconsider.

Brethren I'm not perfect and it is not me to judge about others. I loved the atmosphere of that place too, and yes I loved the cultural activities. But I have to say I ALWAYS felt the negative presence there too. A few years ago when they downstroyed the ganghouses down the street it did not eliminate the negative presence. I was there before and after. And I tell you, I NEVER felt completely comfortable... you have too many of the say-say guys there... telling something about rasta with their beer and redbull bottles in their hand and then whispering with strange guys around the corner.
I tell you one thing, BURN out wickedness. I n I have to get straight and Nyahbinghi gwaan fi do that.
I ask you WHOM of them did you see at the Nyahbinghi after they "chilled" all day down in St Agnes? Only a few. And respect to them. I man nah speak about ALL. I speak about those who destroy the vibes down there. In the afternoon they talk a big talk about Rasta and then in the evening you don't see them at the Binghi coz they wanna spend their time down in the dancehall among drugs and alcohol and girls who like the exotic look. I am a witness to that.

I tell you man, Rasta have to purify in this time. No one of those can stand.... and the sad thing is, no matter how old they may be. I love the Elders and I give thanks for many very very important hours they had for me.... but I speak about those Jamaica-Dreads... the fashion dreads.... the talk-talk-say-say dreads who taking over right now internationally.

You have that from JA to London right over to Shashamane. Rasta have to get rid of that. These times are too serious for watering down I n I divine livity.

And I feel I know the ones who told the police this place is no Rasta place no more but a place controlled by drug bizness. And I tell you I pray that these will show the EWF in St Agnes that they HAVE to seperate themselves from crime and wickedness.
If they REALLY do that, the police will recognise that... the last thing they want is a confrontation with the black community. If this was really a HOLY place, there wouldn't be any romours of drug dealing coming to the police.

So what's holy about St Agnes? Because Bob Marley used to play football down there in the seventies?
We have to wake up. We have to see the truth about what is happening with Rasta in Jamaica, Shashamane and places like St Agnes.
There are many who want to maintain there imagination of the "everything is fine rasta world" because they were never there.
There are those people who dont KNOW it better, and those who dont WANT it better.

All this shall not sound like I am not against those things the authorities are doing. I have many blessed and very beautiful things to remember about being down there in St Agnes. And I also give thanks for ALL the cultural and historical sites of the Rastafari Nation in London. But we must not shut our eyes about things which are happening lately.

Blessed Love My Lord and Empress
Keep it clean.

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 4/16/2007 5:40:47 PM

i hear you, brethren

Messenger: Elijah Sent: 4/16/2007 7:51:17 PM

Brethren Dom

I don't know anybody out of this place. I was near the place 1 day before its happend, cos I heard inside call to go see that place. What I have seen? I saw many young man, looks like Rasta. I hided my eyes from them cos I felt strong interogation from many people standing outside house, just in a sight I felt no I & I communication, just pure suspition. I wouldn't move my feet throught the gates of this place, sad to say, but I would be afraid of those people. Iman don't look for contacts with everybody, better to stay alone then to be robed.

Day after I was there I heard the news in the morning so later I went there and talked with a few people. That what you write is very true, and I know about it. I am sorry about the elders and all Rasta brothers&sisters, who use to come and live in that place they are the victims of the situation. More then that it is unbelievable how few rooten fruits can poison all store.

Idren from this what I read, I see that you know much more then me about it. I just reported what I felt, as I said I didn't know anybody out of there.

I see almost everyday in the streets people who wore Rasta emblemas and deal with weed down the undrground station...

People may say that its holy herb etc, but I am shure that making business out of that is nothing good and especialy when 'Rasta' have to deal with that.
Simple to think, what HIM would said about it?
Don't have to answare.

More then herb is important Love and Righteousness.

That what is to happend when people forget about it.
They say 'we not gonna get a job cos we are XXX, so we sell weed',
foolish excuse for laziness,
cos is hard to bend a back for job, easy to go and sell drugs.

Lots to say more to do.

If community doesn't sort out its problems by its own,
no power can sort it out for community.

Jah has right judge over all of us and those who brought coruption will get reward.

Love RastafarI

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 4/16/2007 8:04:49 PM


Brethren Elijah, i doubt if they are talking about the herbs when they say drugs. I am not sure about the Marijuana laws in the UK but i think there is some recognition of Rastafrari using herbs as part of ini worship. If it was indeed just the herbs i would defend it to the fullest. I get what the i say about youths who opt for the easy way out..but ini have to get the herbs from somewhere in a babylon..someone have to sell it..better Rastafari do it

Rastafari Is

Messenger: Elijah Sent: 4/17/2007 8:37:01 AM


Brethren Kebre, in UK sansemila is treated like drug when sombody trade it, as well as posession. When police find a bit on you, they may not make you big problem, but if they find enough for trade then is treated like criminal ofence.

I can't say who are the people I have seen, but if I see emblemas of Lion of Juda on a man who's ofered me scunk in the midle of high street, between hanging around gang, it looks to me very strange. So what may have to think about it ordinary people?

I wish that only Rasta could sell it :)
For many people sansi is only one drug between other, there will be always some susptious gays stoped by police with crack, heroin and other poisons, and sansi too.
So goverment and law will always look on canabis like on a kind of another drug.

The discution on legalization will be long,
but for public opinion situation like in St.Agnes place
will be an another argument against it.
It could be also a police provocation,
but I think it would be very hard to find out.

There is solution which helps to avoid money exchange, if there is possibility, plant sansi by our own, I think its less problem even if sombody will find a few plants, then all of that paranoia of market situation. I know its not ease and no many will be able to do it, but who can should I think. Then is best to share it or exchange :).

Love RastafarI

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 4/17/2007 9:49:06 AM


It's blessed to reason with brethren who know what them talking about coz they witnessed it themselves. Is there any chance we could have met somewhere in London at one or the other time? If the I have been to the Binghis we must have met.

Yes man, my first time at St. Agnes was very strange too.
You know I was down in Brixton reasoning with some Idren in Bro Principal's shop on famous atlantic rd. It was my first time since long in London, so I wanted to check the scene and what's new, you know. And the Brethren told me about things that were going on in the meantime and that I should avoid St Agnes. But I really much wanted to go there coz I wrote a Special Topic for my Exams about Rastafari history in London. So I studied everything about that for a long time in detail and so was like on a historical trip. I went up to Portobello Rd and so on to breath a little bit of the old days.

And when we were talking about how bad St Agnes had turned, a big Nyahbinghi Dread stepped in. He was a real fyahman... a true Nazarene NO compromise... and we immediatly liked talking and reasoning with each other. And then he told me he was executive of EWF down in St Agnes and he wanted me to come the next day.
It was the day of HIM Earthday and the Brethren of EWF (the true ones) Ilabrated a children's Binghi at the EWF grounds in the afternoon.
But I somehow knew about the bad reputation of St Agnes. Brethren warned me that there is a physical risk going down there.
But I knew nothing can harm I as long as I keep careful, and especially nothing can harm I on I father's Earthday.

So next day I went there. Never been there. But my first impression was great. I came from the direction where in those days the ganghouses still used to be. But at that point I didn't know that. Because ALL I could see were houses which showed from up to down beautiful big pictures of HIM and Empress. It was a blessed sight, like Iman was stepping in a true Rasta town.
So I thought THIS must be EWF HQ.
There was Irie soundsystem muzik all around and the doors wide open. So I stepped in.... and before I knew it, I found myself in the middle of a ganghouse. So Imagine those guys' expressions on their faces when I humbly bowed and asked where the EWF was REALLY located (now that I saw that THIS can't be the right place).
And you know this is GANG area... meaning this is not only about drugs but also about guns. I have to say I never saw a gun, but Idren from inside EWF told me that it was an open secret that those youths were carrying nuff guns.
So I knew what could have happened. But I stayed cool and humble and a guy came over to me and politely explained how to get to the "Rasta House" which is down the road. I negated the question if I needed "something", bowed humbly again, blessed them, and went on my way. All in all it was a positive experience. And I believe this is why St Agnes still is beautiful to remember, because I think my first expression was just positive.
And so was that whole first day. It was just lovely and blessed to see how free Rasta was able to move in that community. All around there were children playing happily... it touched my heart when I saw Nazarene Dread children plaing freely with the children of the most conservativ looking white parents I ever saw. It was just so blessed. Though I didn't smoke herbs (as I never do in groups)it was blessed to see all the Idren smoking so freely.
It was explained to me that the Police tolerates the Rasta use of the herbs.

Of course I would have to say certain things about behaviour. If you are old and grey locked you should have learned enuff on your way as a Rasta to know that it is not the right place to smoke your tobacco-spliff next to very young children.

This watering down of the livity, I experienced all the time in London. Even at the Binghi you have tobacco-smoke and cell-phones in the temple rooms. I say IS THAT NECESSARY?

But as I was an invited guest at all the ceremonies in which I took place, I was not in the position to judge about other people's livity.

Still I love London for its history. I love it for Ascento Foxe, Norman Adams and even Bongo Watto who introduced reall Nyahbinghy personally to the London Family in 1986.

But it just gets me sick when I see what is happening lately.
Rasta just became TOO fashionable. If ya Dread it is simply impossible to walk through Brixton without any so-called Rasta trying to sell you any clichés you want. But still I love it... because I do not let the negative poison the positive... and everytime in London I have to check the family in Brixton... and if it's just for getting some creation food at Bro Jahson's Zionly Manna.

Have a blessed day.

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Haile Selassie I