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Just for laughs

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 4/9/2007 11:58:46 PM

Blessed love to all

Today i stumbled on this text.At first, i thought it was something real and started reading it seriously. Suddenly i realized what was being said and i just started cracking up. I laughed so hard that i felt a little bit guilty. Some might find it offensive, for some it could just be in bad taste. I mean, i doubt if someone like Turbulence, "da future", would find it amusing...well....then again he might
Anyway i will let the i dem read and decide for yourselves
Jokes is Jokes

Tuesday, May 03 - This afternoon, August Town police issued an arrest warrant for entertainer Miguel Collins, known popularly as Sizzla, in connection with several illegal weapons found at his August Town residence early this morning. This follows on the heels of a previous find made on the same premises on March 17th, but is described as more 'disturbing' in its implications. Reports are that at approximately 6:30 this morning, police raided the singer's compound, known in the community as Judgement Yard, and recovered a significant number of weapons and contraband. Among the items confiscated were: seven Kalashnikov submachine guns, two sniper rifles, five sawed-off shotguns, four bazookas, one BFG, one anti-aircraft weapons system, two Scud missiles, one crossbow, a submarine torpedo, several thermonuclear devices (including an atomic bomb unaccounted for since WWII), five vials of anthrax, three slingshots, six Dragonballs, a 1/16th-sized clone of Collins himself, and a cartridge in an M-3. US President George W. Bush has expressed interest in the find, based on intelligence that several of the weapons found may correspond to WMDs missing in Iraq. Also seized were preliminary blueprints for what appeared to be an orbital Moon-sized space-based weapon called the Death Star. The weapons cache was found in an underground bunker situated below a hog pen on the premises, discovered by a trainee constable who expressed suspicion at the presence of pigs on Sizzla's property. Since the start of the year Collins has been arrested 27 times, usually while leaving a courthouse the day after one of his performances, for offenses ranging from littering and jaywalking to unpaid parking tickets. The officer in charge of the raid, Superintendent Reneto Adams, was elated by the weapons find, commenting, "I am elated by the weapons find sah." Asked to elaborate further, he went on to say, "Dis time wi neva even have to plant nuh evidence sah. Only ting dat could make dis mawning betta is if wi did get to shoot dat likkle dread bwoy an some of dose dutty fellows wid him. Wi only get to shoot di hog an di fowl dem in di yaad, but on di way up to di station wid di evidence wi jus swing by Bustamante Hospital an shoot up di childrens wing, so it was a good mawning sah." Information which led to the find was reportedly received on the Crime Stop hotline from someone within M.Collins' organization who wished to remain anonymous, stating only that he "could have been one of the most notorious". More on this story as it develops

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