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Those Holy Spirits

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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 3/2/2007 5:11:07 PM

words of most holy iyeus kristos, John Chapter:3 verse8 ''the wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes, so is everyone who is born of the spirit.

too many times before i felt some kind of higher power saying something. I was taking a nap and half awake and i was in amazement of ras tafari through the lineage of king david, so i turned and looked and it was H.I.M as a king clothed in king robe. and i was raising up, as if towards heaven, but then let back down on my bed, and a strong wind was blowing on me, coming from the direction of H.I.M it was blowing on my chest and on my face and it was a strong wind.

any else had this instance where you were raising up? i thought i was done with this earthly life for a moment. any meaning in this. i remember reading posts of people with similiar experiences. birook

Messenger: Brethren Nicholas I Sent: 3/2/2007 7:59:39 PM

Greetings in Jah name RasTafarI Blessed Love Itinually

Iyah, today i had an Iditation just troddin trough the woods with a couple of spliffs ya know? I stop to take everything in and i felt and could See The Imighty in the Wind, trees, leaves, birds chirping, but especially today the Wind. thats Irie that the I would bring this topic forward on such a day as this. Blessed.

and also at I BaBa's Gates on more than one occasion after InI had been chantin IyahBinghi, what happened was like I basically just "fell" out of I physical manifestion for a few moments, and as I went back(which was voluntary after I had realized I was at a friends house)I body temperature was wayyy high dude, to the point where I was completely on fire almost. I was sweating and ....just Fiyah! the point I guess I'm gettin at is with these moments its tight because Jah is within all of InI. and he breaks out as the Elements(earth,wind,water,fire).

I just wanted to Give Thanks for being able to see what Jah RasTafarI has laid before all of InI. Its so Beautiful. Complete Unity. One Love. Jah Bless All. RasTafarI

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Haile Selassie I