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words of true strength.

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Messenger: Brethren Nicholas I Sent: 2/2/2007 9:31:26 AM

Greetings Bredren in Jah name RasTafarI Immanuel Haile I Selassie I

I was readin this and it put a smile on I face. blessed Love Bredren.

Marcus - Wicked Dies
Tuesday, October 18, 1927

There's a plot for you and one for me,

Out in God's acre, that's lying by;

You needn't think I cannot also see

That the wicked shall most surely die.

In the resurrection men shall rise-

Not those, steeped in sin and lies,

But the souls of love for good and truth

Shall blossom forth in spiritual youth.

way Irie. Selassie I

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Haile Selassie I