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Best City for Rasta to live

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Messenger: Brethren Nicholas I Sent: 3/6/2007 11:35:26 AM

greetings in Jah name RasTafarI Immanuel Haile I Selassie I

Iyah the I should come forward to Chant IyahBinghi on Shabot with InI. InI reside in Bloomington and if the I would ever need a ride or want more info please let I know.

Much Love and Raspect.

Jah Bless. RasTafarI

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 3/6/2007 2:54:58 PM

Greetings Bredda,

I would apprecilove more infos. Not in need of a ride at this time, however, thanks for the offer and love the I is showing. InI family will be heading down south this summer, Jah willing.

Maybe the I dem could tell InI more about the Bloomington happenings/gatherings etc.

Jah Bless


Messenger: Brethren Nicholas I Sent: 3/6/2007 8:04:20 PM

yes Iyah with pleasure.

InI gather Together on Shabot at about 4:30 in the afternoon to chant up a IyahBinghi Fiyah. Depending on whose gates here in town InI hold ceremony at, its usually at one of I bredrens gates.

But the I would absolutly be more than welcome here in b-town, Love all the while. The I should try to come forward this saturday, and if not, soon come Iyah. Hail I up at Iman Gates, 812-334-9013, after 3 is good to catch I, and if no answer leave a message and I can hail One back as soon as i can.

binghi usually happens from 430 till whenever InI ready to trod.

Blessed Love all the while, Haile I Selassie I JAH RasTafarI.


Messenger: Brethren Nicholas I Sent: 3/6/2007 8:05:17 PM

and InI always down to reason if the I would ever happen to come trough town. Jah Bless

Messenger: RAS B Sent: 3/7/2007 5:38:37 AM

Greetin's iya man an' all

Hinestly no city gud fah rasta...We lib inna di city bot it neba gud
mon...Shashamane vila inna Zion stil'ah di best,keep trodin' ras


Messenger: YAHbeba Sent: 3/7/2007 1:36:57 PM


Shashamane? The I ever been to Shashamane? Just wondering...


Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 3/8/2007 9:21:04 AM

Sorry.... this was again me typing from I Queen's laptop. I always forget to log in again.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 3/8/2007 11:43:46 AM

Addis Ababa for life
City of I King for He hath Established it upon a high place

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 3/8/2007 12:06:53 PM

Addis Abeba betam kondscho now, gin terara yischallal. Yimmesgaan!


Messenger: JAH Coyote Sent: 3/13/2007 4:58:04 AM

Peace and blessings
I must give thanks to the Most High that there is such a prominent force of Rastafari all across the world. My mother lives near Bloomington still- big up to the Idren reasoning about chanting in that spot Indiana needs culture. In soon time I will be moving to Eritrea still, when the time is right.
About what the bredren Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa said earlier on in the reasoning about living in the place in the world where I and I can have the biggest influence for JAH Works, this is THE TRUTH. If the greatest influence the I can make is in the I home town, then there is no reason to leave to find Rasta. For I specifically, I have found that I do not need to find places either. JAH bring them to I just as I follow intuition and movements happening in I life and make decisions accordingly. The whole world is so beautiful when it is free of pollutants. And I and I can see JAH power is so much greater than that of Babylon for when the I look at a map, satellite photo, go hiking/bushwacking- the wilderness is so much greater that the landfills, highways, powerplants, skyscrapers, harbours ever could be.
Big up all Rastafari livicated to JAH Work.

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Haile Selassie I