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Difference between Ideological and Spiritual Rastas

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Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 11/29/2006 7:17:36 PM

I agree with the things that have been said. And my temper and "non-patientness" if there ever was such a word, do get the best of me which I'll admit is wrong. So I apologize sincerly for that.

However I am finding it difficult to accept a story that all I ever get is a picture but then when I go down into Africa, especially the areas of the Philopian tube of the Nile Valley, I find the same stories without the racial and sexist hatred carved into the rocks and reliefs thousands of years earlier. This is not something I can blow off as coinsidence.

I am well aware that Rastafari can not be learned in the books, but in the ultimate reality neither can any other faith or 'religion, way of life.' Its like people who talk about snow but have never seen it.

I often describe Western Christianity and its general practishioners as ones who treat faith like a drug or medicine, thats its so easy as to swallow it and wait for the effects, but that is a false hope.

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 11/30/2006 12:18:07 PM

" I find the same stories without the racial and sexist hatred carved into the rocks and reliefs thousands of years earlier. "

... you mean before slavery...?

Messenger: Idren Sent: 11/30/2006 4:17:22 PM


Do I really need that division?
Where is that division gona led I?

People are in general Idealistic or Rational, so in any group of man can be found people who believe in some transcendental/spiritual reality as well those ones how will believe in what they see and can sense.
In real, all we are bit of one and other.

I have read lots of post in last months tring to get some sense of what Cyber Rasta, reason about, get some knowledge as well as lots of confusion. InI had specialized (few years ago) in reaserch of virtual communities, and like to share some knowledge about it cos see lots of missunderstandings
come out of that Cyberforum thing.

As we communicate via Internet, only 5%!!!!!!!! of our blessed Mighty gift of our whole communication potential is in use. So question is who we realy talk to? 5% of InI? is that true InI man communication.
Imagine if we all meet together one day (what I really wish that we all meet one belessed day in Zion) and reason, it would be much much much different.

Here you will not see Intel/Spirit Rastas, as I cant see eye'n'eye.
Is just marks for marks/ letters for letters. That machine is making us precious beings, just virtual ghost.

Some of you B&S sisters claim to be Real Rasta folowers of Black God
Respect Brothers, that you say that is not makin you better man then others, your belive is your diament, as it can be a stone for some one else.
Some of ya claim black race supremation and Africa for Africans, poor ya poor, there was few man who call "Germany for Germans" and finally killed few billions of Israel people. Thats fullishnes I cant believe to hear, if you still claim to be the choosen ones, and better of any body just becouse of color of your skin, I can be only sorry about you, and wish you start to pray God's mercy now.
Some of ya try select people by division, and dosent see own division in heart.
Humble your self and stop shout, cos the Mighty stay in silence. He knows what you believe and he dont need your shout.


Messenger: Osiris Sent: 11/30/2006 5:01:45 PM

From what I gather, Rasta believes in Africa for Africans.
Rasta also strictly follows Ten Commandments, so killing and oppressing each other is out of the question.

To me the phrase "Africa for Africans" is a statement of cutural identity and expression. It is also a cry for justice. Look at Africa today. Look at who owns/controls it and reaps the profit of it's natural resources. It is mainly Europe and it is North America. Africans labor on their own land, which they do not own, and the fruits of their labor go to someone else. Povery, War, Disease, and Famine are a by-product of all of this.

Africa has been stolen and needs to be returned to her rightful owners. To me that is what "Africa for Afriacns" means.

And I definetely hear the I on the whole cyber-communication thing. Idren is right on the mark on that one.


Messenger: Idren Sent: 11/30/2006 5:37:52 PM

So, to be no missunderstunding, I believe that "Africa is for Africans", but not for crazy racist who want to take a revange for slavery on I dont know who, cos the people who ware doing that (slave masters) are already dead.

The right owners, are to confuse and uneducate to take the rules back.
You need a real (Gods given) leaders, not crazy pupets of babilon, as its still.

If African descents move today to Africa, the West Babilon would fell down same day.But they like this western style of life, there is no dream of Free Africa in the dreams of children of the getto, there are BMW,NIKE,COCA_COLA and lots of other crap, sad but true...

So as I said, the Ruler is on His way.


Messenger: Osiris Sent: 11/30/2006 5:48:40 PM

No Idren, the slave masters are very much alive and thriving.

Who feels it knows it.

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 11/30/2006 7:31:48 PM

InI dont take part in this divison thinking. I man try to approach anyone with love and respect, if dem a so called slave master then I man know it is HIM that needs the most love for it is HIM that is the furthest from love.

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 11/30/2006 9:40:30 PM

The institute of slavery produced the capital that the U.S. of A. was founded and built on. Slave masters and their decendants are a small thing, especially since many of those people no longer have the same ideals as their forefathers (not all but many). The point is that, for instance: slave masters were able to insure their slaves and collect on their deaths, rather than their families; almost every single corporation that existed before 1865 profited from some form of slave labor, as did many of the so called Founding Fathers; many families of former slaver masters are still inheriting monies made from slave labor while the decendants of those slaves are inheriting a growing debt; the African Diaspora is still suffering from the second (sometimes third or fourth) class status placed upon them; when slavery was abolished the average slave was freed without compensation of any kind and therefore was starting from a position of an uneducated, penniless and homeless position in a world that would just as soon spit in their face as let them pass by on the street; before the civil rights movement in the USA Black people were paid less for the same jobs (and still are), restricted from voting, and even unable to purchase items in most white owned businesses; Death squads such as the KKK still pose a threat to Africans in the USA, although that threat is far less than it was when lynching was legal and you could buy a postcard featuring a Black man (woman or child) swinging from a tree (often also burnt to a crisp) with a crowd of white families (including small children) smiling and posing below.
These crimes against humanity, and many more that I have not mentioned, have not be attoned for, apologised for, or compensated. In fact just a few days ago an unarmed Black man sitting in his car with a few friends after his bachelor party was shot at 50 times by New York Police and killed. The average human being with locks longer than a minute simply cannot find (or keep) a job in the so called freest country in the world. Revolutionaries of all walks of life are still incarcerated for seeking justice for their people during the civil rights movement half a century ago. The Bush administration has placed a 1 million dollar bounty on the head of former Black Panter Assata Shakur who has been living peacfully in exile on Cuban soil for decades. There are more Black men and women in the prison system then there are in higher education in the USA. A woman who seeks assistance for sposal abuse is more likely to be incarcerated for defending herself than she is to recieve help from the athorities.
The fact of the matter is, the ghetto is full of human beings who have been erased from civilization, they have no ladder to climb. Many of them are not even able to find employment at McDonald's. The minimum wage has not changed in a decade or more while the cost of living rises constantly. No mother in America can support a child (let alone two or three) on $5.15 an hour (or $6 an hour for that matter). The public school system is in such disarray that students living at or below the poverty line can't even bring school books home because they have to share the few books the school has with the other pupils and their teachers are forced to pay out of their own pockets for things like pencils. Meanwhile, covert government agencies (who will go unamed) pump highly addictive drugs into their neighborhoods, then turn around and arrest the users and sellers of these same narcotics. The aveerage "ghetto youth" is hungry for knowledge, they crave books but what they recieve is the first cuts in funding for art, music, afterschool and head start programs.
Anyone who believes that slavery is over has never spent the night in a housing project. Anyone who believes that slave masters are dead and buried has never been called a nigger by an American immigrant who's skin is brown and who's english is broken. No matter what the media tells you the average young Black drug dealer has given up hope and is only trying to survive and feed their dependants. While most so called Rappers preach a broken gospel they also hand out turkeys at Thanksgiving and toys at Christmas to the very neighborhood they were able to escape by preaching their broken gospel. A gospel, I might add, that is crystal clear to the so called hood that it grew out of.
If you trully believe in love, peace and unity then it is imperative that you walk in a man's shoes before you condem him for the hole in his soul.

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 11/30/2006 11:16:21 PM

I agree that the ones that have brought pain, wrongdoings etc onto another need to come to their senses and ask for forgiveness just as much as the ones affected shall forgive.

Anyone familiar with Robert Roskind's book Gathering of the Healers?
I know many might say he is a white hippie etc etc. I however respect him for what he has started and is trying to do, whether for the people of jamaica or indian tribes in the US. it is a good start to get the healing process forward and bring people BACK together.

Jah Bless


Messenger: Idren Sent: 12/1/2006 4:31:25 AM

Yes B&S

Dont think InI is not conscious about whats really happend.
InI work in England with getto kids from different background (mostly african and asian) and I overstand them situation. What them missing and what they are confused with is Identity. At home they got Jamaica, Nigeria, Somalia, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan (cos them parents introduce them to the own culture) and on the street they see brutal, gridy, unjust system, what want's to accept them as english/british even if they are told about equal opportunities etc. Some of them get into depression at age of 15,16 and then are closed in special psychiatric units and feed with drugs, cos no one wants them to awake, and their become products of the medical system.

So... them escape into drugs, and Rap style of liveing, most of them uncouncious that they become a consumers of all of this crap produced by rich babilonians.

They got chance for education in here, but they dont respect that as their parents didnt. That circle without escape, and I suppose this situation will worst. I overstand the situation in the US is much worst, and I think that is gona be only worst, cos the system there is real totalitarian machin of opression and the ilusion created by goverment are unbelieveble.

All we are slaves in that system, and the way to change that, I belive, is only mental revolution, cos we dont need so much just roof over our heads and food, and most of all Blessings of Our Mighty Father. I wouldnt ecspect reparation form tha Evil, better to build our own warth and independence, then ecspect support from all of this slave drivers.


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