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Messenger: Natti I Sent: 1/23/2006 6:40:12 PM

Dis here touch mi heart. Mi si many ah mon dem an omon like much chat bout "babylon" "I&I trugles" "bun dem a fyah" an so it go. Mi know nuff rasta world wide an many cum yah rasta from differ walk of life so zeen. Mi whole family rasta so mi bwan from seed rasta. Imon know I trugles from past, present,an forward. Mi look pon poverty daily as an youth mon. Mi pickney belly dem full up of pain cus dem dada a ras and "Jamaica don deal wit raas". Di I si some seh " we all AFRIKA" Bless it. Tru all in all mek we 1 in JAH da fadda of I&I. Imon careless fi color. Ah rasta ah rasta. But still ya nuh! I spect some here who seh "Jah! Raastafari" cyan nuh feel mi pain cus deh cyan tek up mi Blackness. Mi sufferah lang time fi de slavery, colonazation, and exile fram I culture. Rastafari stat fram movement of sufferah. So hear I nuh...wha mek yah sufferah as I an call self Rasta? Cus if yah ongly dread dem crown, listen to ragga music, smoke herb, chant RASTAFARI bun dem. Memo da ible, de read afrika history Den check fi yah meditation cus it nuh right. Believe mi so. If you mon cut dem dread a walk straight, yah benifit fram di same babylon yah bun. Mek we reason.

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 1/23/2006 6:55:51 PM

natti I bless up! Man when i read the i message it run through I veins feeding i spirit with ur words. Ur words are so deep, i don't know wat its like to trodd in ur shoes, but i sure feel ur trodding by standing next to them. I feel years of hard trodding, but a heavy pain suffered by babylon's infliction. I feel u been through so much hardship. I know we all go through hardships and all struggle as righteous lions and lionesses. But, I am just feeling ur energy and i can feel such a weight on u. Even though, the i is irie, i just feel the i been through a lot. Maybe Im wrong its just a vibe im getting now. i just feel the i energy hit i chest and the current is heavy. Keep trodding tall and mighty. Anytime the i want to share i-story i would like to listen. What the i has known since a child, i am just learning. Events that happened years ago, i am just finding out. It cuts i soul like it just happened yesterday. The truth is a powerful thing, i seek it like im starving or thirsty for a drink that i cannot have...

your humble sis and servant,


Messenger: RAS B Sent: 1/24/2006 1:48:47 AM


Tru NATTY , seen libbin inna dis babilan cuss-cuss no da fum-fum is ah
iveryday tin' fah I&I an stil' RASTA neba bow down seen

JAH arise an' let di wicketman scatta

Messenger: Octavia Sent: 5/28/2020 2:08:55 PM

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Messenger: Callanan Sent: 6/16/2020 1:53:30 PM

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