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watch what ya eat..

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Messenger: JahWoek Sent: 12/22/2005 5:31:14 PM

I thought that maybe I could start a discussion about the importance of Ital. It seems that nowadays its easier for I&I to subject Iselves to bad food. I know here in amerikkka, whole natural foods are hard to come by, and babylon take "organic" and copyright the thing an a go tax I up just to eat right(see ..they make a novelty of it an mochery of it wit dem expensive "fake chicken" an "boca burgers".. not that I sayin that bad..but I tell I Idren back home that theres more to bein a "vegeterian" or a "vegan" than french fries an tofurkey sandwiches with $5 slice of soy cheese... Raw fruits and vegetables, grains&nuts,herbs & spices and all them things that mother nature offer are nutrition an therapy to our bodys..So many combos with so many cancer causin thing is perservatives found in mad food..we must take care of our temples..reach out and help each other eat better...peace and good health..each one teach some advice...

Messenger: Sis Irijah Sent: 12/22/2005 5:52:29 PM

just made a pot of potato corn chowder Iself

Messenger: JahWoek Sent: 12/22/2005 5:55:36 PM

sounds good...tell us the recipe..I goin ask I Queen for some..

Messenger: Sis Irijah Sent: 12/22/2005 6:26:28 PM

Potato Corn Chowder

3 baking potatoes

1 large onion

3 ears fresh corn





peel and large dice potato (not too large but not too small either or they will turn to mash)
put in pot
fill more than that...with water and two veggie cubes

peel and dice onion
shuck, clean, and cut corn off cob
peel and slice thin around 5 cloves fresh garlic (is good for the I's)
put in frypan with 1 tablespoon olive oil
saute with seasoning of choice...InI use basil, thyme, oregano, black pepper, a tad of sea salt

add to pot of boiling potatoes after potatoes done
bring to boil...
turn down to almost low

mix 2 tablespoon flour with a little bit of cold water (2 oz is fine) til SMOOTH (or you will have baby dumplins when the I puts in hot pot)

add to pot and stir well

add about a cup of soy milk


InI always put a chunk of veggie butter in at end to gloss it up a bit and it helps incoporate the flavors


turn off stove

with a salad and some nice bread it makes a good meal and the soup takes about 30 minutes from start to end......rachel ray has nothing on this sis.........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

****you can add a BIT of celery, mushrooms and grated carrot to it.....but this sis just used what InI had on hand


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