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for dreadnut

1 - 1011 - 2021
Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I Sent: 12/22/2005 4:41:28 PM

Yes Give Thanks Bro Dreadnut. I think the I got it clear.

I man is no superman seen. So I do not look down on anybody. Man I know it's not easy to trod a straight path. Raspect for the man dreadnut for that. And I know how it is to be young. I know all these cheap girls. I do not say that I n I shall not come in contact with them, I n I nah deal with seperation bizznes, pharasee that, seen. But when I n I come round them I n I haffe set a strong example EVERYTIME. Who the f.cking vatican(hell) do you think are you setting a good example for when posing with alcohol? In a HIM t-shirt? When everyobdy listening to HIM knows, that he says: keep away from ALL alcohol! But people think you are a "Rasta" so you know the man pon your shirt. But you know nothing little boy. But you go out into this world showing everybody HIM IS AN ALCOHOL PROMOTAH.

But you is young and stiffnecked like many. That's normal. Even HIM said that's normal for youth. but youth MUST learn. but your "white kid" mentality brings you nowhere. But that is not my concerne. You can be arrogant as you like. And let me guess, the girls like it, huh?

Raspect Dreadnut and sorry again for confusing florida with Cali.
And is here anybody from FLORIDA and could anybody tell me if there is much of such bizznes ah gwaan. I know about the Ifficial Nyahbinghi House in Miami.


1 - 1011 - 2021

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Haile Selassie I