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Messenger: NevisBwoy Sent: 12/20/2005 6:21:50 AM

reason this with me if it moves you... I have always reasoned that words are limiting, so the implications of that would be that I take many writings with a grain of salt. I thought that words can point to the truth but can never define it, meaning that there is truth that is beyond words or reasoning with the mind. I have thought the mind and spirit are seperate, meaning that the mind often defiles, misguides what the spirit knows to be true but cant define or explain with words, that in spirit we are all one but since our minds are limited and relatively unique we create our own images and ideologies of what is true. This may fall into the new age trickery or idiotology catagory, and if you feel so please let me know. No one can deny the bible (well some can and do) but there are disagreements on what is what, will these differences determine wether InI we be in good graces with the lord? all i mean to say is that all this knowledge is hurting I head and I am tryin to reason beyond the mind if thats makes any sense. Anyway.. if I am way off or if I speak blasphemy let me know! I am a humble student. Does this sound like white privilige mentality talking?.. im confused. forgive I.


Messenger: Sis Irijah Sent: 12/20/2005 7:21:51 AM


check it
is this what the I is trying to say?
is the I trying to come forth with this wordsound?

the I's heavens are getting foggy because so many meditations that others are reasoning about is CONfusing the I?

it is most difficult at times to overstand the levels of others. it is oftentimes difficult to HEAR what ones are typing on these machines.

so......the I must begin peeling off the layers from the I's spirit
examine Iself
that is done by reading and studying and coming to terms with where the I is as far as faith and livity is concerned.
through reading many things and studying diligently, the I will begin to prayerfully, see.

to truly see one must strip themselves of all privilege, whether it is black or white.........
one must truly SEE HIM
again, thru seeing, without raybans on, one stands in HIM light.
when a one stands in HIM light a one can see all.
by saying one can see all........
it is HIM talking to the I........seen?

and once one learns to discern, one can see exactly how things are. it is why RasTruth, Nzinga, nefertiti, sis kaley, sis IJAHseek, and others can type so....because they SEE..........TRUTH, and reveal it.
always remember that the I's third eye (discernment) is a gift from HIM.
never let anyone seek your truth for you
seek it yourself (again, discern)
then when truth is brought forward, you will see it, clearly.....and begin speaking it
and if necessary, defend it

the truth is an offense but never a sin

bless-ed trod

Selassie I
Sis Irijah

Messenger: NevisBwoy Sent: 12/20/2005 7:50:45 AM

give thanks Empress... for your time and knowledge.. i continue to read all de I dem posts but as you say it starts with examining Iself... spiritual progress I pray for. thanks again.

Raspect and love.

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Haile Selassie I