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Words of RasTafarI, Haile Selassie I
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Inter Africa
The Lion of Judah has prevailed
Haile Selassie I, Elect of God
King of Kings of Ethiopia

There is absolutely no doubt that Africans will eventually obtain their freedom and independence in spite of their present difficulties.

The people of African origin have emigrated to all parts of the world, but wherever they may be, they have similar historical experience and the problems that await them depend on sympathy and this can be used by all of us as the basis for the establishment of greater cooperation, which will be for our mutual benefit.

Haile Selassie to Parliament in Jamaica:

The people of Jamaica, by and large, have originated in Africa. This gives us another basis upon which we can contract a healthy relation because of the fundamental similarity between us, that will in the long run contribute to a better maintenance of international peace and security.

The Organization of African Unity is an organization which the people of our vast continent have established with a view of performing certain specific tasks. Briefly speaking, the organization is established for the purpose of protecting in a better fashion, the independence of African States.

It is also meant to expedite the economic and social progress through cooperation of African peoples. It also has the important task of assisting in the maintenance of international peace and security. And in accordance with the Charter of O.A.U., we eradicate colonialism and apartheid.

Words of Ras TafarI

Haile Selassie I