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Words of RasTafarI, Haile Selassie I
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The Lion of Judah has prevailed
Haile Selassie I, Elect of God
King of Kings of Ethiopia

It appears that this is not a full speech, but has a few sentences from different speeches

When a whole nation accepts and maintains a government in existence, it means that the nation recognizes that government.

There is always something moving, brewing. There are ambitious people everywhere. Wicked people.

The only thing to do is to deal with them with courage and decision.

One must beware of uncertainty, weakness or conflicting emotions - they lead to defeat.

It is our opinion that the world has not changed at all. We believe that such changes have modified nothing. We don't even notice any difference between monarchies and republics: to us, they appear two substantially similar methods of governing a nation.

Democracy, Republic:

What do these words signify?

What have they changed in the world?

Have men become better, more loyal, kinder?

Are the people happier?

All goes on as before, as always.

Illusions, illusions.

One should consider the interests of a nation before subverting it with words. Democracy is necessary in some cases and we believe some African peoples might adopt it. But in other cases it is a handful, a mistake.

We are all adherent, whatever our internal political systems, of the principles of democratic action. Let us apply these to the unity we seek to create.

Force must be used against force.

We ourselves, by virtue of our descent from the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, ever since we accepted in trust, in 1916, first the regency of the Ethiopian realm and later, the Imperial Dignity, right up to the present, we have set out to the best of our ability, to improve, gradually, internal administration by introducing into the country western modes of civilization through which our people may attain a higher level.

In explanation of the notion 'gradually': unless it is through coaxing a child and getting it accustomed, it will not be pleased if one takes from it what it has seized with its hand. When one gives such a baby any sort of food, it will not wish to eat it, unless one shows it to the child and lets it taste it. Unless they give it milk or other soft food until it grows teeth, it will not be able to eat when they place bread or meat before them.

And similarly with people who have lived by custom only, without learning at school, without absorbing knowledge by the ear or observing and searching with the eye, it is necessary to accustom them, through education to abandon habits by which they have for long been living, to make them accept new ways. yet not by hasty or cruel methods but by patience and study. gradually and over a prolonged period.

Only a system which tolerates dissent can survive.

Words of Ras TafarI

Haile Selassie I