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Speeches of RasTafarI, Haile Selassie I

New Speeches

Address to The Nation on His Tour
Agricultural College - Graduation
Annual Nation-Wide Address (1971)
At Air Force Display
Bole International Airport Cornerstone
Convocation of Haile Selassie I University
Death of Blatengeta Heruye in The United Kingdom
Death of Duke Of Harar Prince Makonnen
Engineering College - Graduation
Freedom - Somalia and The Congo
Inaugurating the 15th Pugwash Conference
Inauguration Of The Assab Port
Leadership - U.C.A.A. 6th graduation
Message to 6th Session of E.C.A.
On the Death of The Prince Makonnen
Plans for Economic Development
Press Conference 74th Birthday
Public Health Graduation - Gondar
Public Officials Called to Responsibilities
Receiving Boeing Jets
Reviewing Military Manoeuvres
To All-Africa Lutheran Conference
To OAU on Rhodesia
To The Harar Military Academy
UN Committee on Independence for Colonial Countries
UNESCO and Education
Woman's Role

Recent Speeches

20th Anniversary of U.N. Charter
At Opening Session of O.A.U. Summit
Community Development
Education for Intellect and Spirit - At Faculty of Law
Ethiopian Labour Unions
On New H.S.I. Foundation Headquarters
Opening of First Parliament
Opening Third Session of the O.A.U. Summit
The Council on Foreign Relations in New York
To Parliament on Italy's Aggression
To the LAGOS Summit Meeting
University Graduation, 1967
University Graduation, 1969
University Graduation, 1970
Upon The Signing of The Ethiopian Constitution-1931
Visit To Eritrea

18th Anniversary Address
Address on International Education Year
Address to House of Parliament in Jamaica
Address To Parliament
Address to President Johnson
Address to U.S. Astronauts
Addresses The Belgrade Conference (full speech)
Addressing Judges on Justice and The Law
Aiding The Farmer
Appeal to The League of Nations
At World Evangelical Congress - Berlin
Christmas Broadcast to America
Conference of Independent African States
Conference of Oriental Orthodox Churches
Declaration of "V.E." Day
Dedicating Debre Libanos Church
Defender of The Faith
Education 2
Education 3
Education of Woman
Ethiopia's World Position
Fifth Graduation Exercises of H.S.I.U.
Fine Arts
Forestry - Arbour Day
Freedom from Hunger Campaign
Higher Education
Human Rights
Inter Africa
International Literacy Day
International Politics
Interview by Yugoslav Press
Interview with Dr. Oswald Hoffman
Interview with editor of The Voice of Ethiopia
Interviewed by Oriana Fallaci
Investiture of Bishops
Laying Cornerstone
Live in Peace
Material and Spiritual Progress
Mercy Proclamation
Modern Ethiopianism
New Way of Life
O.A.U. Seventh Session Opens
O.A.U. Summit, Cairo
On Liberation: "The Golden Declaration"
On Nomination of First Church Head, Archbishop Basilios
Opening Address to the W.C.C.
PAFMECA Conference
Passing of Empress Menen
People are Wealth of Nation
Radhakrishan Receives Degree From H.S.I.U.
Reply to Chief Sudanese Negotiators
Revised Amharic Bible
Self Help
Speech at Asmara University
Speech to the Council of the League of Nations
Spirit of Africa
Statement To The 1963 African Summit
The Essence of Power
To American Committee on Africa
Triumphant Entry - Victory Day
United Against The Enemy
United Nations
University Graduation, 1963
Unveiling Menelik's Statue
Visit of Queen Elizabeth II

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Haile Selassie I