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Words of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
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Marcus - Start
Monday, October 31, 1927
Today I start my life for good;

I am determined now to find

The value of my real manhood;

And not to travel as if blind.

am yet young in age and hope;

I shall so think and do aright,

Things human, and, all in my scope,

To make of life a shining light.

There shall be no mistake in plan,

For time does not permit to lose,

And win again, the race of man;

Hence, now I start, and rightly choose.

I shall not travel wild to find

That I have fallen almost flat,

Then rise to weep and leave behind

That I a coward was for that.

So find yourself in early age,

To know what you shall be in life;

Then go and write on hist'ry's page

The victories of your daily strife;

For every man is battling you,

To cross the plain, with haste to win-

And hoist the flag in colors blue-

Then show the world where he has been.

Words of Marcus Garvey

Haile Selassie I