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Words of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
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Marcus - Say! Africa for the Africans
Say! Africa for the Africans,

Like America for the Americans:

This the rallying cry for a nation,

Be it in peace or revolution.

Blacks are men, no longer cringing fools;

They demand a place, not like weak tools;

But among the world of nations great

They demand a free self-governing state.

Hurrah! Hurrah! Great Africa wakes;

She is calling her sons, and none forsakes,

But to colors of the nation runs,

Even though assailed by enemy guns.

Cry it loud, and shout it Ion' hurrah!

Time has changed, so hail! New Africa!

We are now awakened, rights to see:

We shall fight for dearest liberty.

Mighty kingdoms have been truly reared

On the bones of blackmen, facts declared;

History tells this awful, pungent truth,

Africa awakes to her rights forsooth.

Europe cries to Europeans, ho!

Asiatics claim Asia, so

Australia for Australians,

And Africa for the Africans.

Blackmen's hands have joined now together,

They will fight and brave all death's weather,

Motherland to save, and make her free,

Spreading joy for all to live and see.

None shall turn us back, in freedom's name,

We go marching like to men of fame

Who have given laws and codes to kings,

Sending evil flying on crippled wings.

Blackmen shall in groups reassemble,

Rich and poor and the great and humble:

Justice shall be their rallying cry,

When millions of soldiers pass us by.

Look for that day, coming, surely soon,

When the sons of Ham will show no coon

Could the mighty deeds of valor do

Which shall bring giants for peace to sue

Hurrah! Hurrah! Better times are near;

Let us front the conflict and prepare;

Greet the world as soldiers, bravely true:

"Sunder not," Africa shouts to you.

Words of Marcus Garvey

Haile Selassie I