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Words of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
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Marcus - Man to Man
Tuesday, October 25, 1927
Yes, man to man is so unjust

Until we know not whom to trust;

For we have made of life a lie,

In treating man less than fly:

To tell the reason why it's so,

Into history we must go,

Revealing crime, just after crime,

From Cain and Abel to this time.

Our God made man in perfect form,

And to the standard to conform;

But in his ways of self alone

He crushed the good and built a throne:

A regal personage is he,

As proud and selfish as can be;

Forgetting God he robs and kills,

And lays the course of human ills.

Is there no help that we can give

To brighten life in truth to live?

Yes, there is much for you to do

In treating man as Christ did you:

If we should change the old bad way,

The good would shine in us each day,

Then life would be a happy dream,

A radiant, fair morning beam.

Words of Marcus Garvey

Haile Selassie I