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Words of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
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Marcus - For He Is God
The Eternal hills are green in tropic lands,

And snowy white in temperate zones;

At seasons of the year, when nature speaks,

Most changes come, as ocean sands:

The planets and their suns betray a force

That rules o'er mighty changing time-

That time that had no beginning of day

The time that runs its fullest course.

Almighty God is Master over all

The crowning hills and valleys, too;

The oceans move at His eternal will,

And thus the terrestrial ball,

When nature changes from her mood to mood

And sparrows fall, and men do die,

It's God alone who knows the mystery art-

The art of life, the living food.

No man can die, no hill can ever move,

Nor seasons come and flying go,

Without the knowledge of the Mighty Lord,

Who holds the Universe in grove;

The finite mind of men must always know

That God Supreme is really King:

True wisdom we should everlasting seek,

And in His Grace do daily grow,

For He is God, and God is God,

And no more gods shall e'er be God.

Words of Marcus Garvey

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