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Words of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
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Marcus - City Storm
Friday, February 25, 1927
I stood at attention to see there was an angry thunderclap!

A natural manifestation of the ugly clouds above!

Proud man was all in excitement, questioning the meaning of darkness

That surrounded him on every side, from mother earth to heaven!

Men were looking through closed windows with stares of anxiety!

Mothers were seeking their children for closer union of love

All motive power in the city had come to a sudden stop!

There was nothing cheerful, only gloom and prehistoric weirdness!

It was not the end of all time, nor the hour for Gabriel's horn:

It was atmospheric change, caused through elemental moodiness,

That sometimes makes us feel that our sciences are but speculations,

And the majesty of man, feeble, as his finite intellect:

Yet, there was a fear and trembling as I observed it all around!

Hearts were searched and prayers were offered in devout holiness!

Everyone thought it was the end of the world, the great Judgment morn-

The final visitation of God upon man's vain damnations!

I wondered to myself when I saw the weakness of my brother

In the moment of apparent danger and infinite distress,

How is it he finds heart to enslave the rest of his fellow men,

When conscience must tell him withal, we are in reality one?

Those heavy clouds or roaring Heaven did not gather all in vain!

On that day millions saw the evil of their fellows to oppress,

The commonness of love and punishment from the Everlasting Father

Who saves cities, nations and peoples for even the righteous ten!

After several blasts of thunder had shaken the trembling earth,

The rain from the very clouds burst through in torrential showers!

Again there was a sudden breaking of the angry elements!

A stillness, as of death, seemed to reign on every hand and shadow!

The sun, in munificent glory shone radiantly once more;

Everything was refreshed, from the green grass to the rosy flowers!

It was as if Nature had served her elemental sacraments,

To give new life to the ancient hill, dale, mountain and meadow!

But I was satisfied that in the approach of death, men unite

To shield themselves by thought and deed from the dread and ominous terror!

This was only a storm with its currents of electricity!

Yet the whole populace was aroused to see man's finite weakness,

To realize that in the midst of life we are subjects of death,

Children of an understanding Source, hidden beyond Nature's mirror!

Whether of men we be divided in Yellow, Brown, Black or White,

We shall pass from life to the mysterious eternity!

Words of Marcus Garvey

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