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Words of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
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Marcus - Brutal Crime
The Beast of Rome sent forth his might

'Gainst Ethiopia's silent hosts,

And in battle went the men

Who haunt the hills and plains like ghosts.

Askaris, grinning soldiers,

Like April fools at summer play,

Did shoulder arms for Italy

To give the Beast of Rome the day.

When blacks fight blacks in white men's wars

They're fools for all their valiant pain,

For they shall never hope for right

In whatsoever is the gain.

Ras Gugsa, ignoble of fame,

Betrayed the Emperor's goodwill;

His head should be upon the block,

For Negroes then to curse at will.

When Mussolini challenged us,

He knew the weakness of the men;

To feed and pat them on the back

Was all, to get them in the pen.

The cursed fool who fell for Rome,

And marched against the Motherland,

Should never live to tell the tale

Of his unholy traitor-hand.

The Psalmist sung of days to come,

And God himself did bless the time,

And yet the grinning fool of race

Betrays the cause that is sublime.

When all is o'er, and God prevails,

The curse of all the world shall be

Upon the heads of traitor-blacks

Who failed to make their country free.

Words of Marcus Garvey

Haile Selassie I