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Words of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
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Marcus - Battle Hymn of Africa
Africa's sun is shining above the horizon clear,

The day for us is rising, for black men far and near;

Our God is in the front line, the heav'nly batallion leads,

Onward, make your banners shine, ye men of noble deeds.

There's a flag we love so well-

The red, the black and green,

Greatest emblem tongues can tell,

The brightest ever seen.

When pandemonium breaks, the earth will tremble fast,

Nor oceans, seas nor lakes shall save the first or last;

Our suffering has been long, our cries to God ascending;

We have counted ev'ry wrong which calls for an amending.

So into battle let us go, with the Cross before;

The Angels, great, from high to low, watch forevermore;

We see the enemy scatter, and watch their ranks divide-

With God there is no fetter for whom He doth provide.

All God's children, in trouble, or burdened down with care,

No matter where, how humble, His love is ever there;

So cheerful let our courage be and rally for the King,

The Saviour, Christ, the Lord, is He, whom angels tidings bring.

Ho, Africa, victorious! See, the foe goes down!

The Christ and Simon lead us to wear the triumphant crown;

Jesus remembers dearly the sacrifice with the cross,

So raise those banners gladly-never to suffer loss!

And so the war is ending, the victor's palm is ours,

Crushed 'neath a sorry bending, like dead, fallen flowers

Thus lay the proud men of the day, all lost, forever,

Where the demons never say to God, "We'll deliver."

Words of Marcus Garvey

Haile Selassie I