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Words of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
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Marcus - A Summer's Dream
Thursday, February 24, 1927
As I lay asleep at midnight,

A thought came stealing over me:

A shadow of a great disaster,

The passing of my Love at sea.

I heard the chimes of Angelus,

It sounded sad but ringing clear;

I had a glimpse of dear heaven,

For my Love was a-going there.

The ship was lost in the ocean,

As the storm had raged and past;

Every soul was clothed in sadness,

But my Love was firm to the last.

I stretched my arms out to rescue,

But my Love was already gone:

A burning light stopped my vision,

It was like shining glare at morn

There were Angels in the Heavens,

And sunny flowers strewn around;

The singing of Royal Cherubs

Had a pleasing Heavenly sound.

I can almost see how clearly,

There is a passage made above;

The angels are a-welcoming

The spirit of my dearest Love.

I am left with my dreams, alone,

In a cold world of sin and care,

For my Love is gone forever,

With happy Angels, bliss to share.

I tried to enter into Heaven,

But the gates were closed to me;

The Guardian of my destiny

Had not then set my spirit free.

I struggled still with the vision,

For it was a-torturing me;

My Love was taken to Heaven,

And the sweet face I could not see.

At last I came to my senses,

I found it was a summer's dream;

My Love was still right beside me,

A creature perfect as could seem.

Words of Marcus Garvey

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