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Speeches and Poems of Marcus Garvey

A Black Man's Prayer
A Black Man's Speech To A White Man In America
A Place in the Sun
A Rallying Song
A Recitative Song!
A Summer's Dream
Africa for the Africans
African Fundamentalism
Barefaced Colored Leader
Battle Hymn of Africa
Be King Of Circumstances
Black And White
Black Mother
Bravest Soul
Broken Hearts
Brutal Crime
Brute Of History
Call of Heaven
Christ the Way
City Storm
Conquering Race
Conspiracy Of The East St. Louis Riots
Death's Pleasure
Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples
Devil In Mussolini
Dissertation on Man
Dividing Line
Educate Yourself
Eight Negroes vs. Marcus Garvey
Eternal Has Happened
Evolution and The Result
Failing Government
Fall Of Slavery
Far Up The Heights
Fascist Brute
Find Yourself
Fire In The Flint!
For He Is God
Found in You
Function of Man
George S. Schuyler Again
Get Up And Do
Get Up And Go!
Get Up And Work
Go And Win
God In Man
Going Wrong
Great White Man
Hail! United States of Africa!
Halt! America!
Have Faith In Self
Hell's Back Door
Il Duce-The Brute
Keep Cool
Last Farewell
Let Us Know
Little Minds
Look for Me in the Whirlwind
Love's Morning Star
Man to Man
Man's Immortality
Merry Christmas
Message from Tombs Prison
Mighty Three!
Modern Men
Music In My Soul
Mussolini - Scourge Of God!
Negro's Greatest Enemy
New Day
Our Day!
Peace Conference
Race Problem Fallacy
Ras Desta
Ras Nasibu Of Ogaden
Rise Of The Negro
Say! Africa for the Africans
Shall The Negro Be Exterminated?
Smell Of Mussolini
Song Of The Negro Maid
Speech before Incarceration
Statement of Arrest
The Future As I See It
The Image of God
The Love Amie
The World Is Hell
Those Who Know
To Think As Man
Tragedy of White Injustice
Tribute To Hitler And Mussolini
True Solution of the Negro Problem
Vision of Niagara
Wanting To Desert
What We See
White and Black
White Man - Spirit Of Mussolini
White Man's Solution For The Negro Problem in America
White Propaganda about Africa
White, Sinful Church
Why Disconsolate?
Why I Have not Spoken in Chicago Since 1919
Wicked Dies
Win The Fray!
World and You
You and Me
Your Duty To-day
Your Duty To-morrow
Your Lesson!

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