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Kebra Negast

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16. Concerning RBL (REUBEN)
And after him, JACOB'S firstborn son transgressed the commandment of God, and the kingdom departed from him and from his seed, because he had defiled his father's wife;1 now it is not right to transgress the law which God hath commanded. And his father cursed him, and God was wroth with him, and he became the least among his brethren, and his children became leprous and scabby; and although he was the firstborn son [of JACOB] the kingdom was rent from him.2 And his younger brother reigned, and he was called JUDAH because of this.3 And his seed was blessed, and his kingdom flourished, and his sons were blessed. And after him FRS (PHAREZ) his son reigned. And he died and ISRM (HEZRON) his son reigned. And after him his son ORNI (OREN4 ?) reigned, and after him ARM (ARAM5) his son reigned, and after him AMNDB his son reigned, and after him NSN (NAASSON) his son reigned, and after him SL (SALMON ?) his son reigned, and after him B‛OS (BOAZ) his son reigned, and after him IYBD (OBED) his son reigned, and after him ĔSY (JESSE) his son reigned. And this is what I say [concerning] the kingdom: The blessing of the father [was] on the son, so that it (i.e., the kingdom) was blessed with prosperity. And as for the kingship over ISRAEL, after the death of JESSE DAVID reigned in righteousness, and in integrity, and in graciousness.
Footnotes p. 12 1 Genesis xxxv. 22; xlix. 4. 2 1 Chronicles v. 1. 3 Here the name Judah is considered to be derived from the Ethiopic root hd, "to carry off by force". 4 See 1 Chronicles ii. 25. 5 Matthew i. 4.; Luke iii. 33.

Chapter 15Chapter 17

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