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Messenger: Feels good mon Sent: 7/1/2022 10:48:15 PMHidden

OP is a pedophile! quote:

Pedophilia is wrong, agree!?
Telling kids that autogynephiles are women is pedophilia, agree!?
Transgenderism states that kids should be taught to call any man who calls himself a woman a woman, agree!?
The leaders of Black Lives Matter all openly support transgenderism, agree!?
The leaders of Black Lives Matter are pedophile supporters, agree!?
Black Lives Matter is controlled by pedophiles, agree!?

.....That's all blatantly obvious, and everybody knows it, but if you're to continue to play your little pedophile game, then tell us where it is that my basic common sense apparently goes wrong!?

I will gladly tell you where your basic common sense has apparently gone wrong. But first, let me push back on the "common sense" part. Not understanding what I'm about to share with you does not mean you lack common sense. It simply means that you, like many people, are unfamiliar with the study of logic and what are called logical fallacies.

If you would allow me to share the definition:

A logical fallacy is an argument that can be disproven through reasoning. This is different from a subjective argument or one that can be disproven with facts; for a position to be a logical fallacy, it must be logically flawed or deceptive in some way.

Let's see how this works:

"Pedophilia is wrong, agree!?"

This is a strawman introducing a Causal fallacy. No one likes pedophiles. No one would defend such a thing. Therefore you want to create a relationship between BLM and pedophiles which is the same thing that Republicans have been doing to prominent democrats. Not only is there never any proof provided, not only is the only known pedophile in congress Matt Gaetz, a Republican. However; this particular relationship cannot be overly used without creating some massive pedophile conspiracy. And without proving that conspiracy exists you want people to believe the conspiracy you haven't proven and simultaneously believe BLM is involved in it.

Pedophiles do exist.
Pedophile rings do exist.

However, this doesn't equate to a pedophile conspiracy that is collecting and able to collect funds from organizations like BLM for purposes unknown. And I'm pretty sure one cannot legally donate funds to a criminal enterprise. And money can be traced quite easily. But you want us to believe you know about it and yet no one at BLM HQ has been arrested. You know they're black, right? White people can go months and years without getting charged but a black person would have to be rich with powerful attorneys.

"Telling kids that autogynephiles are women is pedophilia, agree!?"

NO ONE and I mean no one... is telling kids this. Autogynephiles are men who are sexually aroused by the thought of themselves as a female. This is another strawman against transgender people because you're accusing them of a separate classification in order to demonize them. If transgender itself is wrong then argue that. When you argue something different in place of the argument it's like picking a fight with Mike Tyson and then instead of Mike you start chanting to bring out Gary Coleman. It's not the same. At all. And then acting like kids are being taught this is school is simply a lie. You didn't say it was being taught in school. This part is almost clever because that's what people will assume is meant. Because what parents tell their children is their own right as parents.

"Transgenderism states that kids should be taught to call any man who calls himself a woman a woman, agree!?"

google: Transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from the sex that they were assigned at birth.

This is equivocation. Fear mongers tend to assign doctrines to these things when it is mainly conservatives that want to get involved in education. What parents will do is accept their child and decide what pronouns to use to identify their child. Schools will try to adapt to the parent's wishes and individual teachers have started asking what pronouns children prefer to be called. They are not teaching children how to interact with transgenders. There is no LGBT class in school. If students follow the examples of parents and teachers when it comes to using the pronouns their friends and other students are comfortable with that's a personal choice. And it's still a free country.

Moreover, you're asking people to agree on something they wouldn't possible know without polling teachers. This is a logical fallacy called "appeal to ignorance" which also sets up the bandwagon fallacy because it implies that we should defer to you because you say this is true with the implication that you know this for a fact.

"The leaders of Black Lives Matter all openly support transgenderism, agree!?"

This is a strawman and a red herring. Also equivocation. The leaders of BLM all support LGBTQ rights. But mainly, as the whole point is the protection of "black lives", the causal condition is that people who are LGBTQ and black have an extra target on their backs. They are the minority of a minority. The reason cops abuse minorities apply that much more to a minority of a minority. So yes, the organizers of BLM want to fight to protect their own lives, not just straight heterosexual black people. It's not fine if white police officers stop killing unarmed heterosexual men in favor of black people who are also LGBTQ. Whether one agrees with their lifestyle or not, that doesn't mean the police should have any right to disabuse them of their lives. It's not for them to judge at all. Even if one goes by the strictest of biblical standards, that doesn't mean everyone has a right to go around acting like judge, jury, and executioner. According to the bible, you are allowed to hate it if you want to hate it. But it is only the authority of the state that allows anyone to execute another person, another human life, for any crime they may be guilty of. And arguably, no Israelite should ever go around the world executing non-Israelites by Israelite law.

They want the right to exist. And since the American government has separation between church and state, there is no biblical question or standard that BLM should be judged by; only the laws and constitution of the country to which they are citizens.

But of course, it is in your best interest to assign BLM to some kind of LGBTQ conspiracy to takeover. Because that's what you're really afraid of. Power. Conservatives are afraid of sharing power and losing it. So they have to make it look like the gays are trying to takeover the government. The reality is that if they were treated equally and fairly they wouldn't be seeking representation. The level to which any minority group seeks political power is the same degree to which they are oppressed and denied their basic survival by society. If you treated them fairly they wouldn't feel the need. So instead of constantly fearing the power grab of other groups, why not focus on using the power you do have to treat all groups fairly, equally, and respectfully? If you can't do that then you shouldn't be leading.

"The leaders of Black Lives Matter are pedophile supporters, agree!?"

No... why should anyone agree with something you and those you represent made up? You're trying to get "pedophile" out of equivocation, not out of an actual crime or criminal intent. It's all because you say transgender = autogynephilia. You want everyone else to make this same erroneous connection. Sorry, but I can't do that. Just because someone likes sandwiches doesn't mean they eat pork. You're making a string of logical fallacies to get from A to C zigzagging all the way through Z. There is absolutely no indication from anything you said that would lead an independent thinker to draw this conclusion.

"Black Lives Matter is controlled by pedophiles, agree!?"

Now what's interesting is that people who make these claims never use the same logic on Donald Trump. Trump has far more connections to pedophilia, including visiting the dressing rooms of his pageants.

Although Trump has actually been accused by a woman who was 13 at the time, he's rich so it's hard for anyone to prove that actually happened. But there isn't even a single allegation out there about the leaders of BLM and yet you want to say BLM is controlled by pedophiles. It's utterly ridiculous. Your logic is undeniably and factually and quite seriously wrong. But do you have any intentions on improving it? Doubtful. Let's stop pretending, shall we? The reason you are here is not to think but rather to tell other people what to think.

Haile Selassie I