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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/30/2022 6:18:33 AMHidden

An agent with no following and no power over other individuals or their wellbeing is of no threat and no worry to I. None of wi have such power over others on this online forum. The only power we have here is to engage in lyrical exchange via messaging. Infact the ONLY way such an agent could deter from this forum and negatively affect things is by doing what XP and Mel have displayed....feeding into it and putting more and more energy into it.

For what?

The multi threaded multi page pointless discourse between Mel and XP has no purpose or value for the rest of the I dem who may try and use this forum to constructively reason, learn, laugh etc. It is a deterrent to further purposeful reasoning. And so the two of you BOTH become the Agent in such an instance.

For any post on this forum you have the choice of
1) replying
2) ignoring

If you think this man isnt who he says and is an agent why choose option 1? To repeatedly choose option 1 in such a circumstance is suspect in itself!

For MELCHEZIDEK - Similar point. You have many times replied to brethren who you disagree with by also calling them out as being agents or neo nazis, and you have done it repeated and repeatedly. So i say the same. You do have an option of ignoring what you don't agree with. And if you want to reply, you can reply and curse the hell out of what the person has posted but to include the characteristic of the individual themselves? Calling out the poster rather than the post For what????

Its pointless.

Mel.... xP believes your a fake with wicked intention for confusion. And the war in ukraine is real.

XP.... Mel believes your easily fooled and are too trusting of the media and government, either that or you are aligned with neo nazis and Rome. And the ukraine war is fake.

Now we have that clear and concise overstanding. Stick to the reasoning or just ignore one another. Now we know a little about each others thoughts and philosophies you can expect Mel to cont in his non trusting stance toward Babylon and many contemporary news and media sources. Thats just Mel. AH SO IT GO. Fighting it wont change a thing. You can expect IPX to continue to use various informational and media sources, as well as popular scientific resources. AH SO IT GO Das jus IPX. Foghting it wont change a thing. You brethren are opposites in the scale lol

Lets stop quoting posts from EIGHT YEARS AGO in a comparison folly. I didnt like that. Im sure we ALL say things today or have understandings and perspectives today that we didn't a whole decade ago.... I posts re: Bible is one great example.

I will leave the I dem to continue the war or cease fire upon the i dem own terms. No more hidden post and clean up this will be my last thoughts or involvement on the thing.

Btw - I was on who did try defend against the banning of Hemphill despite that bredda and i having some wiiiiiicked disrespectful arguments. This behaviour i SEE AND KNOW. Dont waste energy like I did

Selassie I Jah
African Love

Haile Selassie I