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Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 11/9/2018 11:16:27 AMHidden - Foolishness

There are many different polls. Most of them garbage.. Just like how they said Hillary had a 98% chance of winning the presidency, they build a false confidence within their controlled media to influence the way people vote. This giant 'Blue Wave' they have been cheering endlessly about for the recent mid-term elections didnt pan out either.. Trump beat the historical average by gaining seats in the senate.. The democrats are actively engaged in voter fraud. Many controversies over 'found ballots' and recounts happening right now to steal key elections in favor of the dems..

Also, it is imperative to see it from the point of censorship.. Not only what are they falsely magnifying, but what are the artificially suppressing? The 'BLEXIT' movement.. Started by Candace Owens with consultation from Kanye West, stands for Black Exit from the democrats. It has gone viral and been growing steadily. Same with the #walkaway movement. Where it urges people, not to go anywhere specific, but just to walkaway from the left, from the violence and lies. These stories get extremely limited air time and coverage.. Because they have been effective.. Actually they are attacked and even called fake -- saying #walkaway was 'russian bots' -- by the liberal media establishment in a desperate attempt to smear and dismiss.. The current exodus from the democrat plantation has made them go ballistic.. Hillary said 'civility will return when we are back in power'.. They are running in the streets with Antifa causing violence and intimidation for a political agenda -- the definition of terrorism --.. Maxine Waters has long advocated for violence and harassment of Trump supporters.. "Draw a crowd and let them know they are not welcome!".. They are using social media to doxx people and showing up at their house to riot... See Tucker Carlson**

The left is engaged in all of that, cheering for it actually, all the while dismissing and smearing the peaceful walkaway and BLEXIT movements that are involved with the MAGA movement.. Its all an optics game and they control the narrative..

But whichever poll you want to go from, like the ones about Jobs you used, keep in mind the flip, contortion, and suppression game that the -- 90% liberal -- media plays masterfully.. And that what ever the ACTUAL percentage is, it still doesnt give you the right to call them "just plain stupid".. No right at all nesta.

Oh and Angel, same thing.. DACA was a U.N sanctioned death blow executive order signed in by Obama so of course the advocates for it are going to say anything and everything to maintain and simultaneously make Trump look bad.. See Brett Kavanaugh**
Trump has not mass deported anyone despite the constant slander from the 'press'.. Again.. Facts over feelings and media optics.

Haile Selassie I