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Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 7/19/2018 6:09:02 PMHidden - Foolishness

Again, this topic is intended to look into a specific subject.. The political landscape and specifically President Trump. I think you are on the wrong thread if you have no intention of engaging in the topic at hand.. In the opening post; I said that I wanted an honest and open dicussion. I predicted that instead of achieving this, it would end up being diverted into an examination of my personal spiritual credentials... Well here we are.. You have produced much dialogue, yet very little is pertinent to the subject. You go on to 'analyze' my content and judge that I am on the wrong forum.. I mean really bro, that is some authoritarian garbage. To deflect the topic and defame my character then advocate for censorship by removal.. But really that is case-in-point here.. You have expressed many leftist ideas. Trump derangement, perceived moral authority, censorship of different perspectives, anti - 2nd Amendment, and character defamation.. Imagine that... Hitler took the guns, Stalin took the Guns, Moa took the guns. Mass murderers agree, gun control works!! H.I.M fought on the FRONT LINES with GUNS to defend his rightful national sovereignty at the start of WW2.. Do you know basic history? Or are you simply unable to engage in a debate, so instead you turn to character attacks and moral supremacy? Demanding that I cower to your decree and reply with 'something wise'.. Haha this isnt the school yard dude, we have deep TOPIC SPECIFIC discussion here.. I would like to reson with you and others about this SPECIFIC TOPIC to enter it into the marketplace of ideas that is this forum..

I dont think Trump is 1/10th of what the media projects on him.. I like how the system is showing its true vile nature in their conduct the past two years and how THAT alone has served to awaken millions of people to the beast system. We have to see and identify satans system in order to defeat it, and that is happening faster and faster.

Lets talk about that.

Haile Selassie I