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Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 7/18/2018 5:08:11 PMHidden - Foolishness

How can you claim to see behind the scenes when you have only regurgitated mainstream media's talking points concerning the topic? You say Trump is alt-right -- straight from CNN -- you say Trump is KKK -- also straight from CNN -- and you say the left has the moral high ground -- again, straight from babylon CNN... And when I point out that that is a fabrication from babylon in an attempt to control your mind, you say im blind... Look at how the media represents Obama and Hillary, who support babylons global eugenics program, vs how they represent Trump, who supports simple national sovereignty.. Cut and dry, plain and simple, right there, point proven.

If you knew anything about what is actually happening in the world and the plan to conquer humanity from behind the scenes, the LAST thing you would use as a source is babylons mainstream media and social narrative.. But this is all you have.. Within the first sentence of your first post, you demonize the right and uphold the left.....

Haile Selassie: "These young people face a world beset with the most effectively organized programme of deceptive propaganda and thinly screened operations ever known."

The deceptive propaganda is pointed at Trump. The thinly screened operations are trying to destroy America and what remains of the world. I SEE them, I know who they are, I know what their plan is, I see the plan advancing because people refuse to break free from babylons mental programming..

I dont agree with everything Trump stands for; but I am able to recognize that you know someone by their enemies, and Trump's enemies are the establishment media and deepstate corrupted swamp politicians. Babylon wants Trump dead. Hmmm

Haile Selassie I