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Double Rainbow

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Messenger: Doctor Binghi Sent: 4/27/2005 10:52:00 PM

I was just thinking about something I saw about a year ago. I was wondering what input the I-munity can give...

Long story short: I was just leaving work one day, and driving out of the industrial park, I say a "double rainbow"... which is the only way I can describe it. I have never seen anything like it before. There was a rainbow, exceptionally colorfull and opaque, and right below it, there was another one.

I and I all know what the rainbow stands for... the covenant between Jah and Noah. But what would a double rainbow mean? Honestly, given how science explains why rainbows happen, and given the single point of view, I had no idea a double rainbow could even happen. Even while seeing it, I was in doubt of what I saw...

Any thoughts?

--Respect and Love

Messenger: the rock Sent: 4/28/2005 1:13:20 AM

I would just give thanks for the view.


Messenger: Doctor Binghi Sent: 4/30/2005 11:19:14 AM

True, it was a blessed view, and I did and do give thanks for that.

But I know (now more than ever) that everything has a reason, you know, cause and effect. Nothing just happens. So I was curious if anyone can think of anything it could mean. There must be some kind of meaning to it. Why double? Maybe this is like most things, and time will tell... Hind sight is 20/20... Maybe a few years from now, something else would happen, and I could look back and know what Jah was telling me.

I just thought someone in this wise community of Ras' may have heard something that might shine some light on the meaning of this.

--Jah Blessed Love and Respect

Messenger: jahlove_72 Sent: 4/30/2005 11:56:52 AM

I do not know what is being communicated by this rainbow, but there are signs happening all the time. And yes, the view would be nice. :-)


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/3/2005 1:51:04 AM

I have seen a double rainbow a few times. I don't know why it it happens, it could be from raindrops being blown a certain way so that they have an irregular shape, or from a reflection from a lake or some other body of water.

Maybe it was a sign, maybe not. I and I should always pay attention to what is happening around us, Jah reveals things in many ways, sometimes subtle ways.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: soul-jah Sent: 4/25/2006 4:57:37 PM


a double rainbow is when the moisture and raindrops in the air reflect and retract the ligt of the iriginal rainbow creating another above the brighter iriginal

ark I you truelly have seen Jah light

blessed love

Messenger: soul-jah Sent: 4/25/2006 5:05:56 PM

as have doctor binghi

blessed love

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 4/25/2006 9:08:39 PM

A miracle is something that must be seen to be believed.

There is an old Dutch man that I know who told me that after Hitler was defeated and the war was over, the sky errupted in rainbows.

Rent "Everything is Illuminated" if you haven't already seen it.

Messenger: aronh Sent: 4/26/2006 2:32:08 PM

"Honestly, given how science explains why rainbows happen, and given the single point of view, I had no idea a double rainbow could even happen."

I am not perticular good at english, but i will try to explain how science explain the rainbow. White (regular) light contains all kinds of collors. Red light, green light, yellow light and so on. When the white light enters a new meterial for example from air into water the light is slowed down and when light is slowed down (or speed up) it change direction (if not it enters strait into the water). Diffrent kinds of light change change into diffrent directions. You will get a spectra (iīm not sure if it is called that in english).
You can explain it with a shopping cart. If you are walking on concret whith it an then enters into grass in a not strait angel the shoppingcart will change direktion.
The rainbow is not a bow it is a ring but we cant see the whole ring becaus we (often) is standing on the ground. So if you are in an airplain you will see the whole ring.
But wy sometimes it is two bows i donīt relley know.

Messenger: Jay Love Sent: 4/13/2007 12:47:53 PM

Doctor Binghi,

Hello. I stumbled upon your question while doing research for a blog I am writing, and wanted to interject the following: What you have seen, the double rainbow, is the most beautiful of Yah's signs. The rainbow is the sign of the everlasting covenant between Yahweh-Elohim [God] and "every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth" [Genesis 9:16], the covenant of everlasting life. That is why when viewed in its fullness, only possible from the air -- "God's point of view", remember -- it is an unbroken circle, representing our eternal destiny [LIFE], and here is the exciting part: the second rainbow which you witnessed is His promise to you, Binghi, His promise that you (and every living creature) have a Soul Mate [Isaiah 34:16], the very point of the story of "Adam and Eve". You see, the second rainbow (red to purple) is the perfect "opposite" of the first (purple to red), the mysterious 'wheel within the wheel' spoken of by every religious tradition. Though I have not yet written about the double rainbow on my blog, it is coming, next. Take a look, at:

Have a beautiful day, hopefully, one with a double rainbow - the circle of life!


Jay Love

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