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There Is No Such Thing As White Human Beings

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 1/28/2023 6:37:48 PM

Perfect love Idren, RASpect to all the Iyahs.

Reading this entire thread and everyone's reasonings, I see a commonality among most of the men here reasoning. They want to see healing in the hearts of all humanity. This is not easily achieved and it is confusing to even think about the steps necessary to get there. I can't offer any answers except to say that the healing of all hearts has to start with the healing of your own heart. It seems like a slow gradual process and maybe even eternal, always good battling against evil, to see all of humanity come to true acceptance and love of one another. But maybe through our own self healing we can change vibrations, we can emit a unified vibration as a group of self actualized souls, a vibration which can make shifts in the greater existence of this planet. That's my humble ipinion coming from the spirit of the feminine, the quiet, the introspective, the subtle vibrational existence that makes up the fabric of our experience.

Selah say I Love, ones and ones, oneness and more Love

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/31/2023 10:32:24 PM


I will make sure I visit Tenerife soon!


Messenger: dembele Sent: 2/8/2023 6:29:44 AMHidden - Foolishness
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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 2/8/2023 12:09:09 PM

Garveys Africa: I am in a land of slackness and no culture

dembele: Here we have naked women, cocaine, child drug addicts, thievery, and pedophilia

Smh... Rastafari deal with righteousness everytime.
Garveys Afrika I think the I better off with the Iriginal idea of Sudan or better yet Ityopia. Nuff said.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/8/2023 6:54:56 PM

Guilty of skim reading yes
Give thanks for pulling i card Jah Child


Babylon is Babylon

I pree discipline


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 2/8/2023 9:39:45 PM

Yes Iyah, no I never would imagine the I would be into those things. I know from these 9+ years on the forum the I integrity is much higher than all that.

Just pointing it out to this man dembele... that those things are NOT what Rastafari deal with.

And that's not to say Black Supremacy ever stray from I&I mind. Yet Marcus Garvey, King Emmanuel Charles Edwards, Leonard Howell, His Majesty HIMself, none of the elders or those highly RASpected leaders of Rastafari would ever stand for any of that what dembele is talking about.

Righteousness. RASpect. Standards of conduct. Discipline as the I said Garvey Africa. These are the foundations RASTA stand upon.

Fyah burn all unrighteousness. Fyah burn pedophilia in the hottest most lava fyah.

Teach the children righteousness. Teach the children self-raspect. Teach the children spiritual empowerment.

"It is education that heals Africa." Qedemawi Haile Selassie I

Messenger: dembele Sent: 2/10/2023 6:49:08 AMHidden - Foolishness
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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 2/11/2023 12:38:12 PM

The amount of wrong in dembele's post is staggering and says a lot about him as well as the place he keeps trying to advertise.

The Bible tells us to be good to our NEIGHBORS which is anyone around us. This was specifically addressed to the way Israelites treated non-Israelites like the Samaritans.

Also, anyone who was an Israelite can easily be "cut off" from his people. As well as Israel was a nation, not a tribe or single family, which means that they had immigrants. And the bible says there was to be one law between Israel and the stranger that sojourns with Israel. The fact is, anyone could become an Israelite.

Not only this but the bible never invokes race because race, as a whole concept, did not exist back then.

So I hate to just attack a post for inflammatory content but this type of post should have no place on this site. The bible is not anti-white or anti-color whatsoever. To believe otherwise is to be no different from the KKK. And so to claim to be the next "HAILEY SELLASIE I" is incredibly offensive to me.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/12/2023 11:26:09 AM


I am not unfamiliar with the reasoning that the bible is the story of black people and black people alone. I am aware of the tribalism that Bible God especially of the Old Testament displayed and Gods clear preference for Israel. Yes. Jah people vs gentiles, yes.
Even if you see the gentile as an enemy you are licensed to shit on and do whatever with one must also remember the EXAMPLE of Haile Selassie. Recall his treatment of his enemies, in time of war he slaughtered them, after the war he spared them their life and sent many Italians unharmed back to their home. His Majesty example, which is HIGHER than any bible reference because it doesnít have to go back thousands on years for it to be referenced, shows HUMILITY. Selassie I the Almighty I was a HUMBLE LION.

Lastly, one must never forget Africa. If you have found comfort in Tenerife I will argue it is still Babylon. Africa, the Horn of Africa, central Africa and so on, is and will always remain the cradle of civilisation and home place of Jah people. This canít be replaced by an offshoot inbetween North Africa and Spain. We will remember that Ethiopianism, to the core, fueled everything from Garvey to Howell.

With everything else, mind how you go.
Justice is different from vengeance

Garvey I

Messenger: dembele Sent: 2/14/2023 6:43:00 AM

Ok ok but don,t get me wrong.
The thing is THAT I CAN RECEIVE MESSAGE from Jah.
You see the bible says that if you are truly his people you should know how to understand his commands and obey them.
Have you ever read about the stories of samson he was a strong man and god used him to fight battles for him.
But he FOUGHT FOR GOD so explain that to me then.
I can give you many examples from the bible.
But the thing is that I HAVE A CONNECTION WITH JAH.
and not only me but he controls everyone here in tenerife.
And that,s why we here in tenerife are living a completely different life then anyone else see.
And i know for sure its jah because i am livin very good honerable life.
Back in london i used to be a bad boy i used to steal cars and wreck them in tunnels and things likd that i spend most of my life in jail.
But since i moved to tenerife and started hearing jah i changed.
Let me tell you i,m living a COMPLETE HONORABLE LIFE NOW.
You see i have a good home i am married and we OWN a WHITE CITROEN SAXO.
But i don,t drive it because the governnment has made buss passes free now so i just use the buss.
See it can connect to a mobile WITHOUT WIRES and PLAY THE MUSIC YOU HAVE ON YOUR MOBILE.
Let me tell you i also have a tablet laptop compuger alexa and roborock.
Let me tell you everyday my wife goes to work i run this house and keep it SQUEAKY CLEAN MAN.
we also have a dog and don t tell me that i cannot do all those things without the heart of god man.
I am not a bad person you have to come to tenerife and experience life here to know what i am talking about.
Let me tell you this is the only place where i see drug people livin large men i know many people here who are on crack and theh are homeowners and own a car and everything.
Tenerife is not babylon but it is owned by babylon and when you live here you,ll see how the power of jah in the people are fighting and defeating babylon everyday.
Please listen to jah
Come to tenerife man
It is the home of mount zion witch is called mount teide
When we get our independence we will rename it mount zion
But in order to get our independence we need to have more black people up here to fight for the independence.
Please come.
We need more black people up here.

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Haile Selassie I