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why has my post be removed

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Messenger: dembele Sent: 10/13/2022 7:39:42 AM

I,m sorry but your misleading bro..
You see there is NO TENSION here in TENERIFE.
All the news you see are from GRAN CANARIA.
Here in tenerife they don,t have refugee camp.
You see I come from london so i don,t,get the benifits of refugee but i know that refuges here are treated way better then any other countries bro
I came here about 3 years ago to stay with a friend who got a FREE APARTMENT in puerto de la cruz.
He had bed and all furniture in it but it was not from government it was from a private owner and i stayed there until i married a good tinerfenian woman and now i got car house and everything.
From the government get 600 € plus food from Caritas,Cruz Roja and Mercadona.
I also get clothes from them but the tinerfenians also give me clothes and food and they help a lot.
That,s what I was saying they want us here they WANT US BLACK PEOPLE TO MOVE HERE.
They are tired of spain and their mandates you,see these people are completely different.
That,s what I was saying don,t believe everything you hear bro these people from the news and such they don,t wanna know the thruth.
You see THERE IS NO TENSION HERE we go everywhere people like us and they come to,us and hug us and EVERYBODY Want to be with us man there are absolutly no tension here man believe me

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 10/19/2022 11:59:54 AM

I was not having a good feeling about your first post and even now you are of such desperation for what reason

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 10/19/2022 11:59:56 AM

Messenger: dembele Sent: 10/21/2022 6:32:58 AM

There is no desperation here.
You see in London we used to be all blacks but now all tinerfenians wanna hang with us and you see even though its good that they like us they like ruin our blackness .
See if your black too you know what I mean having the tinerfenians with us is not the same as having all black guys.
That,s why we need more black people round here to have enough to please the tinerfenians
The tinerfenians are kind of stupid all of them so don,t pay atencion to what they say just take advantage bro…
Like today is friday and later on we,ll go to santa cruz and all k know we,re getting high,as hell the people here they like us so they give weed at lower price for us or some even free!
We just take advantage bro we all know the independent thing won,t happen but lets just take advantage and enjoy life bro..
After all we all waited a VERY LONG TIME for something like this to happen
I think god is doing this for us man i think this is reparation

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/21/2022 5:31:55 PM

Messenger: dembele Sent: 10/25/2022 6:43:07 AM

That,s fake bro
That is made up for the spanish government to scare us not to come.
Too bad i cannot post pictures here cause i will show you the thruth.
Let me tell you i aint see NO HOMELESS black guy anywhere in tenerife.
All the homeless i see are white crackers who come here to live but here the tinerfenians don,t let them live they PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE.
I can tell you right now there are migrants in santa cruz staying in HOTELS and they,ll stay there till the government find them good housing.
There used to be some here in puerto de la cruz also.
And let me tell you how it went.
There were refugees staying at this hotel in puerto.
They were taking care of them very decently they even had busses to take them to the playing fields to play ball.
I was there the whole time so don,t tell me otherwise.
Then the govt of spain decided to send them to madrid.
But the refugees refused saying they have made good friends here with the people of tenerife and wanted to stay.
But the govt didn,t listen.
So they REFUSED to take the bus to go to the airport.
The govt then decided that they are not gonna keep them in the hotel any longer and left them on the streets.
A few of them have been taken in by tinerfenians but a few unlucky ones had to sleep outside.
So they slept outsite of the hotel.
The next day there was a HUGE PROTEST of the tinerfanian s who were on OUR SIDE.
There were schoolchildren and everybody and they demanded the govt to put them back in the hotel.
So the next day the govt gave in to their demand and REOPENED the hotel for them.
They stayed there until they found housing for them.
Some half of them have found housing up here in la orotava and let me tell you nice neighbourhood.
You won,t find housing in neighnourhood s like that ANYWHERE IN THE UK if youre a refugee.
The tinerfenians are NOT EUROPEANS.
See these people let me tell you xenophobia no way men.
These people are all into drugs man there is a big drug problem here and all the youth here they sell drugs and the police are persuing them like hell and they don,t even care about us.
You see we buy drugs here from 12 year old kids on skateboards men let me tell you,here you have the most stupid kinda mob you,ll ever see.
And they steal and shoplift a lot and sometimes they even steal from us and we can,t do anything because we don,t have the numbers bro.
That,s why we need more black people up here man to BACK US UP!!

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/27/2022 9:59:46 AM


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/27/2022 1:14:35 PM

It nuh good to stay in a whiteman country too long

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/27/2022 1:39:55 PM

GA: It nuh good to stay in a whiteman country too long

A country is just a country. We shouldn't have to leave a country because one man pees on all the trees on behalf of a racial label that he fabricates in order to make a distinction that goes beyond ethnic origin. NO ONE should have to relocate and immigrate to another country in order to appease any inhabitants. Wherever you choose to live, that is your home. Because you make a home there. The places where Europeans have gone to? They've done that. Including Europe. They choose to live in all these places, chasing their own dreams. No one is better than anyone else or has any more right to live anywhere than anyone else. Everyone deserves the right to follow their own heart and their own dreams.

I live in America. At some point, humans found their way onto this land. They considered different groups as having territory around them, but the notion of owning the land was not their concept. Because who was the land originally purchased from?

At the end of the day are white people going to "go home" to some other country? No. They are home right where they are and if that is so then so am I. And if anyone doesn't like it, guess who can leave? No black or brown person should EVER be intimidated or guilted or red lined or gentrified off their land or out of their homes. We need to stop entertaining that entire notion and stop entertaining racists trying to tell us where we should go. I have some choice words for them but I'll keep it classy and leave it at that out of respect for this forum (and its real members).

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/27/2022 2:13:06 PM

Respect King but those are not my words but the words of an Ancient highly respected Rastafari Mutabaruka, on one of his most popular songs for the same reason for many a I dem rings true.

I come from a branch of Garvey Rastafari who would judge yes judge any black person with knowledge of self who CHOOSES to live so and remain so.

This leads i onto this...... let me promote suppm:

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