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Woman reasoning

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Messenger: Olivebranch Sent: 4/18/2022 1:25:00 AM


Need a reasoning .Any BOBO empresses ? How so?

Anyone studying the word?

seeking an ital livity ?

looking to live on less :less clothes , less waste ,less materialistic things?

How do you beautify in the livity ?

watching rastawifeline?

what does it mean to be a Rastafari woman?

Are there lines for this?

There are many articles online about the Rasta woman in an abusive and/or submissive relationship,do you agree?

A book for the Empress dem to meditate on would be wonderful.


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/1/2022 10:30:29 PM

Greetings Olivebranch

Did the I write this post just wanting more information about Rasta womban? Or was the I looking for a mate in posting these questions? I am asking because of the other thread Levite I started and I am not sure the I intentions.

I always do get curious to know why men want to know so much about women, because we really do not sit around asking ourselves questions about men haha, not on the level that I see men questioning what women should do, can do, what they are allowed to do, should men be submissive, should women marry multiple men, should men cover their hair, we really do not bother asking ourselves these question.. so it always astonishes me that men have been asking themselves these questions about women for centuries... maybe because they have been threatened by our innate power and have therefore sought ways to subjugate us.

Yet I am answering these questions based on the fact that I see Rastawomban are severely under-represented, we do need to speak out more and be in more Inity with one another especially.

I have been a member of the Rastawifeline group on FB for years, it does not seem as active a group as it should be really. But I love the works the Empress Iylah does for I&I as sistren. I have purchased and used some of her preschool curriculum as well as several wraps from the sista. One of her recipes on her blog for womb healing juice saved me from chronic pain and menstrual imbalance. Yeah, Rastawifeline is a great resource for we sistren! A must-visit for all Empresses.

Bredren I am not a part of Bobo Ashanti house nor 12 Tribes nor Nyabinghi house, that being said, I have come to see there are great benefits to the way Bobo approach the man and womban dealings. I do want to hear more about it from those experiencing it. But I do see from observation that it is a positive way of life.

Nyabinghi, goddess of protection of her people, is so important to remember and honor and manifest. I feel as womban we can manifest her strength and power which can seem quite unsubmissive and the very opposite of meek. But we are warrioress in the iwah. I don't see much need to be submissive to anyone or anything. Self disclipline and self mastery I ah chant. Warrioress Lioness alongside I Lion.

Nothing at all abusive nor even approaching rudeness within I relationship. Submissive I would not really say so no, but peace keeping yes. I know he and I both drop an issue real fast rather than make any argument about it. I think in all honesty he is meeker than I am. He is so strong in himself that he never feels the need to inflict himself on anyone. I don't think a truly strong man needs a woman to be submissive, he will not be threatened by her no matter what.

When I look at photographs of the Emperor and Empress, it is clear in his body language that His Majesty was deferring to Her Highness. He almost always is pointing his body, face, knees, hands, or more than one, at his Empress. I don't think we should overlook these clues.

The best book I can recommend for any Rasta Sistren is the Biography of Empress Menen by Anjali Parnell. To read this book was so transformative for me as a woman, as a mother, to see her experiences and her losses and her sacrifices and strength, her faith, her devotion. Really a very well done, extremely well researched book by sista Anjali. So detailed. I cannot suggest this book enough for all bredren and sistren. Just as important to read as Haile Selassie I autobiographies. I wish we had more recorded words of Empress Menen but I think this book is the closest we can get and paints a very clear picture of her life. To be emulated by all Rasta womban.

Seeking Ital livity, I suppose, Living Ital livity I would say... living it comfortably in this stride for a long time.. There were times when I lived in tents from a suitcase and dug a hole for my toilet! But I am in a different phase of life now and nesting is a real thing haha and I think it is natural for a woman to beautify the spaces around her. Women naturally beautify everything and everyone around them. It might be simply cleaning and organizing a space, arranging things in just such a way, which feminine energy naturally does. It can be done with a "minimalist" lifestyle or not... some of us have upwards of 20 different headwraps... and nothing is wrong with either one..

Some vegan makeup is out there. I choose not to wear any. For my skin type it really causes break outs to put on powders or anything like foundation. Mascara and things I could wear but I just let go of the idea such a long time ago and I never felt the need again. Putting on that mask, it was a part of who I used to be. Yet at this point I have come to see that if an Ital womban wants to put on some makeup I am giving her room to be feminine and beautiful in her own way. I felt partially like leaving behind makeup would allow me to teach my children better how to love their natural selves. Now I am coming from a family where most of the females start getting plastic surgery even in their 20s or even wanting in their teens to have surgery to "fix" this or that. So taking a radically natural approach was necessary for me as a juxtapositon to that.

Are there any lines? I don't think there are any rules or regulations for Rastawomban. This is a manifestation trod, this is a soul emancipation trod. Womban know thyself.

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