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The Simulation Hypothesis

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/11/2022 3:28:37 PM

Cedric: I would be willing to reason more about this, but something about it is slightly offensive to I man. Why does souls traveling from body to body after physical death have to be a simulation? Can’t that be a part of reality?
(the book's description)

If it was real, would it have to be offensive? In order to perform certain tasks, humans created tools. The more advanced human science becomes, the more advanced those tools get and the more we can do with those tools. To be honest with you, I'm more offended by the idea of magic. Tools I can understand. So, if, and I'm simply assigning a probability to the story of Creation being a story of humans being created by an intelligent race as opposed to evolving ourselves if a race is intelligent enough to create humans it would have to be intelligent enough to create computers and airplanes and everything else we've already created at an inferior level of scientific understanding. If that's the case then one could imagine the "tools" or equivalent concept, standing in for magic, would be next-level. That doesn't mean a simulation is 100% certain, only that the probability increases that next-level tools would be used in the process.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/11/2022 3:29:13 PM

And then the story itself... imho adds to the simulation probability. Hypothetically, let's say you were able to create a digital AI character, using the best tools we have. That's already on a computer because computers are our tools. But on top of that, the tool (PC), would give you a near-perfect level of control over the environment of your creation. You would probably even be able to interface some voice control software so you could say "let there be light". If you were creating in an already existing reality, you wouldn't need to start from scratch. You would just pick a habitable planet and make whatever type of light form was able to survive there. But using the PC as a tool you could zoom into any part of the world like google maps and see individual people who are "praying" to you.

Without the simulation I'm not saying the laws of physics make the story impossible, but... the laws of physics make the story impossible. But in a simulation, the laws of physics are just rules that can be bent or broken as Morpheus said.

note: even when we design something complex in our modern world, we almost always simulate it first.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/11/2022 3:53:08 PM

One particular idea from quantum physics comes to mind.,observer%20affects%20the%20observed%20reality.

In a study reported in the February 26 issue of Nature (Vol. 391, pp. 871-874), researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science have now conducted a highly controlled experiment demonstrating how a beam of electrons is affected by the act of being observed. The experiment revealed that the greater the amount of "watching," the greater the observer's influence on what actually takes place.

When I first heard this I found it intellectually offensive; like no way it just has to be wrong. Because if it isn't wrong...

Let's just say I know more than the average person about how video games are made because that was my dream since childhood. So back when the most advanced piece of equipment I had at home was a 486 I was blown away by the first 3D games. But the first ones weren't actual 3D. It was faked using math and the earlier systems used a technique called "ray casting". Math was never my thing but I had a friend in high school who could do it. And back then, we dreamed about "ray tracing in real time". It was a dream because "ray casting" was basically the idea of calculating 1 ray of light from an object to the camera where as ray tracing calculates many rays that can bounce off other objects before hitting the camera. The result is like the difference between a cartoon vs a real photograph.

Since it takes more power to calculate objects the player in a game cannot see, virtually no game ever created bothers to continuously process data that the player cannot see and so in a very real sense, the player in a video game always has a strong influence on "reality". But likewise, and I still to this day struggle with this being real even though it hasn't been refuted in 20 years, that a particle can be in 2 places at once.,also%20exist%20in%20multiple%20places.

So basically, it's like the particles react to being seen by going from a superposition to kind of focused position based on whether it was being observed; definitely more than a few points in the "this is maybe a simulation" column.

Again, this isn't even something I want to be true. But at some point it switches from being easier to argue that we're not in a simulation vs being harder to argue that we're not in a simulation.

Quantum Physics is really its own rabbit hole.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/11/2022 3:54:00 PM

FYI: seems to be easier making longer posts at the start of a new thread.

Messenger: seestem Sent: 4/11/2022 5:08:14 PM


The simulation is real, but it is a phenomena of the mind, there are various simulations, we can create simulations within other simulations.

The main thing is that consciousness is all there is and that makes the simulation question loose value because to know anything including if InI are in a simulation or not requires consciousness (Awareness). This is why social media/internet is so dangerous it aggressively feeds on InI consciousness (literally soul sucking).

InI should not make the mistake of looking at reality from the perspective of humans, but reality is infinite and not bound to our human perspective, there is much that our senses cannot pickup, an ants universe is infinitely more different then ours.

Jah Rastafari!

Messenger: seestem Sent: 4/11/2022 5:19:13 PM

To realeyes InI consciousness is di escape hatch from the simulation, to get rid of the veil of Isis. Because the realEyezation reveals that the fabric of consciousness is one and the same and transcends all levels even from within the simulation right up to the simulator, consciousness all the way, di ever livin I.

Science only takes InI so far this is why Quantum Theory has peaked and no more progress is being made because it enters into the are of mystics where the tools of science and logic don't work as well. Science dissects things to understand them, while mystics deal with feeling and faith to overstand the cosmos.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 4/11/2022 11:21:34 PM

Blessed Love Idren

IPXninja: “If it was real, would it have to be offensive?”

Define real. I thought it was a simulation? Because if the simulation is real than it’s not a simulation haha. The problem I have with what I understand the simulation theory to be is, if it is a simulation, some have the cheat codes. And with the cheat codes they are allowing children go hungry or worse, and allowing InI to destroy the world and mistreat each other. If theres enough CPU to make the simulation than there should be enough CPU to make some common decency which seems to be getting harder to attain not easier. But thats coming from I man that knows pretty much nothing about computers.

I thought the simulation theory was that InI living in some type of a massive “computer” simulation. Is the I saying that simulation theory is that InI were created by aliens? Thats less offensive to I man because as I have reasoned on another post, those higher beings would still be bound by the same spiritual laws as InI, even as their created frankenstein pet project. If that is reality, then because InI have souls, we would be equal with our creator in that sense, and also innocent of the sin of our creator (instilling “knowledge” into an otherwise unaware creature) which would give I man comfort.

But if its a simulation like a massive computer, then the only reason the plug hasn’t been pulled is because InI literally doing the work for somebody to figure out the answer to whatever it is they are simulating. So if its a simulation to find out how ancestors lived its an offense because it doesnt matter, nothing matters. If its a simulation because the creator is trying to find the best design of a program, its an offense because InI are suffering for a game that InI dont control, on a much larger scale than how thats happening currently with the military industrial complex haha.

I find it extremely ironic that the two quantum physics ideas the I posted examples of, the I found them offensive. Those two Isamples are the very ones that I man learned and thought of as hard proof that the Most High resides in InI in reality. The fact that InI change the location of electrons by being an observer is fact that InI have JAH power of creation inside InI. The fact that a particle can be in two places at one time is fact that InI are ONE with JAH.

Has the I ever heard reasoning about the four worlds of creation? I read about it in this book

I wonder what the Dogon would say about the simulation theory. What little I know about them, I think they had reasonings about quantum physics long before western thought caught on.

Bless Up seestem, Yes I reality is infinite and forIver. I sight the dangers of social media are probably the biggest InI have faced as a technologically “advanced” civilization. May JAH guide InI. I sight the internet as separate and could be used as an upfull tool, why does the I combine them as one? Could InI challenge anti-social media's dominance by dismantling the social media companies ability to exploit and profit InI behaviors?

But yeah it would be nice if the internet/data centers didnt run off generators run by gas and diesel

Bless Up Faith and Feeling

HIM Haile Selassie I Guide & Protect InI

Messenger: seestem Sent: 4/12/2022 8:26:54 AM

Idren Cedric

Just theories not facts (:

The internet is awesome. But from the context of the "The Simulation Hypothesis" and the themes of the this thread, it could in theory end up being a highly advanced AI, made up of our collective consciousness.

Every time InI post it gains more knowledge, after a while all kinds of interesting things will arise. The internet could also be used as a data source for Highly advanced AIs, or even future clones of ourself, based on our photos, voices, thoughts etc.

The internet provides instant access to rich data, our minds are not ready for that and it is detrimental to our consciousness of one another and the world. It enables tunnel visioning
of the world, which allows powerful people/entities to the shape reality (e.g mess up with free speech) by being arbiters of truth.

Creativity is becoming less and less because of our collective consciousness is becoming interlinked, more people will start dressing the same way, listening to the same music, restaurants will have the same menus. There will be one culture, same dance moves etc. The patterns of our society will converge because of our hyper-connectivity.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/12/2022 3:49:42 PM

seestem: The simulation is real, but it is a phenomena of the mind, there are various simulations, we can create simulations within other simulations.

Yes. It's deep because one view of sofware vs hardware is like the body vs mind where software is an intangible storage of instructions interacting with energy much like DNA and mitochondria interacting with flesh and blood through the nervous system.

It's kind of like we create machines and computers based on the same fundamental principles of animals and people.

And then when you fathom the depths of the internet... to use your words "it could in theory end up being a highly advanced AI, made up of our collective consciousness."

And that, right there, is wisdom.

Just as mankind replicates forms of nature with machines and robots, emulating single cell (and pershaps single purpose) lifeforms and more comblex forms, we also express the shared consciousness of a "hive" or "overmind" to the extent that we can opt in or out of each other's thoughts or war with each other's beliefs to no end.

If I, as a programmer, was to participate in the creation of true AI, as I've said on numerous occasions, I would do it inside of virtual reality two layers deep the same as you saying "we can create simulations within other simulations."

And the reason I would create a space for this AI is because I know how powerful computers are and I have some idea about their potential when arrayed or working together.

Genesis 11:7
Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.

Think about how the internet is somewhat still devided by regions, like hemispheres, but how English is starting to dominate as a global language for common business. I heard that Rwanda has chaged the offical language from French to English and are campaigning for more English teachers.

9 Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

I think the wisest computer scientists (like Elon) share my concern for AI. But the mere fact that we're approaching this level of creation, is simultaneously and expression of the mathematical probability that this has already happened and that we are a kind of genie in a bottle, placed in a bottle because our own potential for creativity is only a match for our self-same potential for destruction. So would you let such an entity roam free around the "Real" universe? Or would you TEST that species first, inside a "holy" ("set apart") space?

I'm not saying this IS true.

I'm saying there's evidence that can be interpreted as pointing several fingers, toes, and elbows, in this direction. It could be the first time we've had this conversation. It could also be the 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 1,000th. if you can also factor in the ease of a concept like reincarnation, moving sofware/AI in and out of the "Matrix".

side note: My fiance can tell you I was very high and trippin off Matrix 4 because it was a matrix within a matrix, within a matrix, with an awareness of itself which points to the idea of "consciousness is di escape hatch from the simulation".

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/12/2022 4:00:12 PM

seestem: Creativity is becoming less and less because of our collective consciousness is becoming interlinked, more people will start dressing the same way, listening to the same music, restaurants will have the same menus. There will be one culture, same dance moves etc. The patterns of our society will converge because of our hyper-connectivity.

This is probably the only part I disagree with because I think we as a civilization are always finding new ways to divide and find newness and uniqueness and then it becomes "cool", and "fashionable", and then we merge, integrate, assimilate. But one side inevitably causes a reaction against itself that swings the pendulum back in the other direction. It we are also passing thoughts between 2 sides, 2 hemispheres of the brain, 2 poles of potential, good and evil, liberal and conservative, light and shadow, positive and negative.

Our disconnection is expressed in changing forms and so is our connection.

If the results aren't good (harmony between the 2), then the simulation simply continues, roles reversed and reset, and we as a species have an allergic reaction to the status quo. If we were teetering then we totter and back and forth until we learn to accept both sides.

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