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Ridiculous Technology

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/7/2022 10:12:51 AM

New Drone Tech: No Propellers, and Yet It Flies!

How ionic propulsion works:

The X3 Ion Thruster Is Here, This Is How It'll Get Us to Mars:

How this Tiny Motor is More POWERFUL than Your Car

Drone Tracking (a little scary if you consider big brother)

Why the Airship May Be the Future of Air Travel

Why graphene hasn’t taken over the world...yet

How Nanotech Can Help Solve the Fresh Water Crisis

Amazing Lego-Style HEMP BLOCKS Make Building a House Quick, Easy & Sustainable

Why This 3D-Printed House Will Change The World

Our Future of Living on the Water - Floating Cities?

Is Mycelium Fungus the Plastic of the Future?

Next Gen Farming Without Soil and 90% Less Water | GRATEFUL

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/7/2022 10:48:14 AM

Why all the videos?

The reason is that the "rules" of any game are determined by the people who make that game. The people who make that game are the people who invest in the building of that game. Other people tend to play by the rules and there are referees or cops that enforce those rules.

Now that the agents are at least taking a much-needed break we can discuss important things; like goals and how to get to them.

Now if you only want to have desires and dreams but never move towards them, that's fine. Sometimes we have dreams we are scared of because we just don't want to fail. But you can't achieve success without risk.

Regardless of what you envision, talking about it and gaining allies and networking is part of that future success. But I can't stress enough that dreaming isn't enough and neither is talking.

There has to be a plan. Some people have a plan already and that's fine. But where are you at in that plan? How long is the plan supposed to take? And how do you gauge how far along you should be? Are people indoctrinated into this plan? Is it set in stone? Or is it flexible? Is there a plan B? Can the plan be modified according to new information, new secondary goals, or new on-the-ground intelligence?

It's one thing to be against an organized system. But the benefits of having an organized system speak for themselves. And for people to support a disorganized system, well... we have plenty of examples of that not working out.

In order to get to your goals, you first have to organize them. Imagine what you want as a building. You need a floor plan. You need to know where all the wires are going to go. You need insulation to protect it from the elements, etc. The biggest thing, from my experience, I have seen us (many different black communities/orgs) missing is a brilliant plan. What we want is noble and righteous and good. But it cannot be just that. How we get there matters too. Some people just want to ask for the money.

So where is that money supposed to come from? How many people is that investment supposed to help? And are you trying to build something anti-capitalism while borrowing money from capitalism? And that's okay, don't get me wrong, but if you are not creating a better system then the whole thing collapses. Organization and planning is key.

Forums like this should be loud with planning every little detail. Some people think "oh we need to get the money first". Nope. In that case what they're saying to the people is "trust us, we don't have a plan but if you enrich us we'll make a good one." Sorry, but no. We learn from people around us and we have learned that we need to be wise investors. Plenty of scams start with "send me $X first".

The bigger the goal the bigger the plan needs to be. The bigger the plan the more time it's going to take to become a reality.

For me, I want to be able to live in Jamaica. This seems like a very simple goal. Too simple. Someone could easily say, "you're a web developer. Just get a remote job so you can live wherever you want."

I wish it were that simple. My fiance already has a remote job. It requires her to travel but if she wanted to she could switch to a more "desk" version of the job that could be truly remote. As for me, I work at a factory. Factory rules. I could do my job from home but it's frowned upon. Contract work can be unstable. And remote also means tons of competition because now you are competing against developers from around the world who haven't been dealing with the same tech for the last 10 years like I have. For me to switch jobs it would have to be something secure that I feel I have an advantage in. And my job is relatively easy which gives me time to hang our here, write, and invest in other hustles that scratch my entrepreneurial itch.

And even if I could sell my house and move to Jamaica tomorrow, where would I live? How would I live? How comfortably would I live with the resources I have? What would I have to sacrifice?

But this thread isn't about me figuring out how to get to my dream.

This is about black power.

What does a bunch of technology have to do with black power?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/7/2022 12:26:06 PM

What black power is to one person may differ from another. To me, black power is really just power in black hands so that black people can control their own destiny and survive independently of anyone else.

For those who cannot imagine anything else, power might be military might. For people who are extremely intelligent power might be more about scientific knowledge. I mean take the strongest army and arm them with rubber band guns and see if they can beat a small village with advanced weaponry. Who will win? We have to consider these things.
(gone - account suspended)

I don't know how this happened but with a name like you would think that there would be a strong website there with a good solid plan.

But too often we allow other people to come up with the plan and we simply pledge our support. Plans should be generated from the grass roots level. Everyone should be coming up with pieces of the plan puzzle according to each person's knowledge and experience and interests.

We've wasted decades.

At some point we need to start asking ourselves, "what are we doing?"

So many people want to repatriate back to Africa. The opportunity to do just that is already there. But what can you bring to Africa? That's what Africa wants to know.

I firmly believe that we need technology. We need to base our plans around the best innovations in every possible field. I believe this is what Marcus Garvey was talking about.

If we do not do it ourselves... it's a problem. It's a problem because there is an inherent competition between states. How many people have gone to the US just on the idea of there being better opportunities?

The videos I posted deal with technologies that can be used for things far beyond what people are discussing in the videos. For example, what if you combined modern blimps with ionic thrust? There is new solar cell tech in the making that is far more efficient than what we have today.

We all know how important, and costly, energy can be. Wars have been fought over it. But we're all walking around under a sun that freely provides all the energy we could ever need. We're simply at the mercy of oil barons who have already established a system of getting energy from out of the ground.,captured%20greenhouse%20gases%20into%20fuel.

But use your imagination. What if everyone in Jamaica had a swimming pool where the bottom was lined with solar panels that could work underwater? No space could be lost. The pools would be functional for swimming. No one would even notice they were there and they could provide all the power needed to run their homes and other businesses in the neighborhood.

What if Jamaica built a hyperloop and had underground tunnels for transportation, allowing the surface to be more for pedestrian traffic? What if Jamaica had a group of tall buildings in the mountains (to protect from wind) with commercial-grade vertical farming? And what if they could grow hemp and funguses that could be used to make greener plastics and building materials?

What if we could build multimillion-dollar houses in Jamaica by 3D printing with hemp and bamboo? We could increase the tourism industry by leaps and bounds and use the money gained from their leisure to further innovate and build our own Wakandas all over Africa.

We can start with crazy ideas and figure out whether or not the science is there to make it less and less crazy.

But another reason I think we need to do this is that someone else will and then they'll be the ones determining the future.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/7/2022 12:33:02 PM

Big countries like the US are like elephants. They're big but that makes them slow.

Look at Dubai. It is now a futuristic city with tons of innovation. Yes, their wealth comes from oil but the question is what can they build and invest that money in so that they're not dependent on oil?

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 4/8/2022 3:13:19 PM

Does newest technology automatically = the best?

This is something I man have strong feelings about.

Also testing if I can post because the forum wont let I man respond to Dolphins & Whales

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/8/2022 8:11:23 PM

Your aware the majority of this forum are not black in the sense You and I would define? And as Rastafari our goals tend to be different as our beliefs differ. im still unsure to whether you define yourself as Rastafari?
I have been apart of many reparation reparation and repatriation black study groups revolutionary groups etc and one thing to consider is where we publish our discussions and whether this should be in the public domain for all to see? Of the Online groups, The modern manfiestation of Nkrumas AAPRP are still deh bout and a group for which I would advocate. They have a strictly black policy from membership and set about regular subdivision of studies goals and strategies with monthly online discussions.

Still, organisation and centralisation is crucial and some of the shared goals of the AU that Cedric had reposted were very encouraging if not distant in manifestation. I would be interested to see IPX thoughts in that thread and further suggestions such as the inclusion of the diaspora.
While planning is a good thing, often it breeds procastination which is a silent Killer. Sometimes there are occassions where it is better to jump into a situation head first, and figure it out as you go rather than stay in bondage a further 500 years planning the same escape. Time and Place for everytbing like Hugh Mundell. If there was ever a place for just jumping in would be Jamaica 😂;;; But im not saying this way is always best, just to be proactive.
IPX did you get some of the information I had posted re: you gaining your Jamaican citizenship and then passport?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/11/2022 10:19:38 AM

GA: IPX did you get some of the information I had posted re: you gaining your Jamaican citizenship and then passport?

don't think so. Where was that? That's definitely something I'm interested in. I'd like to weigh some pros and cons but yeah...

My own procrastination is a factor too.

GA: Your aware the majority of this forum are not black in the sense You and I would define?

I feel where you're coming from but I don't really see this as a problem. Reason being is that nothing I will ever say will be contrary to any law (that I'm aware of). My beliefs about what we need to do are transparent and likely things that even white racists would agree with or simply not care about. If other people have ideas that aren't, they definitely should put them elsewhere but I think they will find far less traction which will, IMO, amount to idle chit-chat coming mainly from negative emotions.

I don't think negative emotions provide any value in terms of what we need to do as a community. Because we shouldn't even be reactive. We should be proactive in terms of black power being socio-economic power. This is my opinion but in all my years of being around different communities within the black community, most ideas fail but the only ideas that seem to go anywhere are the ones that can move with a high level of ethics and transparency. Because we have to prove to ourselves (our greatest critics) that this is something most of us can support.

If an idea finds support in one community, someone may take it to another. It's like planting seeds. Agents plant their own seeds on our websites because they understand how information travels and so they see the potential of influencing "the conversation" on a wider level by planting seeds on this level.

I hate to say it, but it's a smart idea. But there's no rules against us using smart ideas for our own benefit. Instead of allowing them to plant weeds, we can plant our own seeds; righteous and positive ideas that can help our people advance, just like the fictional vibranium did for Wakanda.

GA: While planning is a good thing, often it breeds procastination which is a silent Killer.

I perfectly agree with you on this. And to this I would say that it may not be us who actually provides the action. It may not even be our generation. One of the constant themes I love about reggae is that it provides a timeless quality in terms of message and concept and forms a conversation relevant to the youth and the world they will inheret.

And it reminds me of what the black community tends to leave behind for our children. It is far too common that we leave behind debt rather than money. Many of our children have to learn financial education from other people and other communities, whose economies are set up to benefit them and give them advantages over others. And there is no universal plan or agenda that they can simply pick up and do some small part of. I believe there should be some kind of universal plan that even white people who are rastas can do some small part in that helps our cause. Until we have a plan that everyone can actually participate in... procrastination isn't even applicable because you can't procrastinate if there are no personal tasks that are part of the greater mission.

And yes, it should be okay to discuss black issues here because Rastafari is for black empowerment and if others cannot accept that then how is it that they accept Rastafari? And why should a rastafarian community or any community for that matter not speak on issues affecting it, simply because of the presence of outsiders? I'd rather it be like "oh you're white but you love reggae and you feel a conscious attraction to this cause? Here's what you can do."

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/11/2022 2:50:17 PM

Cedric: Does newest technology automatically = the best?

This is something I man have strong feelings about.

Not automatically, no. But there's also a consequence for not keeping pace with the rest of the developed "civilized" world.

And there are ways in which we participate in whatever the world is doing by supplying raw materials. Africa is rich in raw materials and precious metals but without the proper level of economic and technological power, who is benefiting the most from it?

hint: it ain't us.

Whatever our goals may be, we lack the power because we're constantly giving power away. And in exchange, others treat us like stepchildren they "kinda" have to take care of.

For example:

I believe in a green future. But it takes vast amounts of wealth to build it. What if high-efficiency solar panels hovered over, otherwise uninhabitable desert areas in Africa? That power could not only be used to power all of Africa but could probably be sold to other continents, transferred via satellite microwaves. And instead of building regular solar panels, what if they were made to look more like trees, by 3D-printing them into vertical structures and even rolling out astroturf or digging out and replacing sand with fertilized soil to create a desert oasis with pipelines built with new plastics and the same kind of drills that the Boring company is using to create tunnels for cars?

By combining ideas maybe we can find (or create) a few tech companies in Africa willing to work on these ideas and create Kickstarter campaigns to fund those companies to the point where we can invest in those companies via African stock market, while at the same time working to make that stock market easily accessible for the entire diaspora.

In a very real way, combining technology with stock market investment is what has created today's highest-grossing companies, the world's most eccentric billionaires, and even the power for private companies to do things that whole governments cannot (like SpaceX providing internet access across Africa).

And one of the reasons I say Kickstarter and similar platforms is because I would want ownership to be protected. When people participate in a Kickstarter campaign they're injecting capital but not getting ownership in return. I would want ownership to be at least 35% African, and at least 25% African Diaspora.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 4/11/2022 9:54:08 PM

Blessed Love Idren

IPXninja, Bless Up Iah give thanks for the sight that Rastafari = Black Empowerment. InI need to work and stand for that as Rastafari.

Very upfull ideas the I shared for developing strong businesses for InI to invest and promote! I think this subject will help InI regardless of social standing.

Good points on technology and the fact that InI are forced to keep up to remain viable. I think there are ways to use a lot of the new green technology to build a world much more in harmony with nature. I think a lot of those technologies are blessed and would be compatible with Rastafari sight. A lot of the nano tech and AI industry and social media scares I. It will probably remain a blind spot unless I can get past the fear and study ways to regulate them.

As the “blue collar” type, I man much better at doing the work than the planning in most situations. If InI need a welder feel free to shout, I will be there!

HIM Haile Selassie I = Black Empowerment

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/13/2022 11:54:05 AM


I know you are a skilled craftsman.

I actually think there is something you can do.

I don't have your level of expertise in craftmanship. I am like a baby compared to you in that area and have no problem admitting that. The honest truth and reality is that we need people to show us the way and to provide modular components that we can all put together. There is no need for Rastas to get left behind in technology. I see a potential for Rastas leading the way in technologies that help us live more in harmony with nature.

For example... we see farming as completely natural. But can farming be destructive to nature? When everyone lives in a city and get all their food from farms in rural areas this creates a burden on farms that they should never have had to bear which creates mass production. And mass production creates corporations and all the problems that come with corporate greed.

I've been considering how I could build some kind of indoor, low-cost, vertical farm. Originally, I was thinking grow lights in a storage closet with an aquaponics setup using PVC. But I also have a living room with a high ceiling that gets a lot of natural light from a large high window. So I thought going vertical would be better.

PVC is built to be modular. But since this is in a living room it has too look good.

But the better it looks the more pricey things like this get:
Bigger budget Indoor gardening

Could this be done with the PVC cut in half so that the inside of it was facing front and the inside could be textured and painted in different styles like:

Garden Waterfall Ideas

and then have the planters in such a way that it combines the functionality of the first video, but with the plants growing on the inside of the PVC rather than the outside.

(I realize that this could be a business idea someone can steal)

And then light modules an be added to larger sections of PVC that simply aim LED lights at an angle up towards the tower, so that the more of these sections you have, the more "grow light" you add to the tower. And those lights could run off one or more battery banks that can have integrated solar power.

Solar Battery Pack

or be charged by a separate solar power bank that can be charged outdoors and charge the attached bank whenever it gets low. I'm spitballing so I don't know how many battery banks would be needed vs the number of grow lights but most LEDs have controller chips that can operate off a timer so that the lights could only come on at night.

Let's say you could create even a small 3ft model of this using 1 6ft PVC and a cat water fountain to get the water to the top of the half tube.

clear cat fountain

(not the cheapest one but good for a clear prototype)

And I would personally use multiple lower-powered pumps vs trying to get the water all the way up a modular stack with one pump. I would do like a resovoir at the top of each 3 foot module that combines the angled lights, some carbon filter, and pump to send the water up to the next resovoir.

carbon filter

Once you have a prototype that looks decent we can even think about 3D printing some of the modules so that the structure looks more like the inside of a tree with tree like texture and hollowed out portions.

But by making it functional it solves a problem for the planet. And by making it different levels of pretty/stylish as well as modular where people can buy the based and 3ft pieces separately, it can be both cheap as well as expensive just based on which modules people want to buy.

(similar to how people buy modular lightsabers and can spend $80-$3,000 based on their taste and budget -

A bunch of real products to get inspiration from

I think, in the future, we might see green as more of a revolution that integrates not just green energy but also more modern growing techniques, integrating plants into buildings and other man-made structures in ways not previously attempted. But right now we're kind of in the middle of that form vs function phase and the right product blending both could help lead the way, support various charities (like raising funds to repatriate people who want to go to Ethiopia and build these products there, if it catches on, to create jobs there), and include in the packaging some positive messages and musical vibes to play for the plants.

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