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Are Dolphins and Whales Conscious Beings? ---> Animism

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/7/2022 2:57:17 PM


well if we were dealing with a simulation then for safety reasons the controls for logging in and out would have to be kept outside of the simulation; logically speaking.

I personally came up with a similar idea for containing AI. The only way it could be safely done is by creating it inside of a simulated reality inside of a simulated reality. The "doors" between which would only align in such a way to move data in and out without allowing the AI itself to escape.

But... at the same time I also thought... if this was a logical conclusion then I'm probably unlikely to be the first to think of it. And if that's the case we could be that "AI" that's being contained. And we may create our own AI the same way.

Is it a coincidence that the graphics technology of gaming, the networking speed of the internet, and AI are all converging to a point where exactly what I'm saying could be possible in the very near future?

You've probably seen the movie "Ready Player One" but have you seen the current capabilities of Unreal Engine 5? Ready Player One graphics were not possible in real time engines at the time the movie was produced because of the limitations in dealing with polygons. Greater detail had to be faked with complex materials and shaders. But with 'Nanite'... for allowing for infinite mesh resolution and 'Lumen' for lighting and the ability for cloud computers to work together to render images... real-time photorealism is now possible.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/7/2022 3:45:04 PM

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 4/8/2022 3:14:08 PM

Bless Up Iahs

GARVEYS AFRICA, Yes I, Frequency of the Most I frequent-wi - well said. I think the possibility of beings with equal or higher brain power sharing this Iniverse with InI is very high. I man open to the possibility that those beings have already contacted InI on this earth or are living among InI. I man also take comfort that if and when InI interact with those beings, as all are just energized primordial elements (great way to put it), I man comforted by the reasoning that the entire Iniverse has to exist by the same rules of the Most High. Meaning even “aliens” are required to follow the same spiritual laws as InI earthly beings.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 4/8/2022 3:16:28 PM

astral empress, good way to sum up InI original reasoning haha. Yes I, well put that alpha & omega forces balance and harmonize. I sight the Is reasoning that who are humans to say the idea of a hierarchy would accomplish anything. I man not necessarily saying that hierarchy is required, only that I can't help but sight it as such. I guess responsibility being the main point, I would settle for a hierarchy of responsibility with humans still at the top haha

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 4/8/2022 3:17:00 PM

Black Christ in Flesh, Give thanks for sharing the Is reasoning. I man witness the consciousness of other living creatures in their behaviors and interactions with InI. I man live in Nature not a city scape, so I get to witness interactions with so called wild animals. I sight that it would be conceited to live like another living creature exits solely for humans to do as they wish with them. I like the Is reasoning that all animals have souls and that maybe they are angels of heaven having an earth experience. Does the I have any reasoning about an animal soul living a human experience or a human soul becoming an animal? Just wondering if the I has reasoning about this. When I man was about age 3 before I could form full sentences I turned to I mother who was carrying I through the woods and said “I was a snake in my other life”. She didnt ask for clarification and InI still laugh about what that might have meant. I still wonder to Iself if this was literal or symbolic. Maybe I man will get to see someday.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 4/8/2022 3:17:24 PM

IPXninja, Give thanks for the I sight. Yes I, InI should balance how InI want things to be with how things are as InI build plans for a brighter future. I will often Iditate about ideas like the I says: “The downside is that, because our ancestors (animals) still exist in our DNA, we still have the capacity to act like them. We have to consciously choose to be better, consistently and continually, until those behaviors fade into historic memory.” I don’t necessarily think InI require all of those behaviors to fade, as long as InI can identify where those urges or instincts are coming from and work to balance them with righteousness. Maybe that is part of a human experience that the Iniverse yearns for. After all, it is already all knowing and all powerful and ever living. Maybe mistakes and limited sight will remain a part of the human experience no matter how advanced InI become. Very interesting reasoning to propose what if light carries and sends these forms of higher intelligence. I will injoy Iditating on this reasoning.

Also very interesting to reason about why animals should want to work with us. This part was particularly enlightening: “If we, as humans, can barely tolerate other humans who do these things to other humans, why should animals tolerate and even work with us if that's how they might see us? And if they don't see us this way, then are they not ignorant of our "dominion”?” Good point Iah. What a burn for InI dog people that you’d prefer an animal not be such a slave haha. Clearly the I has not been around outside dogs that often. The few dogs that have blessed I man with their companionship dont wear a leash or stay inside until their walk around the block. They explore and protect and help InI be aware of presences InI would not otherwise be aware of. Outside dogs and humans can be much more of a mutually beneficial/symbiotic relationship than master and slave type disfunction. I sight all of that is based off habitat tho.

As far as InI living in a simulation goes, I man taking a hard stance against that haha. I like science fiction and I man can see how humans are good at creating anything InI can dream of. But this whole 50/50 chance that InI are living in a simulation or not I think is folly. I would be willing to reason more about this, but something about it is slightly offensive to I man. Why does souls traveling from body to body after physical death have to be a simulation? Can’t that be a part of reality? Oh boy and living/reproducing robots dont get I man started. I will save that for the RIDICULOUS technology post haha

Side note, any one else getting weird errors when trying to post? It seemed like length had something to do with it but not sure.


Epress Menen I & HIM Haile Selassie I Love

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/11/2022 3:20:33 PM

Cedric: I don’t necessarily think InI require all of those behaviors to fade, as long as InI can identify where those urges or instincts are coming from and work to balance them with righteousness.

This resonates with me. In fact, I'd call this one of the highest forms of religion; greater than what many call such.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/11/2022 3:20:56 PM

Cedric: Clearly the I has not been around outside dogs that often.

A truth. The last few times I've been in Jamaica don't count because that was the tourist/resort life, but it is funny that in different countries dogs are much more like cats. Where I live, and especially since dogs aren't always small or "nice", when a dog is roaming about with no leash it's usually seen as a problem.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/11/2022 3:24:26 PM

Cedric: Side note, any one else getting weird errors when trying to post? It seemed like length had something to do with it but not sure.

Yes. And yes, length does seem to play a role.

I hate to speculate but I wonder if the size of the database is getting too large in relation to the allotted space of the hosting package.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 4/11/2022 10:19:53 PM

Bless Up IPXninja,

Give thanks for the compliment that I man reaching at ideals of the highest form of religion. Give thanks to HIM Haile Selassie I for giving InI the authority to attain it.

Good point about roaming dogs. Usually even tho I dog friends allowed to explore, its still within I eyesight/earsight. I think one can train a friendly dog, but respect and liability requires any responsible dog handler to have a dog on a leash when other people are around. Where I live, most times there are no other people around haha.

Give thanks for the educated guess about the reason why posts are getting cut short. Hopefully that can get sorted out before InI need to find a new forum!

Empress Menen I & HIM Haile Selassie I Love

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