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Are Dolphins and Whales Conscious Beings? ---> Animism

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/4/2022 10:53:58 AM

Cedric: I feel that InI humans are a way for creation to contemplate about itself. Add in InI ability to express that through art. Add in InI ability to use science to learn ways to harmonize systems of nature (not for industry but for abundance and diversity of life). Add in InI ability to reason about InI viewpoints and ideas. Combine those abilities into one being, and that describes an incredibly powerful entity. Those qualities are some of the things that I feel make humans special. Clearly InI are special and powerful in a lot of ways cause InI literally letting the military industrial complex mess up the entire planet right now. So clearly that power isnt just inherintly good by itself. InI messing up pretty bad as humans right now, but I think InI are capable of doing good on a equally powerful scale.

Yes... in my own opinion, I agree that humans are a way for nature/creation to contemplate itself.

oftentimes the view of evolution is something negative, but in reality, it is something positive.

but this is also the idea of entropy vs evolution.

In other words, as human beings, our ego would very much like to believe we were perfect and heirs to the entire universe. To me this is no different from little girls playing with Barbie, having an impression of what a perfect life and family should be like before the reality of actually having one of their own. There is very much an image of how things "should be" that constantly competes with the reality of how things actually are. I try to embrace both because, I, as a human, desire greater perfection and the building of some type of utopian society. But I also embrace where we are now, in the balance, and see what we need to do to strive against reality to reach for a better future.

And I believe evolution somewhat works in this way. I don't personally have to be the catalyst in moving humanity forward. However, if a person thinks differently, or may have some ideological/theological/etc. "mutation" then they should share it to see if others see the 'advantage' in sharing that perspective or knowing that piece of information that person finds important/interesting/etc. Whether that idea gets carried into the future thus depends on the communication and whether other people see the value proposed.

This is the reason we, even though smaller than many species, are the dominant species because we continued to evolve mentally, psychologically, and socially. In other words, you will get diminishing returns at some point, when you only improve the physical hardware of a system. After that point, it is the software that can continue to develop. I am grateful that our human software hasn't stagnated to perpetually repeat any former time period because, for different reasons, they were all challenging. These challenges made us stronger, but sometimes in ways that took us backward.

It is fair to say, if one understands the choice of words in the Hebrew language, that we are the "gods" of this world; because we are the most advanced, most powerful species on the planet. And like little girls playing with Barbie dolls, we create "gods", in part, based on who/what we want to be. We looked up and saw birds and imagined angels flying with wings. And then we built our own wings. So now we can fly too. That is the power of humanity; the ability to turn dreams into reality. The writer of Genesis realized this when writing about the tower of Bav'el; that human beings, working together, could accomplish anything.

And why not?

We are the product of millions of years of evolution selecting from different species which would be the highest form of life on this planet. The downside is that, because our ancestors (animals) still exist in our DNA, we still have the capacity to act like them. We have to consciously choose to be better, consistently and continually, until those behaviors fade into historic memory. So it's more than just having spare time. It's using that time as an opportunity to choose. This goes back to the garden of Eden construct and the two trees like the two hemispheres of our brains.

Animals, including pets, are rather preoccupied with base level of survival:
"When is my next meal?"
"I need to sleep to conserve my energy for the hunt."
"I smell the scent of another animal who could compete with me for my source of food."
"I need to practice and train so I can be a better hunter. Humans mistake this as me playing."
"I need to exercise so I wont be too slow to catch my prey."

These are kind of like default programs that are part of their "Operating System"

Animals, it seems, don't have to teach their young how to be a cat, or how to be a dog, or how to be a lion. Even separated from their parents while their babies, their behavior still follows what is normal for their species with the divergence of behavior in captivity vs behavior in the wild.

Animal brains remember a lot of things but their capacity for everything we associate with sentience is limited. Beyond what they think and feel at any moment their behavior is kind of a repetitious cycle of different thoughts that evolve from survival instincts. These instincts seem to be passed by DNA. So things like "fight or flight", we still have that.

So yes, we are special. But I think what makes us special is because we choose to be.

Animals choose the Tree of life. But what does that mean? Eternal life? I don't believe life was eternal for the individual organism because of how DNA replicates. However, there is eternal life in the species. If you were to consider the species as one person, then that person splits off (like cellular mitosis) and reproduces in a way that he has eternal life. And it is interesting because Adam isn't simply the name for one person but is also the name for our species.

And I think this is key because we have individual thoughts about ourselves, as well as collective thoughts. But who are we? Are we ONLY the individual parts? Or are we also, and simultaneously the collective whole? When referring to myself, are all my trillions of cells not included? This applies to some of what GA was saying about the nature of the universe.

Back to human sentience...

But we can choose to do self-destructive things, not realizing that we are both Russia and Ukraine. That is one of the unifying messages behind the language construct of "InI". "InI" recognizes the I in everyone. The universe has the same spirit of life that fills us all. And to some degree, when we stop and reflect, we can feel that natural connection; that 'energy' that flows through us. This is getting dangerously close to my personal beliefs as a Jedi so let me digress, lol.

But going back to our choices, we can choose life and simply be ignorant of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. But the more knowledge we have the more we have to balance it with love-which is what I believe you said before. Choosing the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, itself, is not the problem. The problem is that having knowledge = having power. And all power comes with responsibility. The same strength a man has to beat his wife can be used to protect her. Which one is righteous? We wouldn't have any clue if we only choose life. We only understand what is righteous because we choose knowledge.

And this is what, as the bible says, makes us like gods.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/4/2022 11:32:07 AM

GA: I think the Universe itself may be aware of itself..... But on a grandiose scale of time and space that our 'superior' human minds could never contemplate or imagine. This also leads onto the question of in a universe so big does one believe there are no other creatures with frontal lobe typical human level contemplation and cognition? If we remember each star in our observable sky is another Sun type body with orbiting planets and so on...and they say we can only observe less than 10 percent of the universe using sciences best methods. Idk iah ... We are only a bunch of energized primordial elements, which are shared throughout the universe bound by the same laws. Id put my money on Yes i think the odds favour it.


Much respect!

After I stopped resisting the idea of evolution, my brain started trying to "integrate" this idea and 'that'. We tend to take 2 things and process them, in order to gain some far more complex understanding. And this is why I do want to influence others to consider ALL of human knowledge. Because not only can we then take it to new levels, but we can also be the ones to guide it with positive vibes, ethics, morality... love. If this is all left up to "western minds" then what you will get is science bowing down to western intentions and agenda. Fortunately, this isn't the case but things are different from when science was originally taught in the ancient world. Science was taught by the priests. And they used creative symbolism (right brain) in order to help learn logical fact (left brain). Their "religions" simply integrated it into ONE. We have steadily lost this, over time, because of the power/authority involved, such that religion was spun into its own thing that negated science and logic. And science spun off into its own universe of sorts, negating religious ideas that probably weren't meant to be taken literally and therefore moving forward without all of the moral implications that spirituality considers.

So let me say this about the primordial elements...


Previously I said consciousness requires a medium. I still believe this is the case. But study the medium of the brain and zoom in. It's not a solid object of densely packed material. Sometimes, the way we view size... is greatly prejudiced by the size/scale of our own eyes. Take an ant. What if you could simply expand the ant, moving each of its atoms slightly further away from each other? Is it possible that the ant could grow to the size of a city? A country? Maybe even a planet?

When we compare a diamond to a sugar crystal... a diamond is densely packed and therefore stronger. What GA said about energy, in the beginning, is very true. When energy is tightly packed, which could be called a lower vibration, it appears as a solid object. Think about water being condensed into ice and how air expands in a hot air balloon when heated.

The "size" of the universe has gotten bigger... but because of expansion. That doesn't mean there is "new" energy. The composition of an atom, to me, is the same as a solar system. So when you accept the idea that "energized primordial elements" can evolve and they can evolve the ability to think... evolve consciousness... then the universe, as a whole, always had the... "medium" to contain consciousness. In fact, I'm not suggesting that all light contains information but... light can be used to communicate and we send most of our communication through fiber optic cables. LIGHT.

So what if light... and I'm speculating dealing with my opinion not a scientific fact, has a 'code' or language or patterns, sequences, that constantly communicate intelligence?

Click link for more

How is it that... "math" is expressed in how things grow?


Although math and I only get along on the basic level, I recognize that math is a universal language. We can speak a thousand different languages on earth but even aliens can understand 2+2=4. Because it is universally true.

So what if light is sending mathematical sequences, using planetary bodies as a medium with suns providing the power? I don't know. What I do know is that neurons in the brain seem to mimic this. Therefore... if energized primordial elements are exposed to light, in time, they may learn from this universal language, form reflexes, later instincts, and later even what we'd call intelligence. What if our ancestors studied the stars because they saw it as an early "internet" of information? a network of en-light-enment?

Click link for more


So to me, the question is do we simply compare all other life forms to ourselves? Or do we look at all the degrees in between the in-between of what consititues life and intilligence?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/4/2022 12:09:57 PM

astral empress:

kingman: “if whales are truly conscious, if whales are so advanced, then why don’t they cooperate more meaningfully with human efforts to learn about them?”

empress: ”like humans, certain whale species have spindle neurons!”

kingman: “will you please explain how that answers the question that i asked?”

First of all, much respect to the empress. I must say, I have always enjoyed your husband's reasoning. In my mind he is an exceptional human being and I wish we had 10,000 more just like him. He is very wise and considerate; a very good balance of both logic and love. Much respect.

And then secondly, I can see why he loves you. I can see why you are both a powerful team, evidence for how we think better in pairs because we can debate different sides of a single issue and all the experience of one side, being different, adds a different dimension, that the other side, through their relationship, can appreciate and respect... and its just a beautiful thing and I hope you bless us with your reasoning more often.

Harmony... that's the key.

If I may politely enter into this conversation, if you would please allow me to, I'd like to answer the king's question.

"Why should they?"

This answer is almost stupidly simplistic. We often see ourselves through a very innocent lens and often we wonder why others aren't "nicer" to us. But why aren't we nicer to them? Humans are natural competitors with Whales. Humans get food from the same oceans whales live in without actually living there. From my house hundreds of miles inland I'm eating from the buffet table of their oceans. Every other animal has to eat where they live (unless they are pets and zoo animals who have limited freedom).

Yesterday showed an old 1997 movie to my children, called Princess Mononoke. In it, there is a conflict between the human and animal races. Humans are destroying the forest to access minerals to make iron. The animals are trying to defend it and plant trees to replace what was lost. The animals could talk and had a kind of hierarchal lineage from gods and if their leaders were killed the lessers would turn stupid. So they were fighting for the environment and for their own survival.

I would like to think that the smarter animals would have some concept of humanity posing a threat to their environments. For them, it's kind of like they are "black people" and humans are "white people". We enslave animals. We make them work for us. We eat almost all of them. We exploit them for our entertainment. We disconnect them from their families and ancestors. We take their homes and build roads where their houses once were. We even take them from the continents their races were born in and put them on display in our zoos.

If we, as humans, can barely tolerate other humans who do these things to other humans, why should animals tolerate and even work with us if that's how they might see us? And if they don't see us this way, then are they not ignorant of our "dominion"?

My cats have accepted me into their tribe even more than they accept each other. My first cat has known me longer than the second cat. I've had her since she was a kitten and she can see that I am part of her survival. We just got a new second cat last year. He tried to make friends but she's only slowly learning how to live with him more than just tolerating his presence. But this, to me, is complex thought. It's one of the reasons I prefer cats. Many like dogs because they follow commands. Me, I'd rather the animal not be such a slave and have a lot of independence. And clearly, cats have their own opinions about who and what they like and whether or not every human is a threat; often reading a human's intentions from a mile away. I like that level of complicated and I like trying to communicate with them. But I always realize that, to them, I'm a 6'2 giant of a whole different race, and so I have to show them my intentions and maintain their trust.

So on one hand, they're smart enough to do what we say. When I call her (Nala) from outside she comes. But on the other hand, "why should they?"

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/4/2022 12:58:54 PM

BCIF: All animals are sentient or conscious beings including goats and cows and horses and chicken and pigs. All are capable of making their own decisions regarding anything including diet, friendship or even where to sleep.

There is no such thing as unconsciousness when it comes to living creatures!

-end quote-

animal - a living organism that feeds on organic matter, typically having specialized sense organs and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to stimuli.

I think if we're using this definition you're absolutely right because the nervous system allows the organism to respond to stimuli; therefore it is "conscious" of its environment.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 4/4/2022 1:47:40 PM

Yes I and they also have souls , these animals, because there is a heaven and paradise for the animals where they don't have to kill each other or die at the hands of bloodthirsty humans but live their full age years and die peacefully. I tend to think the souls of animals are angels of heaven who are having the earth experience who are reincarnated again and again as animals in a chaotic universe but that is just my thoughts

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/4/2022 4:30:49 PM

@Black Christ

maybe you're right. But maybe we're all in a simulation and therefore we can go in and out of different bodies at will, just like logging in and out of an avatar but with all the memories belonging to the avatar with the option of downloading some kind of fragments of that life at the end, or being changed by that experience before going into another?

I had more to say but the system isn't really letting me.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/4/2022 4:32:12 PM

And the bible could be interpreted in a way that is friendly towards reincarnation. But it could also be speaking of the spirit in a figurative sense. In other words... It can use the name David for a person coming from David's linage. We are all Adam coming from Adam's lineage. But at the same time there is another figurative interpretation (Romans 5:14) which is simply one of "likeness" or "similitude".

1 Corinthians 15:45, Hebrews 7:15

Messenger: astral empress Sent: 4/4/2022 10:40:26 PM

greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty

give thanks for the kind words IPXninja

much Raspect!

looking forward to responding more when i can

also calling out to other Empresses to post here. what do ini intuit?

Empress Menen Bless
Emperor Haile Selassie I Bless

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 4/5/2022 1:55:37 AM

Hahaha lol Ipx ninja I would love to see you enter a different body at will, say a dog, or a pig and perform something unique in that body. Furthermore the only entity I know that can possess another body are the fallen angels (demons) who people call aliens but really are satans thrown out of heavens and these are beings vibrating at very high frequency and can willfully possess a living creatures and perform deeds like murder and suicide, though normally they only possess high ranking persons in society and people with authority in a formal setting and the obeah man (witch doctor) You see InI don't fear the system and say what I have to say. The whole a them superior people a serpent vermin demon alien.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/5/2022 2:53:49 PM

Scientific knowledge and knowledge of the oneness of InI HAS to balance.

Rastafari confound dem.

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