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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/20/2022 2:39:49 AM

Melchezidek, Cedric isnt going to watch your video and has invited you to give a description of its contents. One or the other has to happen, or left it where. It is brethren.

King Jam, tek back your reasoning, see how unuh deter the original creator of the reason suh😂;😭;🔥;

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/21/2022 2:06:40 AM

Blessed loves, I have already explained some important things that was in that video. I am not saying to watch that video anymore. There are lots of factual information out there that was in that video. That video is not important. What is important is that you get Russian news from the Russians. Get American news from the Americans. And we see this war game is fake. Both sides are controlled by the same bankers. They are pushing inflation up. As for my confused brother IPXninja, I would say have a look at this whole fake war from the Russian side too as well and try to make up the truth for yourself. Remember what I said in the start, that I am not taking sides and that we should not fall for this war to take any side. Because they are pushing us against each other. Rasta is about love. Love your enemies. Love your neighbours. Love your brother. I respect ones and ones and am sorry I man come out so fast to bash, but not show niceness. Please, look at the Russian news then see how Ukraine is attacking their own civilians and blaming it on Russia. Look at all the Neo-Nazi influence. My brother that is confused, sorry for not guiding you sooner. Look at the Russian news for what is happening in Russia. And yes, Cedric, the man is also right, that tell lie vision is filled with lies. But you have to see it both ways to know the lies and also how the rich uses privately funded news channels to push out their propaganda. So blessed loves and be true to Rasta. I am not taking any sides in this war. Don't get me wrong. I take the truth and need less priced fuel and food. For I and I don't support inflation. These bankers want inflation so they can turn over a profit. That is how there mammon system works. All things good. I am sorry if I came out like a fool the other day. All I am saying is to be true to Rasta. Blessed love

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/21/2022 3:15:37 AM

GARVEYS AFRICA, Cedric is correct that about clicks. But this creator of the video says he does not get a cent. But there is no need to watch that video or any of his made before. Some of that same guys videos made after that one explains a bit more. I see his other videos have some interesting information about many things. But now I am not saying to trust that man. I am saying to know what that man is saying, for all we know, he could be right about alot of things, but can also be a mocker of the Emperor, I don't know. But I man is not saying that creator of that video is wrong about the war and many other things. Just saw he wrote a comment under one of his videos mocking the Emperor. Now I see many Ethiopians comment about the Emperor, saying he a bad guy. Now I and I not going to get involved with that. All I say is that we should know and learn to know more about what is going on.

Cedric, I also don't see why many people are against the Emperor. I never saw that video about the Emperor, but all I say is that many people write negative comments about the Emperor. Some even made a video of his statue getting destroyed.

Now what I man is saying is that don't let any man or woman lead you away from the magnificent works of the Emperor, no matter how much truth they have to say about many other things.

Blessed loves

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/21/2022 4:13:58 AM

Sorry IPXninja, and when I say fake war I mean the Russian invasion is fake. There are a lot of fake videos on social media like twitter. And even the western news comments on this fake media. That is what I am saying is fake. What is on the Russian side is what I am saying, look on the Russian news, they're saying there are a lot of fake videos going around, and when that the Ukrainian forces are bombing there own civilians. And the United States of America and the president of it named Joe Biden is helping to fund, with U.S. tax payers money, the Neo-Nazi groups. What I am saying is that Biden and American dollars are being used to fund this terrorism that is really destroying people. Ukrainians forces are bombing their own people and blaming it on Russia. The reality about it is that the inflation is going up and people are really suffering. Russian military operations are there to help Ukrainians be free from the western powers of globalism. Blessed love

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/24/2022 10:30:14 AM

Sorry, but I don't believe you have any sincerity in discussing this issue. But sure, the Academy Award goes to you for trying to get the mods on your side.

But you're not saying anything different. You're just inserting your own reality in a slightly less egregious way. Personally, I don't care if the mods hide this post. The truth, as I will keep telling it, is that White Supremacy has already shown itself to be pro-Putin. And unlike Cedric, who I respect immensely, I do watch TV. I simply do not watch like a sheep. I pay attention to all sides and all propaganda. This tells me who is working with who because the propaganda is the SAME. The talking points are the same. You cannot have the same agenda as Tucker Carlson or other white nationalists, across the entire spectrum of politics, and then we're all just supposed to pretend that there is no White Supremacy agenda. No... people do not naturally agree with each other so perfectly on so many different issues without having a common and organized agenda. It's simply not possible.

It's just that when agents go into black online communities, and I know from experience this isn't the only one they infiltrate, they know they can't sell us on their agenda so they push us to doubt everything on the "left" because that is the other side that pushes back against their agenda. They hate liberals because liberals want to change the system while they want to "conserve" it... keep it the same. That's why they are "conservatives". So their goal is to silence our political voice by either making us vote for their candidates or simply don't vote. This is what their agents are here for.

These agents know that there is an effect of constantly pushing "information" that mostly amounts to conspiracy theories, but they push it as if it is real news and that you can't trust journalism. But this idea is false. White people do not go to college to get a degree in journalism for the purpose of lying to their own friends and family. That makes no sense at all. America isn't Russia. That doesn't mean journalists get every story right, but you can't use their mistakes to discredit their entire profession. This is like saying because one farmer has a bad crop, all farmers are bad and cannot grow anything.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/24/2022 11:00:30 AM

In Russia there is a new law that says "fake news" is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

You shouldn't blindly believe what the US says about Russia. However, when Russia is creating laws to shut up its own citizens and keep them from speaking out and saying anything they disagree with... well you might want to pay attention to that.

Russians have been protesting since the "invasion", yes invasion, started. Russia and Ukraine are like America and Canada. Many Russians have friends and family members that are Ukrainian. All you have to do us use just a fraction of logic. You want to believe Ukraine choose to attack RUSSIA?? You want to believe Ukraine is attacking its own citizens? WHY? This is not "Reasoning" at all. It is propaganda. No one here has any logical reason to believe that a weaker country would attack a stronger country, one that has nukes, or suddenly start killing their own people just to "frame Russia".

And this is the problem with a lot of conspiracy theories. They can be made to service an agenda. They often make NO SENSE. Even the belief that an agent has that we would believe this garbage is literally offensive to me because it's the same as saying he believes we're stupid. It is an insult to our intelligence and understanding of global politics and interests and even geography.

And this agent wants us to specifically listen to Russian news.

"look on the Russian news"

This is a 180 degree flip from any other day when, in order to support conspiracy theories, the agent has to say "not listen to the news". On no, but the Russian news has more journalistic integrity?


Putin rules Russia with fear so it was inevitable that if Russian news started reporting the truth Putin would crack down on it and make sure there was no "Free Press". The Russian news I listen to are Russian journalists who brave new regulations in order to speak out at great risk to themselves.

Before you judge the press, you have to understand the importance of a free press in society. The free press reports on tyranny. Without the free press, information can be unreliable because it can follow the biases of whoever is telling the story. When white people teach their children American history, they control the narrative in a way that creates more conservatives because they cast every other group as a problem that they had to overcome in their "quest for freedom".

Similarly Putin thought this invasion would be over quickly with little resistance. And he thought that he could control the narrative, but it backfired. People have the internet. People now have the means to share their experiences and that is what is winning this war for Ukraine.

It's no different from when black people are armed with cell phones and racist cops now have to think twice, think about who is around, and whether they're being recorded or not, because they can't control the narrative if there's a recording. Do you see? It is the same with Putin. He cannot control the narrative. And this new law will only backfire as well because people will see the lengths he's going to in order to hide the truth.

This war is being fought on the battlefield as well as in the court of public opinion. The right-wing fringe has long been supporters of Vladimir Putin because they see Russia as a white homeland type of state and a model of what they would like to have in the future, in America. They believe Putin ideologically agrees with them just like David Duke (KKK wizard) ideologically agreed with Donald Trump. It's all connected and at this point should be painfully obvious to those paying full attention.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/24/2022 11:29:26 AM

Additional sources:

(which says Russia is blocking access to social media)

But Putin is the good guy, right?

Since when does the "good guy" block access to free speech?

So why is this even a question? What is there to even reason about which side is right and which is wrong? Just listen to Russians who have friends and family in Ukraine.

Do you not see the crowds of Russian people in this video who are protesting? And the Russian police coming to stop them? The Russian people do not want this. But many are being lied to by a fascist government.

But the key is that Putin believes that Ukraine is an ILLEGITIMATE state. At least this is what he says and so all these lies are simply designed to justify his invasion to take control if not fully annex Ukraine like they did Crimea FROM Ukraine.

See the timeline:

Once you understand this timeline... and understand this was made in 2015 and you hear the statement at the end saying, "and may have his eye on the rest of Ukraine" then how can you not see this current war as EXACTLY that? It was predictable and therefore predicted. The rest is history.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/24/2022 7:13:50 PM

Xp your clearly anti Putin

Not everybody sees it that way including iself. That doesn't mean i am an agent or less logical in i reason and thought. We can reason without the mud slinging. White Supremacy IS the western power by definition. This is BRICS vs Nato and the US (white supremacy) in all aspects to I who as previously stated, see Russia-Ukraine similar to Ethiopia-Eritrea in terms of foreign influence and propaganda, and in terms of two country of the same peoples. His Majesty ANNEXED them and their seperation foolishness and kept it moving... Leading to a 30 year plus war. So dem say.

Brics vs Nato/US is the reason why everyone so fraid of China response yet that was almost expected. BRICS is becoming ever a threat to the Western heirarchy

White peoplee soon wipe demself from the Earth.

InI must trust NBC and CNN sources as much as those same western media outlets who criticized His Majesty as a tyrant for his alleged role in the Eritrean war of independence.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/25/2022 12:49:51 AM

Putin is not the bad the guy. Ukraine is bombing their own civilians. Russia is bringing them freedom from the war that started 8 years ago. This is not a war of Russia vs Ukraine. This is Ukrainian vs Ukrainian. The Neo-Nazis in Ukraine is being funded by Biden and USA tax payers money. With your tax payers money you are destroying the civilians. Stop supporting the terrorist Neo-Nazi western propaganda. You are making your own people suffer higher prices. Blessed

Messenger: King Jam Sent: 3/25/2022 5:15:00 PM

Life must go on. until that day a come.

keep faith and strong
selassie love is one

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