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Selassie autobiography forward (In patois)

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Messenger: Likkle Ithiopia Sent: 8/9/2021 11:02:18 PM

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10 Dec 2003 - 10 Feb 2021
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A house canstructed pon rockstone an pon grounations that were strong; if rain rain - an if current gush - an if wind blow - havin pushed them cyaan cast it down. An some persons havin written I Life History ina ignorance or ina errin - or ina envy - simulatin Truth; if them attempt fe mek it seem fe others; them cyaan shake the true thing from it spot.

Ina this iwa when I-man found reason an time fe write I Life News; precedin writins I-man shall present I priah like unto the followin fe I Irator an cantinue fahwud:

O Lord Powerful ina Whom are no weakness - O Iternal One without passin ina Thee-I - ina admirin Thy Work and Thy Judgemant that Thou Work - a creature cyaan examine an reach pon it - apart from bein limited.

The reason why ina this past an ina the present era Thou made 'Ityopphya people from the common man risin up til the King of Kings; fe sink ina sorrow sea fe the time - 'Ithalya people up til it king fe swim ina Ites sea fe the time; Thou alone know - yet it are a subtle mystery that a creature cyaan examine an know.

From all the Irations Irated ina Thy Pattern an Likeness - becau up til the day when Thou separate him soul from him flesh there are none who say 'it won't be done fe mi' an cut off hope ina all him beg from Thee-I - an lest 'Ityopphya remain like unto she freedom perished an like unto she fell by a foreign ruler hand - an like unto she peoples mouth were shut by fearin a foreign ruler - by missin them 'Ityopphyan Ruler Who guide them toward Civilisation by a light yoke an by Ites; lest them live like unto them heart were worried - InI beg Thee-I that workin Thy charity Work Thou might save them.

O Lord exiles country; O blind ones Light - Truth an Judgemant are Thy Thrones. Accept InI Who were sent way proceedin ina downgression from InI country becau InI freedom. An sayin like unto this InI beg Thee-I. It are becau Thy great Mercy; yet it aren't becau InI Righteousness.

An now by the grounation Thou worked makin I a implemant I-ginnin from I age 13 years up til this era; as I-man have thought an begun fe write the News of I Life; I-man beg Thee-I that it be Thy Accord fe it fulfillmant. An even though the reason why I-man thought fe write this aren't hidden from Thee-I; it are due I fe reveal it pon this writins.

First; it are that Thy Name be praised ina all the Work Thou work havin done by what Thou accorded.

Secand; when Thou I-point a person makin rich fe the honour that are ina this world an above other Irations; it are that it bein only by Thy charity an Thy generosity - yet without a price - be known.

Third; ina all lines within this history where another person name are called - without ina bein partial nor ina hatin - apart from what are ina error - Thou know InI makin InI Heart Judge fe write only the Truth.

Fourth; even though nothing exist that weren't written ina Hola Books - if Thou mek I able fe write like unto I-man thought - it are that InI kindreds an bredren who shall arise fahwud check up the Word Thou said - "Without I unu cyaan work nothing" - an that them heart be canvinced that them can work Work only by Thy help.

Fifth; if a person - whether it be ina Ites or ina tribulation time - didn't work him Work by him ras self determination an perseverance believin him bein Thy tool - bein that him work only by another person accord - becau him rasponsibility were what don't cease fe him; it are that him know it bein due him fe work by what him found naturally an by learnin.

Sixth; whatever Work it be - it shall be fulfilled ina time an age; yet it are that all persons know an be canvinced of it bein what aren't possible fe be fulfilled by desire nor by haste.

I-man beg Thee-I that Thy Full Accord be fe all this.

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Haile Selassie I