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Mask Wearing is for the BUFFOON

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/27/2020 11:57:49 AM

This film shows you the progression of the virus and the information that came about about it, the mass graves, etc. If you don't want to believe its real it is only because you are firmly planting your head in the sand, or because your brain has been hacked by conspiracy theories designed to control your political power. But even more insipid is any plan which targets the black community, to get us to stop wearing masks when Asians have been wearing masks for many years in order to prevent the spread of viruses.

Mel: The plan was to rob the poor and to make them suffer. The plan is to make everyone poor. The plan was to destroy everyone's jobs.

That is moronic and false. If everyone is poor then no one can buy the products that make people rich. No one wins. That's called mutually assured destruction and there is no valid conspiracy that will ever use this.

Mel: They seek to reduce the global spread of population.

You cannot say they want to decrease the population and that the virus doesn't exist at the same time. It's a contradiction; one that shows YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT THIS COMMUNITY! The more you talk the more you reveal yourself. If your argument is that they're trying to kill people, you don't do that with a fake virus. You do that with a real one. But you are advocating that we take ZERO precautions to be safe from this virus. So that means you are all for decreasing the population as long as its our population that's decreasing.

Mel: Masks can't stop you from getting this virus.

Dude! I thought you said there was no virus. Now you're saying masks can't stop you from getting it?! Which is it? You are clearly confused which of your conspiracy theories to use here. But yet you keep talking like you know everything. That's the arrogance of a white supremacist. It shows us that you DO know what you're talking about and you're NOT ignorant as you claim to be. You simply want us to die and you keep on proving it. You don't have to keep proving it to us. We got your message loud and clear. You're a terrible agent.

Mel: The virus can go right through the mask.

False. The reason you can smell your breath in the mask is because the particles in your breath that produce odor get trapped in the material. It's not that viruses cannot get through at all, it simply slows them down so that they fall to ground faster than if you didn't have a mask on. When you combine this with 6 feet of social distancing, the virus is far less likely to enter another person's body at dangerous levels.

There are also different types of masks. The N95 masks are used by doctors and nurses. If they didn't work then everyone at the hospital, without exception, would be contagious. This isn't the case. As I've said numerous times my sister is a doctor and she has not yet contracted covid-19 at work. So combine patients wearing regular masks to slow the virus leaving the body with doctors wearing N95 masks to prevent the virus getting in and that's why they're able to do their jobs. For the rest of us, wearing masks is more about prevention by keeping YOU from spreading it to others. If others do the same then YOU are also less likely to get it. That's basic logic. But again, you know this. You simply think that black people are stupid and don't have basic logic. You're wrong.

Let's look at two completely contradictory statements.

Mel: This virus enters your eyes.
Mel: There is no virus.

I agree with one thing Mel says.

Mel: Stop sleeping.

Yes... we do need to wake up and everyone needs to realize that racism and white supremacy have been fueled under Trump and there are agents of white supremacy who will come into our communities and organizing efforts to sow division, radicalize people to extremism to create the conditions for a race war, and also spread misinformation to try and get us to kill ourselves. So if anyone isn't aware of this, you need to wake up. War is already upon you. But its a cyber war.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/27/2020 11:59:55 AM

No, you are wrong.

Fooled by this world.

The time will come where you will be begging for the truth.

These are evil people that you are listening to.

Stop discriminating against the sick.

It's people like you that wants us all to suffer for your lives to be easier that are messing up this planet.

Your very own leaders that you follow will bring you down to destruction.

How, how gullible you are to believe that this virus is real.

The left will kill everyone of you.

The left is terrorist region

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/27/2020 12:03:56 PM

That film is drain waste.

I don't watch such lies.

The whole world is full of it.

I try to seperate myself from the world.

Everywhere there is just fake news.

The whole world is being mis-informed.

The earth is misleading everybody into destroying itself.

There is no virus

That picture is a fake picture.

No one has seen the virus.

Fire burn the Pope in Rome

More fire


Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/27/2020 12:07:12 PM

IPXninja, you are not correct. Your time will come when you will want the truth but won't find it.


Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/27/2020 12:15:47 PM

IPXninja, what a waste of time to watch the videos you posted. Smells worse that the pig manure. Is that the stuff they feed you today?

No wonder why the world is a mess.

You all bow to Billy Gates and his master the devil.

IPXninja, you should be ashamed of yourself for supporting this virus nonsense.

This lies are made up by the Pope.

IPXninja, you should be ashamed of yourself for obeying this world. You should be ashamed of yourself for obeying the Pope. Your time will come when you will want the truth, but wouldn't find it. It will be too late for you to realise that the left has been playing you all along. Freeup yourself. You read the Bible? Don't you know that the evilness rules this world. You are being ruled by this world.

IPXninja, you are being ruled by evilness.

Don't follow the orders of this world.

Don't obey the new normal or any new orders.

This is the Pope or Rome that is ruling here.

Get out of the ways and teachings of this world.

Get out of babylon.


Ras TafarI

JAH Bless

Most High


Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/27/2020 12:43:25 PM

IPXninja, to care about the community means to not let everyone wear a mask.

The sick need it the most.

Now there are no more masks left.

It's all lies.

Can't you see that?

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/27/2020 12:51:48 PM

IPXninja, if we all don't wear masks, the sooner the better. Everyone can get on with their lives. But certain individuals like billy gates wants us all to buy into his products. His vaccination is what the governments are pushing for.

So we all make billy more rich, by injecting his poison into our bodies.

Don't you know that your body is the temple of the Lord?

So why inject, or make it a test subject to billy and the government.

The governments job is not to force us to take certain measures.

That is the job of the devil.

The governments are supposed to protect our freedoms. Instead they are threatening us with more deaths.

The left killed millions.

And the left will kill millions more.

The sooner we get on with our lives, the better it is for the overall human society as a whole.

JAH Bless


Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/27/2020 1:08:57 PM

IPXninja, thank you so much for letting me know that billy gates is in a conspiracy, and conspires to vaccinate the whole world. Many lost their jobs, while billy gets guaranteed rich. Don't listen to the government. The governments are pushing this vaccine. Can't you see that he's trying to be a hero. They made this problem in the first place.

The reason why I mentioned the virus is because the information that comes with it is stupid. There is no virus. Feel free to believe in the virus if you can, but right now, many people and I can't afford to.

We have to get on with our lives.

My advice to the others,

Get on with your lives.

Get back to normal.

The sooner the better.

And if there is a virus, this is the only way to beat it.

Don't believe billy. He just wants to make himself look like the hero so he can get more rich.

Many people have lost their jobs and places to stay.

Many people don't have a place to stay because of rich billy trying to get more rich.

IPXninja, don't think that you're the only smart one here. I have seen you look past many wise words, calling them in your own words what you think of them, never allowing the person to actually get his or her point across.

But its okay, it's irie, one day the I will taste the truth and then feel how it feels to be lied to by the very government that you chose to be.

Yes I

It feels junk to support the left, o ly to realise that they have been lying to you this whole time, living off your hard earned money that they taxed and then they give it all to billy.

Fire will one day burn the left.

That's all for now.

Feel free to post, but don't disrespect my wishes.

If the I don't know, feel free to ask kindly, I might answer it.

But for,

JAH Bless.

Fire burn the Pope in Rome

More fire upon the Vatican

Fire burn the wicked


Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/27/2020 4:39:52 PM

Don't wear a mask.

This is called herd immunity.

The sooner we achieve natural herd immunity, the better humans can be as a whole.

Go back to normal.

This is called natural herd immunity.

I'm not here to confuse.

Bring up the hopes.

Many are beating this "virus".

Just join (meaning ignore the stupid evil distancing) those that have and beat this virus naturally.

More fire


Messenger: Cedric Sent: 10/28/2020 1:16:41 PM

Bless up Kiwiman

I liked the I's post #50 on the page of posts 41-50

Interesting reasoning on sports. I had never really sighted which cultures incorporated sports into their state affairs.

I remember reading about the Aztec that played a serious game that was more like a battle, correct? I man can't recall if Mayan people played a similar game or not.

Native people where I man live play the game of Lacrosse which was played as a serious competition but I don't think had life or death implications like the Aztec. Certainly not sacrificial.

I man know sports are loved by many but ultimately I man sight that babylon uses them as a distraction and another way to induce complacency among InI. I exercise often, and injoy playing sports from time to time, but I man never really been interested to follow any national sports as an adult.

Bless Up for the reminder to look to Iself to create positive change today and forIver.

Blessed Love


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