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Mask Wearing is for the BUFFOON

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Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/23/2020 2:05:23 AM

Blessed I and I

Don't wear a mask.

The Pandemic is a lie. The hospitals are killing millions. The communists will kill millions more. Free health care is free death care. They are killing you in the hospitals. This virus does not exist. The coronavirus is a fake virus. There is no physical proof that this "coronavirus" does exist. There is no evidence of this "virus". The coronavirus is a cover up that they are killing millions of innocent people. Don't wear a mask.

Fire burn the Pope in Rome

More fire upon the Vatican

Fire burn the wicked


Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/23/2020 2:44:26 AM

The I might ask why are they killing millions of people?

The coronavirus is sun worship. In order to control the masses they have to make a sacrifice to the sun god. Hunger, famine and death is what they are working for. Many are tricked and don't know about the new world orders.

To control the masses they make you scared of the news. Fake news, that is, main stream news are fearmongering.

Don't be afraid of this fake virus. They just want us all dead so the little higher people at the top of the socialist triangle gets to rule and make the decisions. We are just their slaves.

The wicked man on top of the socialist triangle is the one they want us all to bow to. This is pagan sun worship at its best.

The Coronavirus means Sun Worship and translated into English is the Eye of the Sun, or literally the Ring around the Sun. This is pagan sun worship at its best.

All religions have united and bowed down to the mark of the beast. They have all bowed down to pagan idols.

Let I take the I them to Revelation chapter 13, verse 8; where it says all that dwell upon the earth shall worship the mark of the beast and his image. The whole world is gone astray. The world bowed down to the pagan babylonian idols. The New Order of the new normal is an old order of ancient babylon where an idol was erected in the midst of the world, and the whole earth had to worship and pay tribute to this idol. Don't wear a mask! Don't bow down to Babylon.

Fire burn the Pope in Rome!

More fire upon the Vatican!

Fire burn the wicked!

To all the I them,

Jah bless.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/23/2020 2:14:49 PM

Dear Agent whoever you are,

It's not going to work. No one here is foolish enough to believe you.

You just said: "To control the masses they make you scared of the news."

Here are the list of things you are trying to use to make everyone here scared so that you can control them:

"The hospitals are killing millions."
"The communists will kill millions more."
"Free health care is free death care."

and what is the control you are seeking?

"Don't wear a mask."

Because you want people to die. And if millions of people listened to you it would be YOU, not communists, responsible for killing millions. But show me a link where you are saying this in the white community. Show me a link where you are telling all your white friends not to wear a mask. I bet you can't because this message isn't for them.

But I have to thank you. Having an agent tell my people, in my presence, to essentially go kill themselves, has inspired me to start a website to counteract social hacking/engineering. I think I'm also going to use it to teach people about white supremacy and how it operates; including how some individuals take on the role of agents. So you will be the inspiration for that lesson.

And all I'm going to do on the site is take these false claims and shoot them down with facts so that people can see that they're being lied to. But it's not just a lie. People need to understand it's manipulation. It's lying with a purpose. You're not lying to get OUT of trouble. You're lying to get people IN trouble. You're lying because if you people believe you there's no way you can get in trouble for killing them. But not to worry, I'll still think of you as an attempted murderer.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/23/2020 2:40:07 PM

Here's a preview:

The agent of white supremacy will lie to you saying something like "The Coronavirus means Sun Worship and translated into English is the Eye of the Sun, or literally the Ring around the Sun. This is pagan sun worship at its best."

These liars and deceivers, trying to hack your brain, do so counting on you not second guessing them enough to research to see if what they're saying is true. They believe that someone out there will be lazy and be willing to think that the liar is the one who did the research because at this point they don't know them to be a liar. It's circular reasoning. If a person has to be exposed as a liar before you fact check them then they'll never be exposed. And the liar doesn't need many to believe them; just a few who will spread their lies for them so that the lie goes viral and so the future hearers of the lie will believe it based on the person they heard it from.

This is exactly how a virus works. The original host may not die from it but they carry it and other people get infected and they infect others.

So was corona mean sun worship? No. What the liar isn't telling you is that this definition of corona is not even the first or most relevant to the body. The first definition if you google the word, is under the subject of anatomy and it says "a part of the body resembling or likened to a crown." This comes from the latin word literally meaning crown or wreath.

So anything in that shape can be called a corona. The sun can have a similar structure but that structure is not called a corona because of the sun but rather because it also fits the anatomical shape of a crown or wreath. Solis is latin for sun. Not corona. And sun inspired names are everywhere. That doesn't equate to worship. What this agent is saying is equivalent to saying that anyone who owns a kawasaki bike is worshipping the golden calf because kaw sounds like cow. And a calf is just a young cow.

There are other definitions of corona in botany and architecture which you can see if you expand the google definition. So corona is not named after the sun but rather this circular shape.

"According to Queensland Health, virions give off the appearance of a crown when the virus is examined with an electron microscope."

Covid-19 is not the only coronavirus. Other coronaviruses were SARS and MERS. None of these were limited to the United States. The 'M' 'E' in MERS stands for Middle East. So coronaviruses are not new. So how is it that this agent is telling you that THIS one is fake, ignoring the other ones. And so if people were killed in hospitals and "communists" didn't kill millions more after any other the other coronaviruses then why would they start now? It's a ridiculous assertion that asks for the believer to be completely ignorant or live under a rock. But it also makes the agent look stupid as well because they're using the internet to reach people who all at least can use the internet to figure out that they're lying.

And trust, you have to KNOW you are lying to say the things the agent says because never once has this agent said, "oops. You're right about that. I was lied to."

That means the agent is not the sheep. The agent is the wolf.

Do you see? Peep game.

Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 10/24/2020 2:02:49 PM

Buju Banton response to Mask Wearing

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 10/25/2020 2:05:07 PM

Blessed Love Idren

That is hard to watch.

Always sad to see another King go astray and turn hypocrite.

I didnít think I would live to see the day that Rastafari People put the well being of their own people aside to follow their own vain ambitions and lament and weep for the whore babylon.

"Who ago dead fi dead and who ago live just live"

Then he goes on to lament and ask what have the ďintellectualsĒ done for all the workers who are laid off and the businesses that have closed.

He chooses economy over life.

If he doesnít want to listen to science, maybe he should read his bible again, Revelation 18. If he doesnít want to read his bible maybe he should open his eyes and look at what is going on.

Wake UP! If oneís business or economy sector fails because it was too limited in its scope (relying on tourism for instance), one would still be ALIVE to work in a different industry. InI are trying to do our best to make sure that we stay ALIVE. Not have a job.

InI spend our whole lives chanting down babylon to rise up with a more perfect livity, and the first time their shytstem economy hiccups (BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE DYING) InI jump to lament the lost jobs? Doctors and nurses arenít out of work. I man as a self employed welder with I own business is not out of work. Maybe if oneís job was lost, it is a sign to wake up and change your program. Just because your bar canít serve alcohol to belligerent bald heads, or your concert event got cancelled, doesnít give you the right to go around outfecting those who are susceptible.

His love for us supersedes all this world has to offer. Lies.

Goes on to speak about public opinion of celebrities and the bizarre, illusionary relationship that babylon culture creates to pretend that we have a right to comment on them. WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH SCIENCE AND KEEPING INI PEOPLE ALIVE?

If there was a scientific reason to like Bill Cosby or Micheal Jackson to help keep I man alive, or increase the chance of I manís grandmother to stay alive, I WOULD DO THAT EVEN IF I DIDNíT WANT TO. This has nothing to do with public opinion or celebrity gossip. WAKE UP!

I like a lot of Buju Bantonís music and I will still listen to and injoy his songs. But as Ini Kamoze says about artists: If you nah real, me nah believe yuh.

Battle lines are being drawn as we speak, and InI can support the beast and babylon and its economy or we can support righteousness and more life for InI people.

In other real news, from a real person, who is a real Ras:
Hospitals in I man rural area are so full that if I need to go to the hospital for ANYTHING, InI in I community need to travel 5 HOURS away to the closest hospital that can accept 1 patient. WAKE UP!

Give thanks IPXninja for the Iís reasonings about identifying their thinly veiled racism. Bless Up.


Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/25/2020 6:49:12 PM

Blessed I

The coronavirus pandemic is a lie. There is no physical evidence that such a virus exists.

The governments are threatening us with extensive lockdowns!

The hospitals are killing millions!

The governments are threatening us that millions more will have to die!

More fire upon the Vatican

Fire burn the Pope in Rome

Blessed I

JAH Bless

Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 10/25/2020 7:23:02 PM

And just like a business activity needs broad immunity from death, our personal immunity needs to resist bodily death too.

If poor health causes our ability to provide sustenance for ourselves and our families to be weak, we must rely on the state to take care of us.

But often state care actually creates a weakness in self, and a continued reliance on the state. State contractors are cunning and set up revolving door care systems, for continued profits.

Give a man a fish vs teach a man to fish.

If everyone is [properly] taught good self care, nutrition and habits, corona and all the previous plagues would never have happened, as no one would have [created demand for] bought and eaten these unclean animal products. Neighborhoods would be less densely populated, and sewage and hygiene utilities would never be overwhelmed.

Babylon has created the conditions for these viruses to emerge and flourish, by not teaching proper self care, teaching the dangers of eating unclean flesh, and overgrounding of the babylon city slaves.

To avoid getting caught up in bad karma generated by the state, one must avoid the state. But then you miss out on any potential good karma too, like recording studios that reproduce spiritual reggae music, great restaurants, beautiful gardens, future spouses, academic institutions, technology like the interweb.....

In the future,, when cities are depopulated and nearly everyone lives in small sustainable villages and travelling around become almost non existent except by electric bicycles, the decentralisation of the food supply means we all have the garden of eden in our village, and we will not want to or need to leave our hometowns. 1000 years of peace.

Think globally act locally, make it happen now. We dont need to clump together and make domesticated animals clump together to feed us. Pull down all the farm fences. Global food production can be reduced to less than one quarter and we will all be healthier for it, including planet earth.

One world under Jah.

Praise Jah!

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/25/2020 8:27:37 PM

Blessed up I and I

Yes I

We have to keep ourselves clean. We can't put the Dead earth first ahead of human lives. The world believes it is better to kill millions than to let us all live. They believe the earth should be protected and the humans should all be put under lockdowns and those that don't obey the order of the beast will be put into concentration camps. Millions will die, and they will say it is for the better of the earth.

Yes, the state can't heal us and are not in control of us.

The decision is ours. We have allowed this to happen to us. We allowed them to kill a million. They will kill millions more. They're using this virus as a way to steal from the hard working people.

Under hard lockdowns no business will be open. They want us all to suffer. Many have lost their jobs.

They said it will only last two weeks.

We are now in this for nearly the whole year and they are still selling us the same old fake news about this deceitful covid pandemic that is not a real threat.

The real threat are the very few little families that are telling the government what to do. They are controlling us because we allowed the government to rule over us with illegal, unconstitutional actions.

That is right, lockdowns are illegal! The government will be arrested soon. They have gone into their own selfish wants of ruling over us (the people) and they have taken orders from a very few individuals who are trying to let us pay tribute to this evilness.

I won't let the state rule over us, as we own ourselves. We are responsible for our own health and the state can't decide for us what we should breathe or when we should breathe.

All our freedoms have been taken away from us, and yet they still are threatening us with more deaths if we don't obey their illogical and illegal lockdowns which are unconstitutional.

This is not a communist world!

We are responsible for our own health decisions. The government should protect our freedoms and constitution.

The governments are not doing what they are entitled to do.

Therefore the governments will be arrested.

Read what Marcus Garvey wrote,

"The bluff of Rome's new human Scourge"

"Has reached to Heaven's inner Gate;"

"We pray he will not cross the gorge"

"That shields our father's ancient State."

Fire burn the Pope in Rome

More fire upon the Vatican

Fire burn the wicked

Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 10/26/2020 1:22:45 AM

Jahs law is such that the wicked can die, rich or poor.

If ones health is weak, if we eat too much, if we take Babylon medicines which weaken the body, if we stay up late, lovers of the night, we can only blame ourselves. And our ancestors who did wrong pass on to us for 4 generations. Thanks mummy and daddy.

I dont wish death on anyone caught in the devils lies, esp young childrens, but this is gods way. The good seed will flourish and reproduce. The bad seed must not take root.

Jah sent the plagues upon the Egyptians. Jah have mercy on us all.

The UN is using the plague to kill tourism and travel, to stop it dead.

We cant burn the earth just to lie in the sun for 10days in winter. Plague or no plague, the death of tourism will be a good thing. Next will be sports. Big waste of time, money and resources. Think of all the extra work and taxes we could make for Babylon instead of sports! lol

Seriously though, the hebrews didnt do sports, it was the greeks and then the romans who built it into state policy.

Not all corona change is bad for rasta. Herb is legalising everywhere, young people are rejecting Babylon ideation, buying campervans and living in nature away from cities. Vegan increasing, natural products increasing. The rich are eyeing increased taxation.

Yes many still eat crap food, have stressful ideation lost in babylon confusion, and tax their health, they will die.

The numerical vibration of 2020 is creating massive change.

A numbers game. Yes blame Rome, but also look to oneself, it is there you can make healthy change today and everyday.

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