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BLM - Racism?

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Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/30/2022 12:26:20 AM

IPXninja, you have the wrong view of who I am.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/30/2022 6:18:33 AMHidden
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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/30/2022 9:42:26 AM

Then change my view. It's easy.

1. Stop contradicting yourself. If you are a man of science then don't fearmonger science you disagree with on the basis that some discoveries actually save lives.

2. You don't want me to think you are a conspiracy theorists? The stop listening and repeating conspiracy theories. Matter of fact, you can listen to whatever you want. Just stop spreading them without facts and real evidence to back it up.

3. If you don't want me to think you're an agent, then stop telling people what to do, politically. It's that simple. Don't use the bible to tell people they shouldn't vote while at the same time taking information from sources that are aligned with the agenda of white supremacy.

4. Stop condemning healthy safety precautions. Pretending that everything any government does is wrong/bad is silly. Government's, for example, have to build roads. Those roads have signs for safety. Acting like everything a government does is an attempt to kill you ignores the fact that without people, that government will not and cannot exist. And it's not one drug given to black people and another given to whites. It's the same vaccine being taken by everyone, including all the government officials pushing the vaccine. Most accidents happen on the road when safety signs are ignored. Having a difference of opinion is one thing. But going on a months-years long campaign to influence other people towards an opinion that can literally kill them if the opinion is wrong? I take THAT as malicious. And it triggers me to defend my people and point out that maliciousness.

5. I have encountered other agents with the same modus operandi. And whatever political agenda they had, what they had in common was that when the virus came they all hurried into spreading conspiracy theories in order to create this mistrust in the safety measures and protocols that were designed by professionals to help keep people safe. These protocols even align with the bible, but you don't want to hear that either. So as much as you try to use the bible (out of context) you have shown that you really don't care what it says if it doesn't align with your agenda. All the agents I've seen seem to want the black community to spread this disease as much as possible and that's why they claim, after MILLIONS HAVE DIED, that it doesn't exist; even though there is NO other possible explanation for these deaths because the statistics for the underlying conditions that make covid-19 more deadly NEVER produce casualties to the same relative degree.

6. Agents are also against black organizations that actually pose a threat to white supremacy and tend to be for more isolationist policies that aid in the survival of the white blue collar worker. This is why they oppose immigration and globalization. Plus they fear that immigrants will gain the right to vote and will also vote against their pro-white agenda.

7. Anyone can look up articles about Rastafarians and build a caricature to match. I'm not impressed. I've even spoken to scammers who use other people's accounts/profiles. I remember when trolls were just trolls. But now it's more like they troll for specific causes. As I said before, I'd rather you just be real and authentic. If the views you express are your REAL views then back them up with careful and considerate reasoning, logic, and evidence. But this is not what I see. I see a person, on a forum for "reasoning", just saying things. Over and over. Repetition without reasoning. And that suggests there is no real evidence or real reason. You just want to influence people and it is well known that repetition is a tactic in this (marketing 101). So for what reason would a non-agent want to mention so many different things, but not have a real evidence-based discussion on anything and those who push back, you simply try to discredit them?

But intelligent people are going to push back, not cower, and once they see you are not interested in intelligent discourse they will start seeing through you, just as Cedric has.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/30/2022 11:34:47 AM

Note to GA:

I think I need to explain to you why I'm willing to engage and why this battle is important. I will create a new thread for this. I think once you read it and get a feel for some of the history of this wider conflict with agents and organizations trying to control black thought and speech, I think you will have a better understanding of where I'm coming from and what I'm working to prevent as a veteran of multiple online communities.

However... please understand that this information is also going to benefit any agents that read it as well because, unfortunately, it shows how their tactics... work. In other words, they will most likely win. But the first step to them winning is us not recognizing that online warfare is now a thing and that losing, in this age of information, has consequences.

People who mainly lurk are at a disadvantage. I could ignore agents as you suggest. However, lurkers and those who do not engage with agents are more likely not to see any pushback to their ideas and assume this is what Rastafarians are saying.

And without challenge, those lurkers are not in a position to see that this person might be an agent. And since they have no reason to doubt them they have no reason to investigate their words on different threads and come to this conclusion.

So for most of the forum, they just see the "last few messages". And because the agent's job is to influence people, they simply make sure that the last messages are their ideas because they are marketing their agenda to the black community. They cannot debate these ideas but they CAN post them. Mel is going to say the same things whether I provide a challenge or not. And if possible he will bury the evidence against him by simply talking over it because once its no longer on the current page we all know it is far less likely to be seen. And so he'll keep posting in order to hide that evidence while simultaneously acting like the victim and trying to get the person posting evidence to stop.

And I'm not going to invest the time into challenging and simply pretend that all of these challenges across multiple subjects aren't related and have no logical conclusions that can be drawn. If a person is an agent my solution to that is to simply blow their cover. If their cover is blown they have to either go away, change their name (again), or change their behavior. I'm good with any of the 3 options.

And again... I will create a thread to help everyone understand what the stakes are and why it is important to expose agents.

GA... can you really tell this forum that you never thought it was strange that Hemphill disappeared after his cover was blown and then later Mel springs up to take his place, pushing the same agenda? I'm not saying they are the same person. It's possible that Hemphill (the agent using his account) rotated out to a different black forum or social media site while someone else was assigned here to take their place. But you don't find it odd that all of a sudden Mel, who you had exchanges with years ago, would come back so many years later, only to fill the void left by "Hemphill"?

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/30/2022 1:27:10 PM

IPXninja, no need to fear a virus that they can't prove to exist in a court of law. Millions have died from receiving the wrong treatment. I am trying to stop people from receiving the wrong treatments that are dangerous. Blessed GARVEYS AFRICA for that input. Blessed

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/31/2022 4:07:22 AM

If it was up to me, Hemphill wouldn't Ban either. Infact Hemphill and I developed an understanding that we are who we are, and kept moving forward. Something which I tried to enlighten you both to achieve but thats not up to I. I spend i time in real life fighting gainst those who benefit financially from the appropriation of i culture, those in power who oppress etc. Online wordsmith is not an agent to I. Biden to Boris all welcome here cah here they hold no power it is a reasoning forum. You are the one feeding this energy.

Please respect the fact I have given my thoughts and wish to no longer have any involvement in this thing. Il fall back until reasoning continue. Any concerns over the integrity of the forum should be based toward Ark I. Since he cut his locks I don't know if he still visits here id presume not very often? A reminder that this is and never was an online black community

Blessed love to you both

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/31/2022 11:05:23 AM

agree to disagree.


Messenger: Olivebranch Sent: 4/21/2022 12:58:25 AM

Anyone notice that blm is gay?

They donít recognize the iriginal African family .Leggo offa dat.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/21/2022 11:18:42 PM

Dat iah say i.
Rastafari and nastiness can never mix

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/28/2022 9:25:42 AM

You don't have to have sex with them. BLM isn't about sex. It's about "Black LIVES" being important enough to protect and not allowing the system to treat black people like garbage they can simply take out without any consequences.

I used to be homophobic and sort of proud of it; especially since I felt like it was a cultural thing and homosexuality went against the natural order, the bible, and the political power of the black population in a democracy.

I can blame no one for having these views. However, I can certainly find arguments against most of them.

For instance... homosexuality does exist in nature. I didn't know that growing up. Not all animals get to procreate and have offspring. It is not a birthright. That's part of natural selection. It's part of what keeps animal populations from overpopulation like a virus or cancer that spreads out of control. There are natural mechanism built into nature in order to control population. I don't think everyone understands this. They only see that the planet is so big so there should be room enough for all of us to expand exponentially. But this is not so.

In ancient times people often had much shorter life spans, more diseases, wars that killed a lot of the men which threw off the male-to-female ratio and created a need to quickly replenish lost numbers for defense. Do we still take these things into consideration? Or do we simply think to repeat the same behavior without understanding the why of it?

We can fight it as much as we want but we are part of nature and I now believe, as a matter of acceptance, that sexuality is more complex than simply X and Y chromosomes and that because of this nature has built in natural mechanisms that include bi and homosexuality. And if it were not so then why do men have nipples? Why do women have a clitoris? Why do men have estrogen and women have testosterone? The evidence has always been there. We just don't necessarily want to look the same way that many people don't necessarily want to look at the evidence for evolution. We often don't want to understand our own nature because we want to be superior to it.

And normally, if someone doesn't want to believe in evolution I'm not going to combat them or even ask for a discussion. They're making a choice and it's a choice that doesn't directly affect me. It doesn't (usually) prevent us from working together. But I think it's sad when, needing all the help and unity we can get, we further divide and cannot work with ourselves because of differences of opinion about how each of us chooses to live.

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