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BLM - Racism?

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/25/2022 10:22:43 PM

Cedric: "I share the frustration with BLM choosing to incorporate gender and sexual preference rights into their organization, because as a lot of people have clearly shown, it might be the reason they can not get involved with the organization."


Yes brethren exactly. To sight the black fist of the Panthers or matters of reparations and such, associated with LBRGTQ is OFFENSIVE for I

Give thanks for the example

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 3/25/2022 11:02:13 PM

Blessed Love Idren

Bless Up GARVEYS AFRICA for this:

“Pro BLM no BLM i rooted preBLM. RastafarI. InI black hearted black nationalistic Pan African in root. I espouse and emit such energy. And I trust the I have similarities in that and such the significance of this reason between you and i is of very little significance.”

Seen Iyah GIVE THANKS for this, I wholeheartedly agree.

With all due raspect, I man sight the significance isnt pro or no blm. The significance is the subject of working to expose agents of white weakpremacy and their methods.

I don’t think “the bait” was the Is stance on blm, I think “the bait” was referring to taking the MELCHEZIDEK account as sincere. I man still say this account’s legitimacy is questionable at best.

I man know InI have disagreed on this point before, and the I sighted the MELCHEZIDEK account hasn’t said anything to disrespect the culture and has been consistent for years. If the I has not been offended by any of MELCHEZIDEK account’s postings that moderators havent already deleted, I man can’t fault the I for that, but I man would like to reason about consistency of the account.

I man not trying to say someone is babylon if they believe some or even all of the same things MELCHEZIDEK account posts. It has shown a calculated effort to mix truth in with its efforts to get InI to adhere and support its white weakpremacy methods of inciting fight amongst InI. It seems like MELCHEZIDEK account is running a study to see the best way to have black people be the least effective in working together. Agent behavior.

After further review of old posts, InI can see this account has blamed:
First the whites, then apologizing for the things it said about white people
First the communists and socialists, now the capitalists and globalists
First for fascism then against fascism
First the pope and rome, then Jewish people, a few posts indicating Islam, then back to the pope
First promoting ancient Kemet, then denouncing ancient Kemet, then some sort of strange, patronizing stance of “its ok GARVEYS AFRICA that you like ancient Kemet, it’s your culture”

I man able to post links to the messages that expose its many inconsistencies.

It does seem to be consistent about one thing: Support of the same ideologies the white weakpremacy agents support, “the right” kind of christianity where InI praise the character Jesus Christ from a king james bible. Is it a coincidence this is the same ideology that lead to chattel slavery? I man say it is calculated. InI “take the bait” and look past it by being distracted by the master chameleon, taking on whatever attributes it needs to slip InI its message of white weakpremacy.


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/25/2022 11:30:35 PM

Then i misoverstand the take the bait suppm.

I know what you mean and I am one of the moderators who deletes posts when it gets to the point of an individual like King Jam asking a question in reasoning but the thing turn into a personal attack between others. Critique the messages, or ignore them and just post your individual thoughts independently no?

The problem is I personally know Rastafari who burn news media, burn science, and dont trust western sources of information etc. I have met and heard of Rastafari who still to this day dont trust computer chip and wouldnt even be online. I know this thing can get Drastic in stance,and often rightly so.

I have seen where Melchezidek messages can differ vastly from the common theme of reason yet as a one who has also been in such a position with I early Bible talk, this isnt reason enough for I to ban someone. Show me where an individual strays from the root of Rastafari then by all means... But as I have said, I have witnessed Rastafari reason in similar ways to the brethren. A brethren who I have had many disagreements with.

Please feel this is I attempt at fairness. I have also messaged Melchizedek DIRECTLY on few occasion to tell him also he must not saturate and flood posts with personal attacks just as I have with others as this is usually a trigger to the deterioration of a reasoning thread.

Sidenote - I seem to spend most of the time deleting advertisements from them vulture like fake accounts which post links everywhere


Messenger: Cedric Sent: 3/25/2022 11:52:22 PM

Bless Up Iyah

Give thanks for the I reason.

This is I man favorite place to come reason online, so give thanks for all the I efforts to keep it fair and clean.

Often I will look through old posts for something or other and it is amusing to read some of the different reasonings about suspected agent behavior on this forum. I see those types of reasonings been going on LONG time here. I guess that is good that InI remain suspect of babylon haha

Give thanks Iyah

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/26/2022 12:07:10 AM

Blessed Love Cedric, Vanguard the Root.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/26/2022 5:59:58 AM

No man Cedric. Not so! I am still for Kemet as it is roots that stem from Ethiopia. Have you not read and reasoned with I before? Please don't be so judgemental. I and I is here to learn. When I spoke of fascism, all I was saying was what Marcus Garvey said. Are you trying to divide InI? All your effort here is against I. Why don't you just ask for clarity on the matter? Why must you make a whole judgemental scene of someone you don't know? I still stand against global corporatism and big corporate capitalists that are oppressing us. I and I still stand for the Binghi. Death to all oppressors. GA knows what I am on about as he and the I have reasoned for years. That is why I ask you Cedric to come and reason before you assume things of someone you don't know. Have you been to Africa? Have you seen how people are being tricked by politicians so that in the end they are left in poverty with no food in the country? Have you seen what Africa is like? Let me tell you that people are suffering more and more everyday. The governments don't seem to care. And when they do care, they only care for enriching themselves and being corrupt. Please, stop making yourself look like an agent of division, that is here to divide InI based on things happening in this world. Rasta is a one love movement. Babylon comes to divide InI and destroy InI unity in JAH Rastafari. Haile Selassie I the first and forIver more.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/28/2022 4:06:28 PM

GA: The problem is I personally know Rastafari who burn news media, burn science, and dont trust western sources of information etc. I have met and heard of Rastafari who still to this day dont trust computer chip and wouldnt even be online. I know this thing can get Drastic in stance,and often rightly so.

I agree. That is a problem.

I make no attempt to hide who I am. The problem I have with Mel is that I cannot trust this person is real and authentic. And yes, I based that on his positions being the same as what an agent's positions would be.

Now ask yourself this. Would an agent come undercover? Or would they honestly say they were European? Would an agent tell you that their positions are 95% in line with the far right? Or would they hide such philosophical agreements? Ask yourself, if this person is a spy, why on earth would they pretend to be otherwise?

Cedric rightly pointed towards inconsistency.


Not only was Mel different in subject but also in speech pattern. Speech patterns are not easily duplicated. But if you pay attention you can see the shift between 2014 and 12/3/20. He comes back after 6 years and does a 180 on white people, talking about "from the time I started this thread till now, I have learned a lot of things of Africa". Didn't he just tell us that he LIVES in Africa?? Also, another inconsistency is how often someone talks. If a person has 2 posts in a year and gone, and then that name comes back and suddenly dominates the forum... you have to peep game. And it follow this big gap of time because if the original Mel's account was stolen then the original Mel wouldn't notice because he no longer posts. This means an agent will always choose an old account that hasn't posted in awhile.

Then there's Hemphill. I believe if you consider everything, Hemphill follows the same pattern. While an agent COULD use a brand new name in order to infiltrate, what's more logical? Build up their own name/reputation over time? Or... use the name/reputation of someone else who has already been part of the community for years and who has said negative things about white people? Because obviously, that wouldn't raise suspicion like it would if a brand new person came in showing love for Trump.

3/10/2018 Hemphill seems like a different person from the one I encountered. This Hemphill reasoned on the scriptures and correctly pointed out to Nesta1 that "Nesta1, while it is true that the Bible makes mention of a 1 human family, and Haile Selassie testifies to this fact, the Bible also describes lineage and identity."

Amazingly, I agree with this Hemphill; as did Garveys Africa.

Hemphill posts this link. Does this sound like the latest iteration of hemphill before he disappeared? No.

It is Hemphill who points towards another poster not being who they claimed to be.

But at some point this person changes and starts going in with the right wing propaganda and conspiracy theories.

This happens all the time on Facebook. I have a friend named Kala Genesis on FB. He started B.A.I.O (Black African Infrastructure Organization) before my partner and I started Black Wall Street 2.0. Someone got into Kala's account and was using it to try to scam people. This is not an agent... just a scammer. So I texted the real Kala Genesis and he told me that someone hacked his email, and then they got into his FB and changed the email tied to his account so that he is now locked out. And he's basically given up on it because attempts to get the company involved fall on deaf ears. If I didn't have Kala's phone number... that would have simply been it. Could he have created a new account and warned people that someone hacked his old one? Yes, but he didn't.

The same thing could happen to me on this site. However, because I am active, if I saw someone pretending to be me I would simply log in under a different name and that fake would be exposed. Thefore, an agent's first job is to mitigate the risk of exposure by picking an account that is old but hasn't been used in a long time.

Now we know Hemphill or the person who took over Hemphill's account was a frequent poster who was extremely responsive. In other words, it wouldn't take days or weeks for a reply. He was always on it like he had nothing better to do.

Hemp disappears after being exposed as an agent. Next thing you know Mel's account comes back from hades and suddenly he's posting with the same frequency and responsiveness as Hemp but clearly had to keep up at least some of the speech pattern of the real Mel. At the same time, he's also very vague. You live in Africa? I live in Middletown, OH. See the difference? But it's important for an agent not to reveal too much information because then he might be expected to know things people in that city know or have some way to prove that he actually lives there. An agent knows that every piece of personal information he/she puts out there is something they must remember and can be tested on later.

Almost as soon as ras yaiel (11/15/21) pointed out "this is not the elite pushing a vaccine in the poor. this is the elite taking the vaccine themselves and pushing propaganda for black and poor people to not take it."

Here comes the fake Mel saying "we are are movement of unity and InI respect the I them advise the I not to take the poison". Furthermore, Mel attacks wearing masks because he is in favor of us spreading covid-19 as much as possible. Notice how, "unity" is used to try and peer pressure individuals into thinking Mel is the one who represents rasta viewpoint on the virus which Mel also says is fake, just like he said HIV/AIDS is fake.

This is simply a tactic of throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. If you don't believe the virus exists you certainly wouldn't want to take a vaccine for it; especially being pushed by the people you think made up the virus. And don't wear masks? There are professionals who must wear masks, safety goggles, gloves, helmets or other protective gear. There is no logic that would demonize one of these that wouldn't apply to all. Moreover, if the agent pretending to be Mel had to ever have surgery he would see that everyone in that surgical theater was wearing a mask in order not to contaminate the sterile environment because it could create infections. Mel pretends not to understand this but no one can speak sense to him on the issue because the real person who is undercover already knows these basic facts about safety. But the character, Mel, (once a real person) cannot be penetrated by logic but feels almost supernaturally comfortable relaying these dangerous opinions to others.

Where were these opinions about wearings masks before covid-19? Think about it. They were invented FOR covid-19 because ras yaiel was speaking the truth. Agents were spreading conspiracy theories in order to get people to kill themselves with this virus. Knowing Rastas who might be against the vaccine... or technology is one thing. However, that could be taken straight from wikipedia. This dude, is not living in the hills avoid technology. This dude is on the internet everyday, using this name and the whole "InI cyaan chat lik de real rastaman dem" except only imitating generic stereotypical phraseology, in order to convince you that what he's saying is rasta so that he can influence rasta.

I would have NO PROBLEM with Mel if he wasn't pretending to be the real Mel and if he was an honest actor, debating and reasoning from his own logic. Bring me a racist and I'll debate the racist. I enjoy reasoning. But because he isn't real he simply knows that he must play nice around GA while also using him as cover based on whatever ideas or sources of information they share in common. I simply want him to stop using Rastafari as cover for his right-wing AMERICAN white nationalist propaganda.

I'm not just saying he "walks like a duck and talks like a duck."

I'm literally telling you that virtually everything he says, outside of "rasta virtue signaling", is a 'quack'. All he does is quack propaganda and then say a few things to reinforce his rasta image; exactly what an agent would do.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/29/2022 1:23:10 AM

They called Noah also a conspiracy theorist. So go ahead and call I names such as a conspiracy theorist. All I am here is to lead you to the way of the I Jesus Christ. I am spreading the knowledge of the Bible. And yes, many will say that the Bible is filled with conspiracy theories. Many are mockers in this world today.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/29/2022 1:29:53 AM

IPXninja you are the one gossiping to people about me. You should learn to be a man. So go ahead and call I names like "right wing conspiracy theorist" and do what you do best, bring negativity here and mock I and I Bible. So go ahead and call I names like "white supremacist" because the only white supremacist propaganda agent of westernisation is the one promoting western science as the truth. IPXninja, get your head out of politricks and start learning the truth from an African perspective, not from a western perspective. Africans here in Africa love Russia. Don't know where you got your western propaganda from, but that is clearly there to divide I and I in Rasta. Why do you have such a problem with Rasta having freedom to speak on any matter even if it is in disagreement with your knowledge from your government?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/29/2022 5:43:15 PM

Did you break already? You're starting to skip like an old record.

Gossip implies someone is speaking about you behind your back.

I am speaking about you in front of your face.

See the difference?

And again, it's important to point out that you are the one bringing your own personal self into question by pretending to be Mel. I have no problem with Mel. I don't believe Mel has been here in years. I would have counseled Mel because I disagree with him on some things. But he isn't here for me to disagree with. You are; the person who stole his account.

I didn't even see the thread where you apologized for what Mel said about white people. Obviously, you had to do this, or else some of your propaganda content wouldn't make any sense.

And I'm getting a little tired of you trying to demonize science when literally members of all races contribute to it. There is a difference between Easter Religions and Western Religions. But there is really no such thing as Eastern vs Western Science; not for a LONG long time.

And then you want me to pretend like it's not disingenuous for you to say this about science when you most likely use inventions that Europeans created. There's no reason to make racist arguments as if knowledge should only be used by the race that came up with the idea. That is foolish. Something is either true or not; not true for this race and not true for another. And then you want to act like you're a man of science. *facepalm*

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Haile Selassie I